Wednesday, June 30, 2010


am a pancake lover ya know. as today i woke up early, prepping my two lil monsters for school. take over Mom's  role for about a moment. Mom's away for 3days. She flew to KL yesterday for some kind of meeting related to her job. Baba sent her to the airport as her flight was scheduled at 1630hrs. so, back to the title. ngaha. quite bored today. my runny nose still lingering and being quite inappropriate to me. 
*nak keluar tak kasi salam pon. ceh!* 
lately kinda lots of errands that i got from people surrounding me. but am okay with it. i'd love to help people especially my loved ones. i got to fix the toilet flusher, cook (sometimes), drive my relatives to the grocery store, unlock the accidentally locked door knob, be a runner for almost everything, drive my lil monsters to school, picked 'em up, prepping for meals, laundry, dishes, feeding the cats, grant all wishes and kemahuan my siblings, helping my cousin with her essay as she's applying to study in the UK, write testimony, helpingmy friend to register the ePinjaman for PTPN and such. aih. etc etc. so many things to do, you see. but i do understand, these are actually common daily routines. i have no problem with all those. i know am not the only person dealing with all of these homeworks. listing just for fun alright. so, i found this one game. flash game to be exact. that clickclick games thingy ya know. as above, it's the fluffy fluffy away game. cute ya know. as mentioned above, ama huge fan of pancakes and waffles etc etc. in this game, i need to prepare the ingredients, batter and lastly serving the pancakes. such baby game. very easy. u just have to click whatever u see. piece of junk right. no. piece of cake, i mean. ehe. the character is so cute, named Emily the little chef. you should try. if you got nothing to do la. this is the url. u can just click it. lotsa game here. maybe some of you out there have seen or been to this page. 
*ala,page ni femes kot.saje je nk iklan kot kot ade yang tak tahu*
click FRIV.
there. happy clicking. dont get bored. have a great Wednesday.   

Nak aku belanja McD ker?

Ade orang nak belanja.
Mesti la mau!

cmon,ask me. XD

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sieg ist unser !

Told yah.
We're so gonna win tonight.
Am so proud of Germany.
You just killed the Three Lions that sleep tonight.
*Now playing on iTunes ; Lion King's The Lion Sleeps Tonight*
germany (4) - (1) england
pack your bags, England.
it's our glory,
glorious victory and your worry, england.
*eh, cakap besar plak aku*
Cant stay up for #arg VS. #mex.
am not feeling very well lately.
tomorrow need to see my specialist due to my knee.
mom wants me to be diagnosed.
so, heading to KBMC perhaps.
Climbing my bed now.
Congratulations Germany.
What a game. Let's see if we're seeing SPAIN in the semi.
Nanight beautiful souls.

x x x x

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Kamon Germany!
We can do this.
I mean, you can do this.
Yeah, England huh.
My good fella's team.
Whoever wins tonight, our friendship remains!
But still, Germany shall kill the Three untamed Lions.
Victory will be ours.
*cuak ni actually*
*klau kalah, am not ashamed with my post*
Ozil, Klose, Gomez.
Beat it!
Bring it!

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so many things requested by my little brothers and sister lately. *almaklumla, am home so jarang* i try hard to grant all the requests by them. few days back mom requested me to make that 'Kek Batik' ya know. easy and simple. but am not a big fan of it. it's been quite a while havent make this kek batik. but as requested, so i made it. my chocolate moist cake still under this 'planning' term. so many things to do, so lil timma.incoming, homemade pizza. uhh ohh. it's been years our family havent had our very own pizza. this is all because of my lil brothers and sister. especially those two lil monsters. fun ya know. you can put as much topping as you like. anything. as long as u got the ingredients, there you go. voila! so, insyaAllah pizza's day gonna be either tonight or tomorrow. as am not really pro in this kek batik making, this is it. just ignore the messiness okai. hihi.i know am such a comot person. but as long as they compliment it, and it does taste good. that's just okay with me.

yeah Sunday.

