Monday, May 31, 2010

am thorned..?

maybe it's the thing i said
perhaps i should think properly before i speak

Friday, May 28, 2010

novel apa yang kamu rekemen untuk saya baca?

u really should check it out.
awesome am telling yah!
tapi klau dh baca,saye malu la.ho-ho

cmon,ask me. XD

Beck,u knal i tak? LOL

ew~ u la the most cunning casanova ive ever known and ....unfortunately ive ever met.
get away from me
*ececece gaya pelakon gitu*

cmon,ask me. XD

hug philly untuk saya ya. muahx!

done! hugged already. we missed yah!

cmon,ask me. XD

Urghhh! Idiot.

Ure such a backstabber.
Ou girl,
Ure such a shit-talker.
I know,at this level of age
I should mind my language and words usage when I speak
But,u make angry.
Am so pissed off that I can't control myself anymoar!

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I'm super cool,super hot.
Living like a rockstar.
You think I'm super,you do think I'm super.
On the cover of your magazine.
Wherever I go they make a scene.
I'm super,super,I'm super-duper.
So you wanna be just like.
Think you wanna be just like me.
Everybody's watching me.
Never as easy as it seems.
To be super,super,to be super,Supergirl!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

hai beck ,kenal i ?haha

aih,klau xkenal u...mmg tipu la.hoho.the main Qs here is,knal beck tak. huehuehue :>

cmon,ask me. XD

syg sy x?hahaha.mcm menarik je tnye2 ni so nk try. :P

LOL. erm,ye.klau awk kwn sy..semestinya saya SAYANG awk :>

cmon,ask me. XD

aqpe perubahan yang berlaku pada anda setelah 5 tahun meninggalkan alam persekolahan?

macam macam perubahan yang saya sendiri sudah jangka serta tidak terjangka atau dikenali sebagai 'di luar jangkaan'.tape keseluruhannya iin,saya gembira dengan kehidupan selepas meninggalkan alam persekolahan yang membawa erti...saya tidak pernah lupa akan pahit manis alam persekolahan yang telah menjadi titik permulaan untuk saya mengacapi kebahagiaan hidup saya sekarang ini. *bahagia ke..?* ha-ha.panjang siot!

cmon,ask me. XD

beck. duk mane tuh?

beck ado jah cni.kat cheras.Taman Cheras Jaya,meh la dumoss hehe

cmon,ask me. XD

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hyde suka kaler ape? (nak tny dye sendiri, malu~)

Hyde cakap dia suke kaler PELANGI,chik :)

cmon,ask me. XD

Oho. BECK tu, untuk beybek, bunyi kambing la eah?

er...ha'ah. *segansegan*

cmon,ask me. XD

seriyesly Beck tu sbb ur frens call u Beck?

-.-' aih.dh agak dh.nnt mesti ade soalan of the reason lor.ahoho

cmon,ask me. XD


You're safe.
Am so grateful to Allah s.w.t.
A hero was born.
CONGRATULATIONS to Nut and wifey.
I know,we've been waiting for this moment like weeks and weeks.
Abah and Ibu.
Very cute,and I like it!
2.58kg---very tiny.
Bak kata Nut,his feet was like sebesar ibu jari Nut je kan.
I giggled when I heard that.
Can't wait to see you,lil fella.
Now now,you sleep well okay.
You've been kicking hard in wifey's and now you're out buddy.
Embrace it,feel it.
Ain't gonna post your picture yet.
But I will.......soon :)

Muhammad Adam Iskandar B. Mohd Shafiq.
Welcome dear.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

kenapakah nama awak beckpanda? haha

sebab saye suke panda since drjh 6 and mase f1,saye tasuke mandi and boleh mengembek dgn jayanya bagai seekor kambeng hohoho.maka jadilah beck+panda=beckpanda

cmon,ask me. XD

Friday, May 21, 2010

kalau duduk2 ngan hyde, suka mengumpat eah? hee

duduk2 ngan Hyde?mengumpat?sape bagitau Chik ni?Tade la.Cube tanya Hyde.Kami tidak mengumpat.Hanya bersembang kosong.Selalunya....

cmon,ask me. XD

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We were just getting started

I've been thru a lot
A lot of like this
It's not difficult to be friends
But being my friends
Aren't like being friends with others
I can be no one's friend
I love my friends
I can never forget any of mine
But the situation is difficult
Making this hard for the two of us
I'm sorry for what have I put you thru
I do wish that I could take 'em all away
Far away from you.

