Sunday, September 27, 2009

myRaya=WORST,but still got my duit raya

mom said,
"aww this is so sweet,this year's Raya we really had a lot of cookies.i made 2,and the rest your kakak aisyah did.banyak plak tu."

yes,maybe our Raya gonna be a blast...maybe not.
on the 1st day of Raya we are okay
everyone's wearing just like we all agreed for this year's theme-->BROWN element
no need to be really brown
at the very least,have that a bit of brown element is accepted
next year's family theme...?
havent been decided yet
usually,our makcik and pakcik together with ayah and ma will decide

ok,back 1st day Raya
after Solat Raya,all of us went to the cemetery nearby for ziarah kubur
at first,i was okay but then when adib and i reached at nenek's, ma's stepmother a.k.a mom's stepgrandmother i cant help myself and my tears started
can never imagine that she's already gone,forever
Al-fatihah to her~

so,Raya here Raya there.
went back to baba's side of family at Pasir Mas
eat here,eat there
and even,
had a slight slack this raya
there's been a lil complications at Pasir Mas.

the best part,duit Raya
im a grown up
they say,"alaaa acah,no need much la.u dh some"
thou just "...some" plusminus okay la.
this time Raya i only got rm180++
compared to previous's,absolute dissapointed
but,like they a grown up

my bad raya moments started at 9pm
im starting to get dizzy
my tummy rumbled
feeling nausea
and in all of sudden
i vomit and cant really breath well
i found out that i got food poisoning
diarrhea,vomit etc
this food poisoning been lasting till my 3rd Raya
cant believe this is happening to me
ayahmy only uncle on mom's side a.k.a mom's only brother gave me
the pucuk jambu batu to chew and i didnt work
i took almost every single medication that i think would workout
but,it just didnt
paracetamol 650mg,paracetamol 500mg,pucuk jambu batu,pil chi kit teck aun,
bitter tea=2 glasses by mom,ORS re-hydration salt=2packets

gawsh,i thought i almost died haha
i can do nothing from the dusk of 1st Raya till the afternoon of 3rd Raya
even go no where
im so sick!
on the 3rd Raya after 4p.m.,my tummy felt okay but then the dizzy's back
mom held my forehead and she said i got my cold.
so,again...i took paracetamol 650mg
and at 6p.m. i started to feel okay ^^
alhamdulillah,thank god

that's how my Raya goes this year
i wont mind
maybe there's hikmah behind all these
the next day,my cuzzies had planned to have a girlscuzzies day's out
im so gonna talk about that on the next entry

Saturday, September 26, 2009

back to dailies

arrived in KL 2days ago.. Thursday morning,at about 10a.m.
...together along my younger bro,adib
meanwhile my baby sister,syakirah will be in KL on the next day, Friday
lots of rearrangements and stuffs need to be done
but well,that's just it
fasting month is over,had our raya also

im so talking about my RAYA.

gotta back to my dailies as usual
on the day i arrived,im so doing nothing but rest
i need tonnes of rest
my neighborhood still seems quiet as i assumed that everyone still at their kampung
i unpacked my bag and parcels
preparing to give some cookies for zul as he was asking and looking forward having cookies that i've made
bla ba bla bla...
a bit spring cleaning for my house
i also went out on that Thursday
buying some groceries and needs at AEON Cheras Selatan a.k.a JJ Balakong

on Friday,
as syakirah arrived at 4.45a.m.,i opened the door and greet bonda,my 4th aunt on mom's side
during the day;
i have made pancakes for breakfast with mango juice
together along choc drizzle,honey,maple syrup,chunky peanut butter for the pancakes
as for lunch,i made vermicelli with thick pasta sauce with chicken meatballs,chopped onions and sausages
then we off to send adib as he'll be leaving to UUM

bundles of tasks needs to be completed
also some thrash and junkies to be thrown
really a lot of works
but can never say much
that's my dailies
back to basics

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Serting Tyrant incoming trip.

Dengar sini semua orang-orang kampung!
Due to your full cooperation previously, I can proudly announce that i already have all the details you need for this trip!

Date: 11 - 13th Dec 2009

Venue: Lyana Villa, Lot 4439, Teluk Nipah, Pangkor, Pulau Pangkor 32300, Malaysia

Departure: assemble near SK Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur at 12 midnight, 11th Dec (directions will be provided later)

Revised fees: RM110/pax

Deposit: RM50/pax

Mode of payment: MAYBANK - 164717042692 - Ahmad Murshidi Mohamad

Added details:
- fees tu tambah RM5 sebab kita na pegi during school holiday (peak period), sorry for wrong information before yah!

- Lyana Villa tu resort, dekat dengan beach, and dekat dengan stalls for us to dine! so dont worry, you will not starve!

- If you all mahu buat BBQ malam sabtu tu, we can ask the resort to organize for us, tapi kena tambah RM20/pax, inclusive of Nasi goreng, drinks, ikan, udang, sotong and all the seafood you can eat! Please decide whether you all na buat atau tak, n include your decision in the name submission. Tapi KALAU confirm na buat BBQ ni, each n everyone kena bayar +RM20 tau, NO EXCEPTION. *note the 'KALAU'*

- macam aku da bagitahu haritu, untuk sesiapa yang na pegi snorkling and island hopping, kena tambah RM10/pax sahaja. ini exceptional, to those yang mahu sahaja.