just finished preparing lunch for my little brothers. adib's going back to UUM tonight. *sobsob*. gonna miss yah lil bro. no longer can tease him, pull his hair, pull his pants, got no partner to play with out cats. kakak will be miserable. plus, this darn menstrual cramps keep ambushing me without even notice. dang u menstruation! am more miserable now. what. u want me to compose you a song then you'll get over me. --so not. but am so getting use to this. just bare with it. can no longer take pills. urgh. so my Sunday. i kinda woke up early today. cant sleep that well. England VS. GERMANY coming up tonight. So gonna kill the Three Lions soon. Ah! No no. cant sleep well caused by my menstrual cramps. a lil pinch of Germany fever plus plus. but that wont ruin my Sunday. my Sunday is going well so far. tho last night hanif said my face looks reddish etc etc. dang! i got a little headache at that time. didnt realize my face turns red. aih. gotta stay fresh for tonight's game. you Nationalmannscaft, dont even let the Three Lions fight back. dominate. conquer. then victory will be ours. *padahal, nak ke final byk stage lagi* /sigh. (for tonight's match lor). havent had my lunch yet. not that hungry. but i'll eat right after this. received a text message from Kerol just now. saying that he's in KL and asking me if am available for a hang out. dang it *No.2* am missing kerol like hell. and now he's in KL and am in KB. hukhuk. no matter what. am so going back to KL very soon. lemme save a date. YES. got it! July6th. Yes people. am going back to KL this July6. you guys hang in there. am coming. eriq, faisal, arif, harkatarotarogay, ira...aaah! everyone lah. wait for me. wee! err err have a gleeful Sunday yah.

x x x x

Friday, June 25, 2010


menstrual cramps.
cant you just wait.
why you have to storm me in days like today.
youre hurting me.
dont make me hate menstruation okay.
just so you know, youre hurting me.
so bad!


my my my o my o my. am sorry. i supposed to wake u up at 7am. such dream last night. dang it u dream. darn u all to heck. u made me woke up late today. so sorry. i woke u up like,,,, almost 8. DANG! now now mangi time. am gonna mangi now as well. right after i finished this mini post. teehe. u must be like jumping off your bed now, rush rush rush. rushing in everything. pls dont rush to work with your bike like 'kelam kabut'. ahuhuhu. sorry again. but it's good to hear your voice at the very first in the morning. anyway, good morning and have blessed Friday. muachsss!

x x x x

Thursday, June 24, 2010

let's rock!

if youre following my tweets, you know i can never get enough of these two. ahihihi. BIEBER FEVERRR. *heartheart* Selena Gomez since forever!

p/s : the video wide size might 'terlebih' i supposed. Urghh.


just finished few minutes ago. my lychee bean curd. actually i was planning to bake chocolate moist cake as mom and baba requested yesterday. but, turned out that i got sore throat today. therefore, I decided to make these guys instead of chocolate cake. not in the mood on being chocolatey caused by my hurting throat. will postponed it tomorrow. was it (my sore throat) due to my insomniac season on rooting for FIFA World Cup 2010? Oh gawsh. idk. i dont think am staying up late every night. or maybe due to too much laughing lately. err err still thinking all mentioned above aint the reason. am so gonna drink lotsa and lotsa water. warm water to be exact. Nut ask me to grab Vanilla ice cream. it can make my throat feel better. am indecisive now. confuse to real. ive never heard vanilla ice cream can do that. all i know is vanilla is my favourite in everything. well, maybe i should give a try.almost forgot. mom's fasting today. i did went to buy few 'kuih muih' just now for mom. so, as above. my lychee bean curd. you guys might cant see some small pieces lychee i put in there. aah. nevermind. still, my sore throat. dang hurt!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Merajuk dengan baba.
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sidekick's birthday!

