Saturday, May 07, 2011

Above the sky, heading home.

well. I flew home last Saturday with MH 1426. As always, MAS services are the BEST! It was a great pleasure to fly again with MAS. Praise be to Allah my flight wasn't delay and everything went smooth til I reached KBR. Erm.. Checked in using my ENRICH Card, had MacDonald's for dinner hurm... And as per usual, having the best inflight magazine, Going Places, is a must and ou yeah, juice. Pink guava juice was chosen and I was not in the mood for orange juice at that time. The cabin crew was awesome and I was so glad to fly again with MAS.  

Friday, May 06, 2011

apa kita nak kena buat kalau kita bercinta dgn org lain tapi hati kita dgn org lain?

If hati you dengan orang lain, means you are not BERCINTA dengan the current person. So, I believe you should dig deep to find the real reason why you are still with the NOW person. Love is somewhat an abstract feeling, yet it makes us feel good eventhough you dont really know what kind of love is that youre having. But then dont hurt yourself coz of love and try to not hurt everyone else coz of your love. :)

cmon,ask me. XD

Thursday, May 05, 2011

SEXY offer.

ohh. last time I shopped at La Senza was like... somewhere in March. Gosh. New inner wear needed! Bhaha. macam every months wajib beli kan. *perempuan ni gile* And as I saw this offer, I turned out to be super ecstatic. Most comfortable bra ever. A total must-haves! It's like having our very own second skin and as they advertised and I quoted, "Forget You're Wearing It". Wahh. Meanwhile awal bulan and gaji tengah hangat ni, I should pay a visit and grab one or two of this brand new collections from La Senza. *gelak gedik* So girls, get your ass off that sofa and let's rush to the nearest La Senza store!

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