Friday, September 30, 2011

The Part Of Me

I feel like I'm, a million miles away. Away from myself. More and more these days. I went down, so many open roads. But they never lead me home.
Now I just don't know who I really am, or how is it gonna be. Is there something that I can't be? I wanna understand. Like really to understand it.
Perhaps I'll never be who I was before. Perhaps I don't even know her anymore. Or maybe who I am today ain't so far from yesterday. How am I gonna find all the missing part of mine.
I don't wanna wait too long. To find out where I meant to belong. I have always wanted to be where I am today, but I never thought I'd feel this way.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

O dear.

For all my life I’ve known you. I learn to not giving up, no matter what. You taught me not to. The spirits of yours stick in me. I don’t know.

O dear. Now that we’re here. We’ve come this far. Please dear. Just hold on. You want me to save you right. There is nothing to fear.
For I am right beside you. For all my life, I’m yours dear. Just hang in there.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


"Ape cerita kita ni. Macam makan gaji buta je lately" -Syukran Razak, Engineering Assistant, ALCIM SDN. BHD.

He said and I quoted as above. We have not been busy lately due to no project assigned to us. Aiyoo. Sampai online pun we all dah naik jelak. What to do ni. Each and everyday as I passed the Intermark, I whispered to myself yang I wanna be productive. But then, ended up... online je memanjang. But as for me, I ade la few oil platform drawings nak kena check kan. tade la 100% goyang kaki. LOL. I fill in timesheet, keep myself busy. Ya know. Do some stuffs. Tapi nearly 2weeks jugak la being like this. Risau pun ade. Ha-ha. Rutin lately jadi erm masuk ofc, check email from bosses/engineers, bukak drawings sambil tune in to, lunch break, solat Zohor, check drawings lagi, solat Asar, update timesheet, kemas kemas, pastu balik. *Sigh. But I dengar by next week gonna start busy. Ade new oil terminal project by PETRONAS. Yipee! Cant wait. Nanti ade lotsa drawings dah tak leh nak bersiul siul camni dah. Gonna get busy ohh. So okay la. Nak kemas kemas. Mau pulang o yeah!



This post is about KFC je okayy. Anyway, as yall know I cant eat chicken. But dearest pny pasal, I pegi KFC dgn beliau last night. In fact it's been awhile we both tak pegi KFC. Asyik Kenny Roger' je kann. I had Chicken Rice set and Zul chose Snack plate w Mirinda Strawberry. I had two pcs of chickens, but I only managed to finish only the rice and half a 1-pc of chicken. The rest, dear Zul yang makan. Adoi. Phaill la makan ayam ni. tak #turnON langsung haha. Anyway, we had a lil talk last night but yea. Thanks dear for having me. Nak kena balik from ofc then straight away pick me up from my house kann. Nak suh you tengokkan scootie, tapi asyik lupe. Am afraid of something happened to the oil tank. Nvmnd la. Sepatutnya last night jugak need to grab an MP3 player. But then, dah lambat. Maybe nanti la. As he sent me home, I terus telan ubat. Sebab takut takleh tido due to gatal gatal allergies kan. Aihh. Story of my life. Anyway. Esok cuti okayy. Buah hati keje sbb nnt nk cuti byk for the sister' wedding, Farah and Fiziey. Takpela. Balik keje at 1730hrs kan, datang trus jumpa saya la. Haha. Okayy, yall enjoy your long weekend okayy. Am out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

siapa anda 10 tahun lagi ?

A fabulous leading lady w an awesome life-partner on my side

cmon,ask me. XD

kenapa panda suka makan bamboo :)

Sebab panda rasa panda sangat comel mase makan bamboo tu . Ngaha!

cmon,ask me. XD

apakah yang korang buat lepas bangun tidur ??

Check my emails and texts ;)

cmon,ask me. XD

Hows raya? ;)

Ohh-sem :)

cmon,ask me. XD

IKEA and gastric

Okay. MC. Got gastric. And Zul also offday. He said, wanna pick me up and go somewhere somewhere. So we went to the Clinic first at Alam Damai. After that straightaway to IKEA we bought a good present for Farah, his sister as she's getting married in two weeks! Woah. Hihihi. So happy for her. My bf lagi la. Bebel2 cakap dia busy macam dia je nak kahwin. Puhhlis. Common la. Nanti sendiri kawen, tau la rasenye. Siap told me, "I dah bagtau Kakak awal awal. Kak, kalau aku kahwin nanti kau kena busy busy gak tolong. Aku amik cuti 5hari ni sebab kau punya majlis tau." Funny brother and sister. Cute je. Well, I'll pray for Farah nanti on her wedding day, everything will go smoothly insyaAllah.Ohh back to our IKEA. Macam2 I nak beli kat IKEA. But my other half, Zul, buat summary for each present yang I pick. Itu tak kena, ini tak kena till we found one heck of a present yang we both agree it's gonna be awesome for Farah and her future hubby, Hafizi :). Afterwards, had meatballs at IKEA Cafe, then jenjalan sket. Then dah kuar IKEA, we headed to Dr Mell's house in TTDI. Pegi jumpa her as she's back from UK and kitorang pegi tengok her lil kitties. There are 4 of 'em and we both were so excited. Zul blh terkejut ngn pure English slang Mell's mother. Haha. Ape la. We had fun at Dr Mell's and we both agreed to adopt (perhaps) one of 'em. Zul decided to have the white kitty. Male.Very manja one.Arini tak snap pictures pon as HTC kena hantar for repair. Aihh.After TTDI, we headed back to Cheras, lepak JJ Cheras Selatan plak.On the way back to Cheras  tu, he sung me songs. Beria. Karaoke in the car la katakan. Macam macam songs been sung, some of 'em are Don't Cry, I cant live by Mariah Carey, Please Dont Go by Mike Posner (our most fav), lagu ape tah ...sekebun cinta by Ziana Zain tu, and few more. Cant rmmber all. Ye la kan, traffic awful tu yang boleh bukak karaoke jap. LOL. At JJ,  bought another wedding gift for my friend, Zul had a massage for RM1 on the massage chair, nak tgk movie then cancel and we had a drink at Starbucks. As per usual, his fav signature iced choc and i had iced caramel soy latte.Had a great time today. Hilang sakit sakit haha. Thank you love for having me.

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