well. it's today. my beloved sidekick's birthday. i got like THREE REMINDERS on my Beary BECK Blackberry snoozing right into my ears since last night for this important day. see sidekick. you're such an important person, ya know. so since youre my one and only sidekick.. best sidekick ever in the world that i have here since urr urr urr '04, right dear. ahhaha. me here wanna wish ya a GLEEful birthday wish for yah. always knowing that i love you since forever and so gonna be there whenever you need me just like youre there for me as I need yah. am so gonna figure out what's for your birthday. we're seeing each other when am back in KL aight. cant wait to see yah. missing you like tonnes! urghh. how i wish u could just popped right at the very front of my eyes. homaigawd. soon, we head to popmyberry together eyh. hihi. keep up with your 'tembaktembak' activity aight. if you need my comments and opinion bout your shots etc., just tag me. i'll give out my best thou i know am not that good lah! take a very good care of purpleberry yah. will be rooting on you from time to time. missing SLK, missing EGO and of course I MISS YAH! *hwugs and kishes* just for you. take a good care of papa, mama, and semua. esp nurin. only girl there. ure the best thing in my life. *less the three* for infinity!
Happy GAY Birthday Dear

x x x x

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just finished.

i made 'cucur' for our tea today. Well, requested by Baba actually. He wants to eat 'cucur'. Also known as 'jemput jemput'. You can call 'em any names you like. Now now,am gonna wait for Baba to be home.

while waiting for Baba and Mom to be home, let's have this newly bought ice cream by HPA. Yummeh!
"Jemput makan semua!"

x x x x



*Now Playing on iTunes : I Hate This Part by The Pussycat Dolls*

This entry.
For you two.
Yes you two out there.
Whom i care about so much.Very.
I hate this part, where i can feel tears running down your fluff cheek.
I know you miss him so much.
He's long gone now.
But missing him each and every day,can't be stopped.
I know you two such good daughter and son.
It's okay to cry sometimes.
Father's Day had passed two days ago.
Don't ever feel bad to yourself as you're no longer have him with you now.
Please be strong guys.
I love you both so so much.
And I just can't take you tears like this.
Be strong dear, as strong as the inner you.
I know you're stronger on the inside, and i want you to show it.
Bare this one.
Keep yourself holding together.
You got me here.
Am never gonna leave you. Ever.
So do him. He never left you.
Because He's always on your side.
Trust me.
In every single thing you do, imagine that he's watching over you.
Make him proud and happy for what you're doing in your everyday life.
Never stop praying for his sanctity on the other side of the world.
There's nothing better for Arwah than his beloved children's prayer.
May he rest in peace.

baby baby baby ohh.

this is Mohd Adam Iskandar bin Mohd Shafiq.
Snooze like a baby.
He's a baby of course.

pop idea.

Abang is getting married soon. All of my readers and followers are cordially invited. Ngee. So,about the title of the post. An idea just popped. I was indulging myself with a chocolate truffle[as above] from yesterday's goodie bag. In all of sudden, it came. Am thinking to make my very own homemade chocolate confectioneries as one of the items to be filled in the goodie bags for the guests. Isn't it great. Hehe. I got so many things to do for this incoming wedding. Abang must be super nervous plus excited. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

(T.T) huk3.

out of the blue.
i miss my sidekick.
it's been a while havent seen him.
bbm, fb chat, ym, tweeting.
still, am missing my sidekick.

on the phone.

i had a call.
few minutes ago.
from a good friend of mine.
snapped a few using my webcam.

the wedding.

We attended the wedding of Abang's bestfriend's wedding . The parent is Baba's cousin. So, we're related. The event held at Dewan Komuniti Bandar Tun Razak, near Ibu's house. Incoming wedding is going to be Abang's which InsyaAllah, with the bless of Allah will be held on this Syawal the 4th.Fuh. Big brother getting  married. Cant wait. Lotsa things to be planned,done etc etc. As we done eating, Mom and Baba finished chit chatting with the relatives, souvenirs taken, gift given, we headed to Ibu's house then after Zohor we headed back to Kota Bharu. What a great weekend we had.
KL, Toy Story 3, Kak Long Ros's house in Selayang, Wedding Reception at BTR, safely arrived home.
*such bless from Allah*  

Toy Story 3.

dated June 19th, 2010.