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...last night

miss me?
i know right.
KL,im back!
momma's home and she brought happiness and joy along with here.
i missed Philly like hillbilly hell.
i hugged her till her eyes almost popped out.
*sorry,honey* hehe XD
okay this is about last night,alright.
things happened.
---shits happened.
both happened as we ddnt expect the exact time,place or particular day.
they just happened.
poops,suddenly it was there.
ooey gooey stinks!
idk.i cant think much.they just bother me to madness.
you know what.
i had a great dream last night.
i was actually just a regular dream,got lame storyline etc etc.
but what makes the dream irregular is..
---i met hot guys.
super cute.
extra salty.
:-L  *drooling*
no such wetty thingy alright *duuuh~*
i was like woke up in smile and..
there was this one incident that i saw
my youngest brothers almost been belit by a huge python.
that one was right before i met those super salty,extra cute fellas tu.
aah,what a night.
anyway,really glad to be back.
starting this Friday till Sunday i got this kursus kepimpinan.
so malas,but what to do.
cant join onichi for family that cause of that.
im very truly sorry everyone.
as for this great companion of mine,am sorry too
--for everything.
i know u and i dnt really judge people.
but i do know how far i can judge u.
ure moar than i expected.
im jealous of how nice and smart and how kind you are.
so really glad to be one of your friend.

Have a Joyful Thurs y'all!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

adekah anda bergosip dgn raja nadia pasal saya? hahaha

ou tideek.saye tidek.tidak ber-nawaitu sedemikian

cmon,ask me. XD

mcmne kenal dgn iin?

er...kami satu skolah mase f4,f5

cmon,ask me. XD

ape pendapat awk ttg die? norfarahin?

pergh,norfarahin.dia anak cikgu besar kan.iin sgt comell,bl tgk iin teringat kat liya,yeos,miaw,omey,mighah...sume bdak mrsm muadzam ah sng cite.rinduuuuu ^^

cmon,ask me. XD

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

bile anda dapat name beck?

mase Form1 ngaha!

cmon,ask me. XD

saya suke backround page anda... ehk, ni soalan ke?

suke eyh.ime kasih.
blh la kot,klau anda rase ini kategori soalan.

cmon,ask me. XD

i dont take things for granted

im sorry
so very truly sorry
if you realized that there are  wrongdoings that ive done
i know im no good
ya know
i am very sorry
o k a y
*im down*

Monday, May 17, 2010

Blackberry user;Try this ngee!

‎​‎​​Try it yourself. Type *#06# then your screen will show 15 digits, which represent your BB's IMEI. Example' 316725.10.4690216. If your SEVENTH AND EIGHTH digit is 10, then your BB is made in Finland with a high quality. If your two numbers is 02 or 20, then your BB is made in Asia with a bad quality. If it's 08 or 80, then your BB is made in Germany with an intermediate quality. If the two numbers is 03 or 30, then your BB is made in France or Canada with the best quality. If your two numbers is not one of the above, your BB is fake!..

Fun ya know!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010


 nak post new entry tp kinda need a lil rest.
i need to breathe in a moment.
nut,beck xde la super exhausted sgt.
im okay.
really excited actually to post about my hangout with my 'ol girlfriends.
----but,soon la.
how about tmrrow?
can eyh
hihi XP

it huuuurts!

menstrual cramps!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

am not in a happy mode

been left home alone by mom and baba.
well,actually not really alone.
am a caretaker for my two younger brothers,hanif and iqbal.
have to cook.
have to do all the homeworks.
have to online.
have to monitor them doing online exercises.
have to feed those kitteh.
have to scoop all the poops.
have to do all the laundry.
have to do the dishes.
.......and im in the middle of my menstruation
im tired.super exhausted.
wanna hang out pun,no moood at all.
sometimes getting bored.
gotta see my taylor again.
there a few more kain that need to be jahit.
last night,been raining.
heavy pouring with all the lightning and thunder
am so scared huk3..
i need mom,my closet and it did blacked out.
3times plak tuh.
definitely wanna test my inner strength.
but am so glad and grateful to Allah as i got a friend..
..such friend that willing to accompany me even thru the line
keeping me calm and made me feel secured.
*cz am too scared of the dark*
gile terrified.
the windows are quivering and trembling.
the lights went out.
it's dark outside and on the inside.
thank Allah,my younger brother called me from the other rooms
and decide to sleep in my room.

anyway,t'shere a new song just came up at Radio Disney.
u shld google it.
c0z it's a song for me.
the pain by Menstruation.
*bhaahaha.jk.dnt google just joking*
am actually..yea
tgh tahan sakit ni. >.< it huuuurts!!!
pls come back soon.

last night i called salsya.
and i called love.
who had been pretty annoying.
and turned into a scum-douche for a bout few hours.
asking me silly Qs.
talking non-sense.
that's annoying man and im sick here.
pls do consider and understand my situation.
i dont wnna bad things came up when im like this.
coz i was tired,and when im tired i got angry.
and when im angry i can be super annoying.
--not just to u,but to almost everyone.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yea yea yea,I know.
It's siang already.
But I'm super sleepy.
I'm up early today making breakfast.
MAKING okai,not just PREPARING.
I made egg-coated mini club sandwiches with tuna filling.
*ceh,name nak best je*
So--- can I have my short nap now?
Still chilling out there and am sitting on my bed now,
I can hear CLEARLY,my comforter whispering to me
Come~ come~ ha-ha!

