Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KLCC and Step Up 3.

Chili's KLCC again.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

bju raye taun nie kaler...?

kaler biru.
family beck decide mase raye last year.
semangat diorang.
so,raye tahun ni pakai kale BIRU derr.
tapi memandangkan nanti abang nak kawen,tema pink perlu beli baju kaler PINK juge.
tak sabanye nak raya.

cmon,ask me. XD

Saturday, August 28, 2010

hey you!

Sometimes I'm lazy, I get bored
I get scared, I feel ignored, I feel happy
I get silly, I choke on my own words... I make wishes, I have dreams.
And I still want to believe, anything can happen in this world.
Am just an ordinary girl like you.

x x x x

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Corn Custard Pudding.

1 cup custard flour
1 can creamy sweet corn
3/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups evaporated milk
3 cups water

combine all ingredients in one big pot and cook with a medium heat until it get creamy and thick.
after that, pour the custard mixture into tupperwares.
let it cool before you put it in the fridge.
cut into bit size cubes to serve.

as requested by Miss Ros Nazira. *weewit,awek tuh*
y'all can try it too.
i can guarantee it's simple, easy and the best part is YUMMEH!

x x x x

Sunday, August 22, 2010


aaaah. what ive been waiting for. look what i found in my mailbox. its from MAS Enrich and PADINI.

x x x x

Saturday, August 21, 2010


miss you too buddy. i found this in scootie's front compartment at the parking. i thought a summon that i get from the authority. but a note. a simple note from a buddy of mine, faisal. well again, i miss you too.

x x x x

no title.

hurm. so many things to do. so little timma.
late night snacks, lovers, bestfriends and friends, chanel paradoxal, the little black book, ramadhan, raya festivities, kota bharu, flight, packing, keys to my heart.

x x x x

family gathering.

that's wani. one of my cousins. my favourite cousin. peace-ing while im on my effort to snap the happiness we cherished during this day. the day that ayah invited us all, family members in KL to gather up for family break fasting at ayah's house in bandar tun razak. everyone was there. got bonda, ciksu, cik c, even kak long. so happy to gather up again like this. we had nasi ayam, ibu's specialty. there were soy milk with cincau, bandung, honey dew drinks. our homemade popiah, and as y'all can see got akok there, buah melaka, currypuffs and cik c even bought a box of 6 Dunkin Donut's doughnuts. also got tepung pelita and mini roti john, homemade you know. so many things lah to be listed. but of alls, we had a great time. seeing and catching up on each other. cant wait to catch my flight to KB soon on the next weekend. i miss mom, baba, my brothers and sisters. and also as syakirah is home now, am so can wait no longer. 

x x x x


Hey y'all. Happy fasting and happy Thursday. Gawsh. It's been like weeks I haven't updated my blog. And I truly missed doing this blogging. How's everybody been doing lately? And are you guys doing ☺kay this month of Ramadhan? Very hoping that y'all just fine and I really hope we'll get thru this fasting month with patience and good health. Well for me, am doing all good except for I got ulcers starting on Ramadhan the 5th. T_T. Can never imagine y'all. Three ulcers all at once. Damn hurt. I got twins on my upper right lip and one sticking on the gum on my lower left jaw. Hurting me each everyday. I hardly smile coz that will stretchen out my lips and DANG! That hurts, man. Until last night, my friend been rumbling abt my ulcer. They ask me to put salt on 'em to heal faster. I have no bonjela, so I've decided to go with my friends and hsemate's suggestion.
And you know what. As I put a lil amount of salt on one of the twins, the other ulcer bleed like hell. God. The salt was like almost killed me. I cried hard. Even Sha cant stand seeing me crying because of the ulcers. i suffered you know. But still few days after, the ulders still there...annoys me, giving me hard time to smile, more else distracting me while am in my fasting month. Thank God so far, am strong enough to be distracted by these annoying killing ulcers.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Here we go again.

ramadhan is back. as for that picture above. it was a 'buka puasa' with my classmates once ago. ohh how i miss that moment so much and also missing my friends. was held at Pizza Hut in Wangsa Maju, the big one next to 24-hours KFC near NZ. i wish we could gather up again as last year for 'buka puasa'. any place will do guys.

Now that you're gone.

the day he took you away from me. you're my scar that can never be closed. even dr mellissa cried that day baby. ohh how we love you so bad baby. and i can never stop missing you. just so you know, mel, sha and manap was there to see you for the last time. mel can't help himself from tears, baby. you know how much he loves to play with you right. dear zul can't be there for the last time baby, cause he's working. but he's the one that found you on the G floor, right. which at that time mommy cant stand watching filled with silence. all shots are taken by manap's iPhone. mommy hopes that you rest in peace baby. and always remember that mommy loves you dearly.

x x x x

Ramadhan the 2nd.