Bari'ah, Hidayat, Iqbal, Onichi, Syukri.
Uhh Ohh, Onichi's wearing my ZARA.

since we're in KL now, so mom asked Onichi and I to bring our little siblings to see a Toy Story 3. In fact, Mom & Baba together with Bonda are heading to Hulu Langat as they got errands to run.
So, Onichi ordered me to book the tickets online so that i would be easier for all of us. But unfortunately, ya know... still be in the school holidays,plus it's the end of the week bla bla and bla it's hard to reach online buying and booing. So i went to JJ Cheras Selatan early to buy the tickets. JJ filled with toddlers, kids, baby and strollers, parents and families. Gawsh. I went crazy with all of these. Kids were here and there. Urghh. Please take me away from these. But, what to do. It's holiday.
 So,I bought 7tickets all together for Toy Story 3. Onichi,Bro Taufic, Iqbal, Bari'ah, Syukri, Hidayat and moah! Hihi. 4 Adults and 3 Kids. Alhamdulillah my lil brothers and sister behaved themselves for the whole Saturday. Ala in fact they knew that when it comes to Kakak,if you need anything just split it. Quit whining. If not, you'll never get it and Kakak will never 'layan' you hoho. Love 'em so much!



We had a great time alright. Right after Pop corns, Carbonated Strawberry drinks and Toy Story 3 those kiddos asking for Kinder Joy by Kinder Bueno. So we went to the market section downstairs getting Kinder Joys hoho. Few photos taken before we headed home (just too few as above) for lunch cz Mom,Baba and Bonda's already home.

P/s : This footnote is for Acok, a BBM friend of mine. Ahah,sorry yah. YES. Am tweeting while watching the movie. Ahihi. Kinda fun tweeting while seeing the movie. If there are few of you are following my tweets, you know what am i talking about. Hihihi.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

gay girlfriends.

look at photos below.
how 'gedik' am i.
okay. let me begin.
here's another post about my gay girlfriends.
they're my classmates when i was around 7-12yrs old.
ngee. arent we the cutest.
whenever i went back home to KB,hanging out with these two is kinda a MUST.
so as this is another gay hang out of us, you guys can scroll over our photos :).
i picked them both at their houses.
we had McD.
and as usual, most typical girl would do...
gossiping, chit chatting, giggling, window shopping, etc. etc. etc.
and the most important is we enjoy ourselves each and everytime we hang out together.

this is Adilah.
the daughter of our school's PK HEM.
such 'kerempeng' and tall bubbly girl.

us three :).

and this is Amalina.
a daughter of Mom's friend
cum my softy sweet girlfriend.

and here's the many faces of us.

there will be more entries posted bout us.
so, keep on clicking to this page alright.
and as usual, for those who follows my tweets every single thing will be updated thru my tweets most of the time and also my facebook :).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

mahu buat TAG sarah

adakah anda rasa anda hot?
> erm,tidak pernah sama sekali.

upload wallpaper yang sedang anda guna skrg.

cerita pasal wallpaper tersebut
>Okay. This is baby Adam. Full name ; Muhammad Adam Iskandar bin Mohd Shafiq. A son of a great friend of mine,Nut. Dont know why am such *ngadengade* wanna put Adam's pic as my wallpaper but am telling y'all out there.... it's an honour to me as Nut took me as his son's Best Auntie. 
*at first nak panggil sort of God Mother,tapi tak Islam pulak kan. Allahu Akbar*.

bila kali terakhir kau mkn pizza?
> Pizza..?Dont know. Can never remember.

lagu paling latest kau dgr?
> B.O.B feat Hayley Williams 's Airplanes.
> Usher's Daddy's Home.
>Justin Bieber's feat Usher's Somebody To Love.

apa yang kau buat selain menyelesaikan tag ni?
> Twitter-ing,texting with love.

selain nama sendiri, dipanggil dgn nama apa?
> Beck, kakak, Acah.

tag lagi 8 org
> anyone, feel free to do this

sapekah org no 1 pada anda?
> . . .

katakan sesuatu pd no 5.
>. . .

no 3 ada hbgn dgn sape?
>. . .

bagaimana pula no 4?
>. . .

pesanan pd org no 6.
>. . .

kata-kata cinta utk org no 2.
>. . .