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miley's new video!

Miley Cyrus's Cant Be Tamed

my fb notes 2;you guys

i've been praying for these days to come.
to approach.
giving me the opportunity to feel such happiness.
with u and u and of course u.
these 'U's are like my air i breathe lately.
giving me better reason to stay.
to live.
and to embrace the biggest gift in my present.
my soul.
when i realize that yesterday was the day that i prayed for.
i can feel it.
i felt no pain.
i heard your laughter and your laughter and your laughter too.
you,my three musketeers.
who will always there whenever i PING you.
whenever i HIT you.
whenever i NEED you.
am so blessed that He gave me you and you and you.
am no longer shaking.
am no longer scared.
because no mountain nor cyclone can ever stop me.
because i know that i got you and you and you.
i will remember today,yesterday and yesterday.
Alhamdulilllah and am so grateful.
*tears cheers*

Haaaa :D sidekick and m!


my fb notes;them girls

been the craziest day in my life.
in short 30days.
everything could happened.
and it's happened.
u girls made me live my every moment.
making me happy.
know what i need most.
forcing me for the sake of my goodness.
been there where u girls supposed to be.
never letting my tears touching the cold floor.
i dont know how.
i dont know when.
but u girls just appear at the very right time.
thou i know that u girls too got 
but sticking to each other is been like what we've been holding on.
im so happy.
am so glad.
for u girl,thanks for 
accepting me back and embracing back the old times we've had together
for u girl,u're like the 
best CCTV ever.even better than the best.
and now im home.
missing u girls already.
u girls got the smile that took me to another planet.
tears cheers*

u guys,im home!

as stated above.i absolutely am home now.
so-- i feel good.
but most of the time...yah.
i do miss KL very very much.
wait wait..this like gonna be my
100th ENTRY of the year 2010.
what am i babbling here.
okay,try being serious.
-----*sigh* i cant hahaha
ala,100th entry pon kecoh.

so,as mom said,"it's been day kat sini tak hujan"
and i was like....for real?coz KL had been wet in almost everywhere everyday.
asal petang je,ujan.
asal nk gelap je,ujan.

so,i was like praying and hoping that it would rain the very least..rain,can you just pay a visit.
that would be just enough
it's so hot in here.
the air conditioner cant keep me cool all day.
still,i can feel the heat burning the edge of my chin.
choc ice-blended has been my good company two days in a row.

and surprise surprise
as i waited and waited and waited
last night,
i heard of drips and drops as i was rumbling in my comfy bed
it's pouring.
i was superb ecstatic.
im over the moon.
Alhamdulillah,am so blessed.
my prayer had been granted.
i slept with a huge smile on my face.
**dont ever imagine that,cz it'll totally freak u out**

Saturday, May 08, 2010

What to do

Hey guys.
So,this is gonna be my 99th entry.
For this year la,2010.
So I don't really do things much lately.
Wanna know more what am I up to,u can continue reading my posts
--or u can ask my thru my
There's a box on top right of this blogpage for putting in the question u wanna ask me
U can ask me almost anything
I'll answer as soon as possibble ha-ha.
So,as I tweeted before.
I've decided to go back to Kelantan for few days.
It's been so long,haven't went back.
Miss mom and my family friggin bad.
Plus,tomorrow's Mother's Day aight.
So got extra reason ngaha!
Am thinkinh what to do when I reached home.
Planning to bake a cake and cupcakes for 'em.
Can't wait to be home.
Missed my cats also.awwww~
Erm as for Nut,if I can't make it thru wifey's due so sorry.
But u know how to reach me right.
Haaaah,so worried of Nut's wifey.
The due would be like any minute now.
Waiting and waiting and waiting.
*gile nebes for being a hot-preggie-mommy*
Heehee XD
Baby baby baby.
So,my next to do thing..
Packing *actually got nothing much to pack*
Ou yah. Gonna drop by at Kuantan after Kelantan.
Been meaning to see Ayin for quite some time.
She's starting her parctical this Monday.
All the best dear,be seeing u soon.
So,I guess that's all for now.
Got nothing more to say.
Hihi. Don't forget to follow my tweets updates.
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Thursday, May 06, 2010