1) sesiapa yang berminat sahaja, please submit your details as shown below:

IC no:
Contact No:

kalau you ada na bawak partner, tolong isi your patner punya details sekali. ini untuk kegunaan management and na bagi pada JPJ (tak termasuk soalan BBQ tu lah). Latest submission BEFORE 15 OCT 2009.

2) Upon confirmation, you are required to pay the deposit BEFORE 1 NOV 2009 to the above account no. Please take note that deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. Balance is to be paid BY/BEFORE 15 NOV 2009. Please text BOB at 013 7975470/017 7438087 or SHIDI at 017 7070528 once payments (deposit n balance) are made for record purposes. (kalau da confirm, jangan gatal-gatal na backoff ek, jgn susahkan orang kampung! nanti deposit korang kitorang ENJOY kat sane. haha c:)

3) Availability of 44 seats based on first come first serve basis. Even if seats have been filled up, please continue registering incase of any last minute backoffs. You guys will be put under waiting list.

For further info, do contact me thru this topic /Facebook message / /

p/s:beck copy from ZARF yg copy paste from FB discussion Serting Tyrant,cik ros...pliz take note bout this.let's go togethergether.washaa also.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chilli's 'R Us

breakfasting at The Chilli's Suria KLCC
had a great sembangsembang time
faisal(manap) me(beck) awwiz
also had our Starbucks by the park
wandering all over Suria KLCC
snapsnap some picasas

great time,good food,giggles and giggling,happy moment

peace wt tongue XP


between Stuart Weitzman and Pucci

hikhikhik giggles

awwiz ni.mainmain hikhik

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

REPOST : my caramel pudding (as i promised at Facebook)

so here is the recipe ;

4tbsp sugar (for the caramel)
5 organic eggs
1/2 tin condensed milk
1 1/4 cup water
1 1/2 cup sugar
3tbsp custard powder
2tsp vanilla essence

first thing first,caramelized the 4tbsp sugar directly in a pan on stove.

then,put aside.
in a big bowl,beat eggs and sugar plus vanilla essence.

whisk until frothy

mix custard sugar with the 1 1/4 water and then combine together
in the big bowl's mixture.

whisk in about a moment .

after that,pour the mixture into the caramel pan just now
ready for the steamer

but before that dont forget to makesure the water at the bottom of the steamer is boiling
steam for about 20-25mins until it cooked
cool it in the fridge and ready to serve
....and turn it over in a huge plate berofe serving it

p/s:happy ramadhan and dnt forget to try

today at the pavillion KL and Suria KLCC

went to The Pavillion KL
since im having my off-day and zul as well dont wanna go to work
so,we went out
first,we went to ASNB
then straight ahead to The Pavillion KL
dunno what to do
stepped into Padini Concept Store
it's been a while i havent been to any Padinis since
i found out that Padini's apparel didnt suit me well enuff all of sudden,i saw a pair of flatties at the new arrival section
and fell in love wt it
so,one Vincci flatties....SOLD
haha it was so cute(as for me la) hehe
and the price was only rm45 and my size 6 was available

arent they the cutest haha :))

thenkeep on wondering in that concept store until,
i found a PDI polo tshirt
so cute
cuter in white-yellow,no S size n there's some stain on it
so i bought the red one with some white-s hihi

never been this glad to hv a PDI cz i actually dnt really like PDIs

we also went to ROXY
and im obviously looking for a purse
coz i had never had a purse since my 5times loss
so,i found these two purse which were so fabulous at the New Arrival shelf
one that could fit my BLACKBERRY in it
and the other one was so chic folded purse in earthy-brown pattern
urghh,i cnt tke 'em both
so,zul suggest to pick the black ROXY that could fit my Blackberry in it
and he'll buy the other purse for me next week
i was leaping hopping skipping like WHOA at that time
haha so thrilled

my blackberry looks very happy with it new 'house' haha

then,we went to KINOKUNIYA KLCC to buy some books of my favs
it's been like a month i havent buy any new reading source hihi
so,i bought 4new books
lovin' em~!! ^^

here are them ;

Nightworld:No.3 by L.J Smith

Nightworld:No.1 for haidar cz i already got book 1 and 2

House Of Night Novel:HAUNTED

Percy Jackson:Sea Of Monsters

Monday, September 07, 2009

breakfasting:still be in the studio

yesterday was Sunday
... and Sunday supposed to be SUN-day
and supposed to be everyone is enjoying their weekend

i had my photoshoot on Sunday


so tiring
etc. etc.

lame lame lame

breakfasting time
still be busy

my tummy turning in and im feeling kinda homesick

i called McDelivery for my breakfasting meal of the day

ordered MVMeal Big Mac with fries and coke
MVMeal Big 'N Tasty with fries and iced Milo
together with Chocolate Sundae since that day was SUNday

so sad
so bad

went home
feeling tired
a bit nausea
onichi picked me up from studio
we send syakirah over her college first
...then we went home

BERRY link

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