berikan 5 perkara yg anda tahu ttg org yg mengetag anda.
> dengan sendirinya saya rajin nak buat tag ni. Bhahaha!

gay or les?
> BOTH baby!

perasaan anda menjwb tag ini.
> rase cam level mengarut + merapu saya meningkat!


the date was yesterday.
June15th,2010. went to KB Mall together with baby youngest sister Bari'ah, my cute cousin Wani and my good girlfriend Razan. Not really an impromptu hang out, but kinda a bit 'kalut'. Ha-ha. But we had a great fun that day. As usual, I went out driving Savvy. But this time,as Mom pretend to not knowing am going out as she drove Savvy to office. /sigh. What to do. Civic it is then. Picked up Razan at her house in Kubang Kerian. We directly headed to KB Mall afterwards. As the parking was full, I decided to park at the rooftop open parking. I totally knew that our plan to bowl that day gotta be cancelled. Park full = loads of people. Loads of people leads to long queue at the bowling alley. Nah,so we cancelled to bowl. Had lunch at A&W. Floats. Coney Dog with Cheese. Curly Fries. What more could you ask people. Dig in! Hey-o!
Window shopping mostly. Checking out stuffs. Sim card recovery *finally*. Wanna buy cute wedges, but unfortunately they're not too cute too be mine. *Bhaahaha*. But new wedges coming soon.Just wait. Had cold drinks and sweet dessert. Uhh Ohh sorbet. I like yuh! Chit chat pot pet, playing mini games on Beary Beck, games on iPod touch bla bla bla. Bought latest issue of CLEO Magazine, a novel for Baria'ah and a Word Search booklet and a story book for Syukri as below :). They love books. Which is funny. *for me la,idk why*
Then headed back home. But before that, dropped by at Razan's house to send her back and pray Asar coz traffic jam on our way back dragged us almost Maghrib. Tonnes of fun and laughter. Full of joy and we certainly wanna hang out like this again. But Wani's heading to KL already tomorrow. So, cant decide yet.
Love love! 


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


up u guys!
i went to bed early, so ended up awaken now.
but OKAY what, am watching ITALY live.
Italy VS. Paraguay.

still remember this post..? *click it*
ya know what.
went to see a movie with love.
and while waiting for our movie to get started,
i went to Popular for quite a moment.
checking out maybe new books,ya know.
Which here,it was fun.
Wanna know something...?
I bumped into Abi, my junior at Serting. *click it to reach his BLOG*
Ou gawsh. There were tweets, Fb comments etc etc.
Never on earth would i expect that i could bump into my junior.
Ha-ha. Silly me.
Kinda happy at that time.
*am so out of the main thing right now*
Okay, bout the previous post.
At POPULAR, I saw that book.
Arranged in a swirl pile.
Gawsh,it's out.
So, quick guys.
Grab one for yourself or to a friend of yours that love to read novels.
Especially Malay novels.
Here it is.

also found this one.
Been thinking on having it.
Original Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and nowadays modern zombies tale combined.
Pretty interesting I might say.

So, FIFA World Cup 2010 started. And as mentioned above, am watching the Italy vs Paraguay on live net now. Alone in my room.. As am awake for almost 7hours nap. Hmmm, so who are you guys rooting for? I'm all in for Germany, Italy and Brazil!

Time passes extremely fast isnt it guys. It's already third week of June! And also, I do remember years back then we were all talking about World Cup,me and sidekick and etc etc and betting during high school. Aww how much we've grown. You should look around once in a while.
Italy vs Paraguay has ended as am putting my few last words for this post.
What a great match... Hope all the other matches would be this good.
Higher hopes on you,Italy!
Italy (1) VS. Paraguay(1).
Am thinking on getting back my sleep.
Good night beautiful souls.

meine Freundinnen *my girlfriends*

as promised,gonna post this now.
as days go by.
shopping spree day-2 had begun.
*dh lepas pon actually*

may 16th,2010.Sunday.
such a lovely Sunday.
been one of my favourite Sundays that ive ever had

Monday, June 14, 2010

SCRABBLE night number TWO!