i went back. nobody ask me to. i just wanna get back to cheras. so that i can save more, ya know. can buka puasa with my sister and brother in law. during buka puasa i got fresh soy milk and currypuffs. different from the forst day of Ramadhan break fasting. onichi cook this super delish ayam masak pedas. thou i cant eat chicken, but still the taste was superb. speaking of break fasting. i'd love to tell y'all about my menu i hadduring the first Ramadhan. as i missed kelantan so much, i got myself all kelantanese cuisine that i love the most. i bought kueh akok, nasi kerabu and beef murtabak. nothing can go against these three. they reminds me a lot of Kelantan. am so missing home right now. wish that i could fly home. but not yet. i'll fly home with AirAsia this August the 25th for the first time. never fly with AirAsia before. really hoping that the service is okay by the time i fly with them. so, enough about that.
it feel so good and just right break fasting with the family, you know. and am so glad that i can do that with my sister. and that makes me think about syakirah. mya nother sister. i wonder what she's been doing right now. is she's fasting. how she's been doing and stuffs. i just miss her a lot. wish that she will come back home very soon. i did get calls from here once in a while. but,  ... i dont know.
am still mourning philly's death. everything that i do reminds me of her. sadly that i cant get her back and she cant experience this bless Ramadhan here with me.
ohh baby, mommy misses u a lot.

x x x x

beckham and panda....which one u like d most?

panda of course.
beckham was never on the list.

cmon,ask me. XD

do u love me?

err... who u?
yes, am an 'I LOVE YOU' bitch.
i think i love you.

cmon,ask me. XD

Eid Mubarak

well. thou it's already Ramadhan the 2nd. i guess not that late for me to wish y'all fellow followers and friends out there with 'selamat berpuasa' for this year. hope y'all can make it till the day the 30th. and as this blessed Ramadhan arrives, i'd like to ask for forgiveness from all of you out there as i might done any wrongdoings towards you. let's all make this Ramadhan a moment for us to check up on what we've done all this while. who knows if there will be no Ramadhan for us soon. we cant tell that. i believe that nobody's perfect in this world. and i do believe that we can't be perfect be we could be better.

and as this bless Ramadhan's here,
i got a little something for y'all.
have fun reading :)

Salam, saya Syaa'ban. Saya ingin mengingatkan anda bahawa jiran saya iaitu Ramadhan akn dtg mngunjungi anda tidak lama lagi besama isterinya iaitu Rezeki & kedua2 anaknya Sahur & Iftaar. Mereka juga ditemani ketiga2 cucunya Rahmat, Barakat & Keampunan. Mereka akn pulang slepas 30 hari degan menaiki pesawat penerbangan Aidil Airlines. Hargai mereka & anda akn mndapat berkat! InsyaAllah. 


x x x x

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby. Philly.

it was supposed to be a blessed friday.
we were supposed to be happy.
getting ready to head home to cheras.
you were supposed to get your groom that day.
and on that day,
we were supposed to see dr mell with our sweetest smile.
we were supposed to get you the new costume from bali.
you were suppose to be sprayed with that fragrant pet cologne.
and we were supposed to get you married.
i am supposed to have a great chat with dr mell.
talking about you, baby.
all nice things about you.
laughing and giggling.
i am supposed to cuddle you until we reach cheras.
i am supposed to let you run and wandering all over the vet clinic.
you were supposed to play along with kikapoo and other cats there.

but it was the day.
it was that day.
the day that i didnt realize.
that you'll be taken away from me.
i never realize it.
until that day just came.
on that particular friday.
 it was supposed to be a blessed friday.
he took you away from me.

i am so not happy at all.
tears all over my face.
flowing on my both cheeks.
cant stop flowing, even for a sec.
i dont want to get back to cheras without you.
i refuse to do almost everything.
all i wanna do at that time is,
i wanted to spend all my time that left with you.
but i didnt know that the time is too short.
that i didnt realize it was going to be the day you left me, baby.
you didnt get the grooming sesh as planned.
we rushed to dr mell, not with our sweetest smile.
but with tears, pain and misery.
as i drove you to the vet, i contacted dr mell as many ways as i could.
text, email, yahoo massenger, calls.
am sorry cause i knocked dr mell's door that hard.
so hard that i freaked her out.
all because of you baby.
i cant accept that costume from bali.
i cant smell that fragrant pet cologne.
i cant see you got married.
i cant have that great chit chats with dr mell about you.
i cuddled nothing until i reach cheras.
i cant see you playing with kikapoo and the other cats in the vet.
no more.
because baby,
coz youre gone now.
youre no longer with me.
you left me with no words.
all that i have now is your toys, your litter box,
your scoops, your cage, your travelling cage etc.
i gave out your kibbles to the strays.
tears falling again.
mommy misses you baby.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

kalo panggil becky ko marah ak..???

ramai gak la org panggil beck "becky".
nape tiba2 kau nak panggil beck, becky?
mane kau dengar ni?
sape kasi idea?
nak panggil kau "eidY" blh?
am so gonna FS u those bugging Qs hahahaha!

cmon,ask me. XD

it's not that i don't wanna tell ya

im sorry.
for not telling ya.
our friendship is not to be trade with.
am not pushing you away.
i didnt meant to do all these.
none of them that happened is planned.
i know ure upset for what ive done.
but please.
please do understand me.
i dont have that much time to reach you.
it occurred so fast.
so fast that i couldnt tell you at the right time.
i hope u understand on what am i trying to say here.
and again.
i am so very truly sorry.

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