Monday, August 31, 2009

back to kelantan and here it is~!!

KL --> Kuantan --> Kelantan --> KL exhausted
moving out of KL at 3a.m. and arrived at Indera Mahkota 14,Kuantan at about 5.15a.m.
pretty late plusminus 25 mins coz we made quite some pit stops as we're tired that night
had sahur made by onichi as soon as we arrived so that we could make it
gerak to kelantan at 3p.m. and arrived at Kelantan around 11 o'clock
thank goodness mom still awake

mom told us that she's gonna held a majlis buka puasa for the whole neighbourhood on the next day
gladly ^^
cnt really help much
i got my cold
but still did made myself to fetch bari'ah,syukri and iqbal at school
after that,i collapsed
a totalled
everyone was participating
hand in hand
helping each other
here was awesome
during my collapse,mom put a wet baby towel on my forehead
i was sleeping and didnt realized at first
mom said that i was restless during my sleep,maybe caused by the headache i got
during the buka puasa;
great food,good people,wonderful moment
our menu;
**kuih puteri mandi
**sirap bandung with grass jelly
**caramel pudding
**mixed kerabu
**home-made ayam goreng berempah
**sup ayam
** ma's very own sambal
**white rice
**marble pudding
**gulai daging

we really had a blast thou im so not feeling well enough
so happy to meet everyone

the next day,headed straight to KL with onichi and bro tofic together with syakirah

Friday, August 28, 2009

2nd ramadhan;buka puasa at pizza hut KLCC

syakirah,zul and i had our buka puasa at Pizza Hut was great and we're so happy.unfortunately i had to send syakirah to her campus at Shamelin as the next day she got class and her weekend was already over.

syakirah,waddaya looking for actually...?
that's kakak's strawberry purse you're holding.

we went to Kinokuniya first,coz i need to buy some great books there haha

i suap-ed her

... and she suap-ed me too huhu ^^

zul...he bought a book too

kakak knew that u're hungry.cmon,dnt do such face...hahaha,just kidding
these are what we're having

to quench our thirst

soup,large platter,garlic bread....a must

again with the sisters XD

Friday, August 21, 2009

pinky_blue tag saye XD

1) Apakah nama blog anda sekarang dan kenapa anda memilih nama itu?


cause that's the first name ever thought when i was trying to name my blogpage ngee~ ^^
...and maybe cause i just love to wink at people...just maybe
i dunno

2)Apakah link blog anda sekarang dan bagaimana boleh timbul idea untuk menamakannya seperti itu?

well,i just looooove to have my panda and me,beck, in it.and besides,i've been using beckpanda since forever in my dailies,so.... :D

3)Apakah method penulisan dalam blog anda?
in my very own creative way
am i creative...?hurm...i supposed u tell me
p/s:i know i'm not ha-ha

4)Pernah terasa nak hapuskan blog anda?

5)Apakah pendapat anda mengenai blog kepada pemilik blog yang TAG anda ini?
cool,nice and i think she's cute X)

6)Senaraikan 10 orang yang akan anda TAG.
mau menge-TAG
if u readers wanna know who are these blogger i tagged,u can just clik on their names
they're great bloggers u know
....pretty much haha.just kiddin'

may everyone have a fabulous ramadhan this year

greetings ^^
wanna wish a happy ramadhan mubarak to all muslims in the world
especially to my beloved family
dearest fellas of mine
...owh and loyal readers

i love u guys
may this year's ramadhan bring
us hidayah and barakah to each and every one of us


tonite will be the night and tomorrow will it begun

p/s:dnt forget to sahur u guys,never ponteng...unless u just cant...u know what i mean. *teeeet**

Sunday, August 09, 2009

ayin just tagged me with my o my haha :))

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I'm an emo pimp that likes to have fun who smoked with a prostitute because a lil people told me to MyEm0.Com

and i wanna tag 'em
zyra j.//john.malice

days with salsya

smile :)

our sand arts that we made

come and have this creamy mooshie tasty soup with me hehe

giiiiiirl~,u got issues hahahaha

my TOFU~

gawsh,i just had to....just for the sake of salsya
and in fact,her treat
so,worth the moment...i guess.
but before bed i really had to take my medication
my o my

our lunch for the day

salsya,u should stick with me...not that freakin friggin wall

tadaaa~ ^^

Saturday, August 08, 2009

we're the weekenders

the weekenders eyh?
me ; dear zul ;syakirah
...... and yes,syakirah is my baby sister

we went out
i promised her to see the movies
and we headed straight to the One Utama[OU]
....without any hesitation

which movie i've waited such months
and came up

we also went to Jaya Jusco to bought 3pillows
so damn fluffy,and comfy
...for zul,syakirah and also 1 for me
coz it was like there's a quite huge promo for pillows and bedroom stuffs
and we're so thrilled
so,we bought some
...since syakirah really wanted another extra pillows thou she's already had so many pillows
...and zul said he really wnted a brand new pillow for himself
...and for me,i just wanted a pillow
and now my bed will be filled with pillows and i cant even sleep on my own bed haha
that's all

after we had our movies,
i was like craving for ice cream
and so we went to Baskin Robbin's
(what's ya flava;ooooh what's ya flava;baby what's ya flava;hey boy,what's ya flava~? ha-ha)

and after so,
we headed home
but first,gotta buy some meal for syakirah's supper ha-ha
i tapaw-ed KFC,Dinner plate as it been her all time fav.
haha then zul sent me home

Saturday, August 01, 2009

poink poink te-poink~

well well well
look what we have here
some snapsnap-s
it's occured on july 30th actually
salsya wanted to have her 'bkak puasa' again...with me
so,we were like discussing and discussing until
salsya came out with a brilliant idea
she said something like this,
"ape kate kita cookcook kat rumah kau,then aku bkak puasa kt sana"
so,i was like,whoa!! bijakbijak

so i picked her up at one of IIUM's bus stop,near the lady's so-called reacreation hall
and off we head to jusco Wangsa Maju again.
i planned to cook pasta for salsya's buka puasa
so i bought San Remo's spaghetti,Prego's Tomato Puree,meatballs(planning to buy mince meat and roll my very own meatball,but there's no minced beef,i bought the ready-to-cook-meatballs),chicken drummet,canned button mushroom,some snacks and Twister's duo drinks.

after we finished with the ingredients,
we rode my scootie mootie to my house.
preparing for the pasta coz it's already 6.35 p.m.
salsya fried those chic drummets and i prepared for the pasta
since salsya will be having a sleepover at my house so,she changed into my 'baju kelawar' instead any of my nightshirts coz she said she needed something loose and comfy

my long hair------short oredi~

salsya slept at 4.30a.m. in the morning coz she's watching Hannah Montana The movie and Beverly Hill's Chihuahua after we had our 27 Dresses before that

friggin freak

my morning,wakey2
we woke up at 10.30 a.m that day
cik su already left early at 8a.m. .....maybe..... for work

after we finished with our breakfast...or brunch...or lunch...whatever

slurp~ slurp~

maple syrup...lite one,good for health ha-ha
for our pancakes


salsya never had my pancakes before
so,that day...pancake takes the cakes hahaha
..and she said it was fabulous and so yummy~
weeee~! ^^

here comes the spaghetti...
extraextra super mooshie mushrooms
thick sauce for my spaghetti..cant wait~

pasta for bkak puasa...nyum nyum yummie~

BERRY link

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