with SCRABBLE-ing.
empowering our vocabs.
It was supposed to be between Najmi,Laila and I.
but,at the nick of time,Najmi was like super blurred to build a word.
so,along came Ayah to help him.
And guess what,Ayah came up with his hi-level vocab.
i was like..mono to myself
"Duuh. Ayah. C'mon. I was like lowering my vocab level for the sake of Najmi."
As Ayah representing Najmi, he interpreted all kind of skills he had in SCRABBLE-ing.
Ended up, Ayah as Najmi(half time) won.
And me.
Urghh, lost with no dignity at all.
This is so unfair.
Will get back to them and re-SCRABBLE-ing again soon.
You'll see.
Shots during the game are as below.

Good Game!

Germany (4) - Australia (0).

The season of insomniac is back!
Horns up people.
I know this kinda post is pretty lame for few of you out there.
And maybe few were thinking this kinda entry is a bit late.
I dont give a damn.
Twas Germany over the Socceroos this morning.
"Kami menang bergaya!"
*for our first game lor*

Real proud!

well done Nationalmannschaft!
Playing 5 strikers and 4 of them are scoring,SUPERB!
Very hoping that this euphoria continued until final.

Plant VS. Zombies

There is this one Yahoo/Pop Cap Games that ive been playing.
Bersengkang mata-ing.
Though did finished all the levels and stages.
But am keep playing it over and over again.
*ngade ngade abis*

it's Plants VS. Zombies.
I know you guys out there do familiar with this game.
Or with this kind of game,ya know.
Such Miniclip games.
It's fun.
The characters are super cute.
The Zombies also *surprisingly*
These are few shots that ive snap during the battles in protecting OUR LAWN,
so that the Zombies cant reach your door step to eat your BRAINS!


Seriously,they're stupid Zombies.
But they shockingly can write notes with pretty 'okay' grammar thou pls dont mind with the spelling.
They're just.......... Zombies.
Beat it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

almost two months

it's been almost two months we ddnt see each other. manap been very busy with schools and teaching and kids. he called few days back and said that he missed me! whoa,i miss u much too buddy. so he took me out for a late night btes at first at Satay Kajang Hj. Samuri. it was so crazy. we talked about almost everything. /phew! haha. thou time is jealousy but we still sempat went to Putrajaya for a few mins, saje sukesuke. and surprisingly,on the next day he called again. wanna took me for brunch at Taman Warisan at Putrajaya (again). and once again,we talked and chat and gossiping etc etc etc (you know what) bhaahaha. i had fun.
by the way, it's not just manap and i. there was arif also duing the hangouts teehehe. and arif's cute am telling yah!  

Uhh ohh

Dear blog,
Am so not having a single person that can talk to me right now.
I don't know.
But,I hate it.
Just hate it.
Really hate it when...
You and you being cold .
Definitely not fun.
But, what to do.
I can't fix people.
I can't fix you.
I can't even fix myself.
Cause we're not broken.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

U received my b'day wish on twitter tak???

Of course.
present from Korea pls.
July is approaching ngee XD.

cmon,ask me. XD

Awak, memandangkan hari ni ( 08/06/2010 ) berfday awak. Siapa yang 1st skali wish awak? Mesti awak tertekan,right?

1st skali wish yeah.
Kalau thru FB message goes to my cuzzy Zafran.
Kalau thru phone call goes to Zul.
Kalau thru FB wallpost tak kira waktu goes to Washaa.
Kalau thru FB wallpost on june8 goes to Fasha Shasha.
1st tweet goes to Jue.
1st text goes to Eid and Fasha *sbb received at the same time*

..erm ape lagi ek hoho.....

1st thru YM goes to Fazreen Fira.
1st thru Skype goes to my cuzzy Wani aka teTJ.
1st thru FORMSPRING goes to ChiKechik!
1st thru BBM goes to Eka Kustia Otto.
ngee tu je la kot.

p/s:Thanks y'all fof the wishes! Laf yah!
and...saye tak tertekan pon. Biase je.

cmon,ask me. XD

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I wonder T_T

Why it's always
So confusing,
Complicated and consuming.
Why it's always make me angry.
I wanna go back and be happy.