ure not hopeless

ure not hopeless.
dont u ever spit the word "im giving up".
because u are not.
i know you.
ive posted this such entry before.
its about u
its always about u.
i know that ure in the hardest time uve ever faced before.
and as always,i was there and now i am here for you.
just like before,i said about u and your family.
i meant it.
and now am still saying the same 'ol thing.
i just dont understand.
your family seems ddnt care,but i cant put " all" here coz i dont know that much.
i know that i dont have the right here to speak,but...
its just too ridiculous for me to understand,which here i dont know why.
if they're meant to teach u a lesson,its just not right.
not the right way,not the effective way.for me.
and im very disappointed with few peoples surrounding you.
they do realize that ure having a hard time,but why still
...they're pushing you.being inconsiderate.
friends and families are the people who suppose to support you.
and and be whenever or wherever u need them.
but i see nobody when u need them the most.
what is that.
what is that.
sorry to say this la.
if by commenting thru facebook is what u called family bonding.
dude,u got that wrong.
those are bullshits.
said by a pussy and did by a pussy.
and again,im so sorry to make such statements.
i just want u to think wide,open up your mind.
never stop trying and always do remember that u got me here.
i know u once before,the real u.
u used to be way different than this.
i want you to be better  and stronger than yesterday.

beck,bilo nok wak kelah kecek klate ni? pnakk kawe tggu =_="

ish.haq,ure already terer nok blaja gapo lagih.hiss

cmon,ask me. XD

beckkkk..watper cuti nih..??

tawat ape eid.buhhsaaan sgt hoh.meh la kl cpat2

cmon,ask me. XD

you left me speechless

it's about a friend of mine
my girlfriend
she made a confession
to a guy that she had a crush on
*klau salah,buzz me*---empunya badan ek XD
so,when i read the whole entry she posted
i can say nothing
dear,you left me speechless
u made the confession and uve been rejected
but i think that's the best
and im so proud of you caused you had...
you had the guts to to to do that
im so proud of u and so happy that u did it
there's no single person,Malay girl to be exact
had that kind of strength that u have dear
i wanna put my comment on your entry
but i just couldnt
im sorry for not doing so
but i believe u understand me right
i love u and--
and there's this phrase that been whispered to me each and every single day lately
by a good friend of mine
"love yourself"
i know i,myself am not good on doing so
but,i believe that u can do it
i try hard each and everyday to love my very own self
there are plenty of fish out there
you just dont have to give up and never stop trying
im wanna thanked the GUY cause he ddnt hurt you and appreciated the special feelings
that u had towards him
but maybe you guys arent meant to be
nah,let's just forget about it and hope u enjoy your holiday dear
i know u'll be reading this
u should know that i love u and i do care about u

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

sapa u minat time mrsm?

soalan mesti u tau ni sape beck,anggap la saye dh jwb eyh hoho

cmon,ask me. XD

New born.

look at that.
a friend of mine just gave birth.
a baby boy was born.
we were like so shocked and rush to the GH to pay a visit.
im not really good with kids and so scared of babies
if u guys out there eager to see me holding babies
not a chance.
i dont know why.
babies are fragile and harmless and so lembik.
that terrifies me.
anyways,welcome aboard lil fella.
ive put some spells using my 'magic wand' when we went there to see yah
for those who were there,u know what i mean ha-ha.jk.

see,im telling u the truth-----he's super small

"uhh ohh this is amazing,ure beautiful"

we're the aunties line-up
cute aight?,not the baby XD

aww~ look at that.sha was so excited to get the baby into her arm.

this is just great.
i feel blessed.
Alhamdulillah the baby is okay and the mommy is just doing fine.
cant wait for Nut and wifey's hihi.
gnna pray for u guys!

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just for fun

picture above
has been edited by a friend of mine
he's my facebook fella
i dont know why he picked this picture and i dont know when did he edited it
but i wont mind much
like he said when he sent me the message,"just for editing :))"
it's just,about this picture
the unbalance of the lighting do bothers me
hihi ^^
uhh ohh he's a blogger too
here's the URL
so,there u go
the picture of wani and i :)
cam klaka kan
love the toning and the effect
but seriously,the lighting..........-.-

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

this one is a keeper

i was browsing some blogs
and i found this one blog
with this one post

i dont know much
but this novel seems cambest
the synopsis was good...for me.
but the main thing here is,i kinda have seen this authors' name
Liyana Zahim.
but i am so not sure where.
well,for those novel lovers out there
this is kinda new in store
i think,cause this post was dated few days ago
so,as per above
novel lovers,especially Malay novels
out there,u guys should buy this novel.
the price is okay.
not too expensive for a Malay novel
i dnt know.
havent bought any.
hehe so,happy reading.

p/s:if uve read this novel,do tell me wether it's good or not ha-ha.just for fun :)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

These days

I haven't blog as much as usual.I don't really know why.
Maybe I'm too busy.
Which here is referring to what,I,myself not too sure about that
Well,here I am.
I'm back.
Gonna get back on track.
Wanna blog,miss blogging,posting entries and ya know...
Wanna update to u guys about every single thing that happened since I posted my previous entry.

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