Saturday, June 27, 2009

such entry to post

it's been like months i'd left my blog un-updated
i'm a total wreck
blog is gonna be mad at me ngehe
lots of stuffs going on
my onichi got married
...she's going to move into a new house in BIM [Bandar Indera Mahkota], no longer been staying in Tanjung Lumpur
my baby brother,ADIB, got to continue his 1st degree in UUM
congrats lil bro!! and baba's heading to sintok first thing in the morning to send him over for registration and stuffs++
abang will be staying home,taking care for other baby siblings for their school while waiting to be posted somewhere somehow to be a REAL teacher haha...and while waiting for his convocation day .. way to go Abang.

more stories will be posted soon
hehe i know u guys miss me a lot
but,kind of tired and a bit busy here
dnt worry
my enthusiasm to online stuffs still in here [while menepuk2 dada haha :DD ]

tomorrow going to watch Transformers 2:Revenge Of The Fallen
cant wait
i need to sleep early
tomorrow Transformers at 3.30pm
but got game at 10a.m.
BOWLINGs... at sunway.
so,need to wake up early
nanyte everyone

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