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device via Vodafone-Celcom Mobile.

beck,kita nak ucapkan selamat hari jadi. Sarah

ouh sarah.
lupe nak jawab Q nih.
tahniah sarah sbb jd org pertama wish bday beck kat formspring.
cume lambat answer je hihi.
too bad sarah dah deactivate your formspring huk3.
laf yah!

cmon,ask me. XD

u suke cat ek?

sesuka sesangat!

cmon,ask me. XD

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sementela'ah saya boring dekat rumah ni. Saya nak tanya kamu. Kamu suka muzik yang semacam mana?

macam kenal je ayat ni.
kamu nak tanya saya.
muzik yang macamana?
erm sume kind of genre pon suke lah.

cmon,ask me. XD

BECKY-CHAN!. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!. I Lebiu! * Saya sedar ini bukan soalan.

kechik-chan!! thank you.
saye sayang awak.
saye sayang joe jugak.
saya tau awak kenal joe.
it's in your blood.
laf yah even moar and moar!

cmon,ask me. XD

ada blog? give me ur url... sent to my email and give ur email too k coz mine is private.. :)

blog.i do.okay. :)

cmon,ask me. XD

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Awak memang suka angkat kening kan?

Saye MMG suke.
Suke angkat kening.

cmon,ask me. XD

Awak suka lagu² R&B + Hip Hop ?

ee geli mat!
tau sgt ni sape.

saye takde la suke mane lagu² R&B + Hip Hop ni,tapi oke la.
Nak tau kenape...?
sbb those songs are really annoying(mostly) but undeniably catchy.
saye tahu menahu sesangat awak ni peminat lelagu R&B + Hip Hop

iklan jap!
p/s:cube check out Dirty Picture by Taio Cruz feat. Ke$ha.

cmon,ask me. XD

beck tolong i dengan BB i haha

ye zhana.
yer BB.
kwn i ckp maxis's BIS mmg cam problem sket.
kwn bbm i plak ckp,lpas dia tkr to DIGI bru bbm blh pkai.
u dh bwk g register kt maxis center ke?
sbb membe i cakap kna register kat maxis dulu,verify la hape la sume2 baru la boleh nak actiivate bbm tu.
kasi i PIN u skali :)

cmon,ask me. XD

Saturday, June 05, 2010

ouh Beck, did you ever bawak masuk toyol in exam?be honest please

honestly...I DID.
tapi xterbukak.
too scared.

cmon,ask me. XD

nama u ada Siti ehh Beck? riliii?

Lu Haq,mmg ini je keje u kan.
U suke sgt make fun of meh!

cmon,ask me. XD

still ngan along ke beck?

*thinking...sape along eyh*

ou yeah!

cmon,ask me. XD

ur full name??? :)

the name is Siti Aisyah binti Ma Hussin :)

cmon,ask me. XD

Friday, June 04, 2010


it's been a while since my  previous post about board games that ive played.
twas SAHIBBA with faisal ,fasha and farha at that time.
*perghh!! just realized their names started with Fs*
but this time am together with Dibah and Najmi.
my two sweet cousins.
ngee :D

...and guess what.
as always.
i just love board games except for chess cause am not good on Chess,
But i do know that Mom, Baba and my uncle,Ayah are pros in Chess.

wow with who?hehe.i miss cheras damn much :(,seems ive no longer at cheras.really? possibly u rarely online i guess then u hvnt heard about me? :D

with a good friend of mine dear.
mase tu masing2 craving for Starbucks.hiihii
no longer in Cheras...?
fuzzy dh xstdy kt KPTM ke
*which am gnn formspring u jap g hoho*
me hari2 on9 dear.
smpai lappy pon naik bosan tgk muke me.

cmon,ask me. XD

knp beckpanda... x tenggiling ker koala ker kn....

sebab Beck suka PANDA.
Tenggiling taboleh sebab cousin Beck dah dapat name TJ which stands for Tenggiling Jadian.
*whaddup Nut and TJ*
Seriusly man.
Erm Koala cam xbest jek.
so BECKPANDA je la yek.
ngeee~ :D

cmon,ask me. XD

Thursday, June 03, 2010

daging masak kicap emak kita pun sedap.nyumnyum...warna kegemaran beck apa?

shedapp kan.
warna kegemaran?
semestinya merah,hitam.
senang cite color schemes emily the strange lor.
mengada kan.

cmon,ask me. XD

masakan ibu beck,yang beck suka sangat.satu jek taw.

masakan Mom kegemaran eyh.
sgt sedap.

cmon,ask me. XD

Beck,u org kelantan? siyesly?

Ye la.
Yang u ni kenapa.
Bukan since mule2 kt UTM lagi beck dah kasitau u.
Pastu u buat2 muke 'tak percaya' u tu.
still,i can remember.
and u buat2 betolkan spek u tu.
ye,beck orang KELANTAN :>

cmon,ask me. XD

beck beck.. hari ni makan ape?masak ke beli?

sara sara.
hari ni eyh.
hari ni beck makan sepertimana malam semalam.
nasi lemak yang ibu masak.
sungguh sedap+nikmat.
terima kasih ibu.

cmon,ask me. XD

beck beck.. hari ni makan ape?masak ke beli?

sara sara.
hari ni eyh.
hari ni beck makan sepertimana malam semalam.
nasi lemak yang ibu masak.
sungguh sedap+nikmat.
terima kasih ibu.

cmon,ask me. XD

dr hari tu lg nk tanye.. beck u orang kelantan ek?

ou gawsh.
Jue,u shld ask me like...way earlier than now.
And now am answering.
YES,beck org KLATE.
ngeee :>

cmon,ask me. XD

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

suggesting your suggestions

well it's been a while i havent update my blog.
so many things to do,so lil timma.
erm.. idk.
dont really know what to babble this time.
but i did went to Damansara today to see a good friend of mine.
*that is so out of topic*
but it does linked to what am i gonna ramble afterwards.
*pepandai la relate sendiri ho-ho*
as here i say,making suggestions is like youre giving your opinions or giving out your idea or POV.
frankly said, the act of suggesting.
on the other hand,suggesting is like--
to serve as or to provide a motive for something.
which here you are kinda to offer a consideration or action to someone about or on something.
ya know.
so,if ure in like...suggesting things to a friend or someone,u should.. spill it in a proper way.
as if you say it in a non-proper way
or using such unsuitable tones,in a snap of fingers
it's no longer being called as suggesting your suggestions.
it might turn into like giving command or
making the person youre talking to,to do exactly what u ask them to do
and that's not good.
especially when u actually,let's say just want to make a conversation with them.
a simple conversation.
voice tones can change the pleasant conversation that ure having at that time.
thus,can decrease the interest of others while having the talk with u.
or worse,they refuse to listen to u anymoar!
u definitely dont want that right.
so,if ure honestly want to suggest a suggestion to someone on something,
do spill it in a good way.
or as haq said,in a mannered way.
if ure feeling uncomfortable with the person that ure having a conversation with,
do stop talking.
take a step away or just tell them that u hv something came up.
etc etc etc.
puuuhlis derr.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

sis! where have you been? :)

am just here dear. last Tuesday i just went to haf my Starbucks at JJ Maluri. the real Qs here is,where you have been fuzzy dear.havent heard bout u for quite sometimes ya know.

cmon,ask me. XD


i know im wrong.
am very sorry for what ive done.
i know it hurt u.
hurt u a lot.
but u hv to understand me.
understand on why i did that.
u said i was being irresponsible.
i lied.
i ddnt say what am i supposed to say at that time.
am sorry for what i did.
i ddnt mean to.
the last thing that i would do,is to break your heart.
pls be deep.
dig deep so that u can see what am trying to do here.
i know u hurt.
it hurt u so much that u cant even think about it.
i wont do it again. ever.
u can count on me.
i dont wanna be torn.
i know when i heard about that again,
i can tell how upset are u on me.
once again.
im so very truly sorry.

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