Monday, March 30, 2009

wartawan sinar harian a.k.a Kak Ngah already taken hihi :D

venue : taman mega ria,tangkak
hot chicks : aidil, me(beck), tetty, iqa ,izzati
event : Kak Ngah aidil's wedding

the pelamin

these are fresh flowers,and i love 'em (J,J)v PEACE!

after the akad nikah cereomy...since i'm driving so,i need not to hold any pahar heehee :D

happily aver after~
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we're the chicks :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

tagged by S.I.D.E.K.I.C.K ...[wit my lame-est voice ever]

do u think u'r hot?
naaaah~got no idea.some people do think i guess,it's a YEAP!

upload a favourite picture of you:

[Photo] give three reason why you like this picture?
1.we're in Pangkor Island~!
2.having the greatest moment wit my section-mates .
3. cuz everybdy in this got blurred faces except for me cos had been edited~

when was the last time you eat pizza?
cant really remember. last month i guess,getting a bit bored to Italian lately

the last song you listen?
Now playing on Windows Media Player: Miley Cyrus - Wake Up America
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so,it's Wake Up America by Miley Cyrus hik hik :D

what are you doing now besides this?
doodling a face of a rabbitos

what name you prefer besides yours?
aisyah is beautiful and beck is,i guess im cool

people to tag:
1. djohn_zul
2. zyra j.
3. yarn
4. tehanurfateha

who is num one?
my person

num three is having relationship with?
omg...i have no idea.but i believe a good-looking guy hihi

say something about num 5?
a long lost friend,during secondary school who got the same name to mine :D

who is num 2?
my Ros of course hehe :)

what do u think about num 4?
shy shy cat and a very nice person.miss ya teha~!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

love the day

hey hey hey~
so,how's today hanging?u guys oke??
as for me,kinda oke.not really bad

there only one class to attend today since i've finished wit my telecommunications laboratories and workshops

just came back,a bit tired.i 've had a meet up with a friend hehe.
wanna know who??well,let's give it up to miss salsyabilla abu hussin
i parked my cutie-scootie-mootie at the pasar besar gombak.
hehe...she picked me up at there and heads to Carrefour.
at first,bought a pendrive for salsya's lil bro,Amad[who is already in Std.3...i've met him before and at that time they came to my house and Amad was just so lil that time].
she belanja me McD and we'v had some chit chats coz it's been
quite a while havent sit and talk together - gather...miss her so much
gossiping,giggling,laughing etc. sort of stuffs that some girls wud do haha

before we went home, into Carrefour market again coz her friends ask her to buy some stuff
later,off straight home :)

salsya dropped me to pasar again a take a look at my cutie-scootie-mootie for a while
then she drove back to uia
hihi...totally looking forward seeing her again
we've had so much fun today even just in a short moment

so,i arrived home and found out that my ciksu already in
p/s: lately she return home early and i like that... :D

gotta stdy and finished my paperworks etc.
tata everybody..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

atashiwa happy~

aheh...well,good day everyone...just came back from my studio
so,i guess i should get some rest..
but i was so happy today

since yesterday,i've been showered with some good news from people surrounding me
it's including a call from my lawyer,mr. grewal singh bout the case involving my accident that will be brought to the court in the very most,two weeks time...really hoping that it went well,and smooth without any complications..'coz i need this case to be settled as quick as possible.

and more,i got a call from lil sis...saying that she passed her driving test grooving-ly haha..with huge grin from ear to ear..duuuh~..syakirah,cmon.gimme a break la
haha...i know that she must be so-very-happy from now on
but she's still working on preparing herself for the motorcycle,all the best ya syakirah..kakak will always pray for u~ (>.<) hehe :)

and is the 6th day i'm driving lyna's car...haiya..quite tiring.but,oke what.i need not to worry if there's rain or too hot weather etc. ..haha got LYNA's car as my transport
haha...the best part is,i can tumpangkan my friends to class...and it's so much fun.

love u LYNA...*mmmuachs*...hehe :D
tomorrow nite lyna is coming back to KL.cant wait to see her again...
...and i do have to return back her car also hik3
then starting next week,i'm back with my cutie scootie mootie~ hehe...miss u scootie~!
let's conquer DUKE Highway muahahaha~!!
p/s:just kiddin,u guys

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so...hurmm ok-la
need to sleep.
so exhausted

Monday, March 16, 2009

i never understand~

"...and really dont know what to do
coz i'm a little too not over you....~"

hehe anyways...
above is just the closure line for
this song:
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---------------- how u guys doin today
as for me,
in the reference to my status
"my scootie's tyre did meletop" yesterday
so,UNFORTUNATELY i've got to drive
to class today

p/s: huge thanks to LYNA for the car :)

mom said,"be careful ya, leklok.jgn laju2 sangat.rsau i kt u"
haha,mom,u're funny
but,oke...yes i'll be careful


i stopped,and i was like
could feel something was wrong
did happened to my cutie-lil-scootie-mootie

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i then,get off from my ride and check
my lil scootie out.and i did saw..
ow gosh,i'm a deadmeat~!
mati la canni
i saw two keys with a ring that kept 'em together,menusuk into my tyre be exact,the back tyre of my scoot. dem!!
i just panic and dunno who to tell, who to call and even what to do
then,i was thinking bout my studio and monologue to mysef,"gotta tell kak ika".
i called her and said gonna be late or maybe not coming to the studio
totally freaked out

mane tak nye,u know what mase bunyi "pomm~!!" tu,i was at the very front
of sumone's wedding.there are peoples eating,selawat and stuff...
....and also ME freaking out all by myself wit my scootie
haiya,absolut HUMILIATION

there's this pak cik did came and asked me what had happen but,i was like,
"tape,tape pak cik...saye oke.come nye scoot sye ni ha tiba2 langgar kunci ehe :D"
then,i called zul.tataw nape,nk nanges je keje nye haha saye ni mmg byk air mata kot haha :))'s been quite a ruff day for me

then,i tolak je scoot tu sampai umah
called my onichi to bukak the pintu and onichi was also terkejot
haha..then i called mom,talk to her
tp at 1st kinda bengang gak ngn mom since she didnt picked up my call
coz i was like calling her 5times
and the alasan she gave me was...
"sorry la,i tade kt bilik i tadi..i tgk staff i kt counter teller i perasan u call"
after that story2 to her about the whole incident

finally,i decided to rush to my studio
asked zul to pick me up and drop me there...[studio]
tp,jiwa masih kacau and almost kosong huk3~ :'(

these are all happened on Sunday..March 15th, 2009
thank god im not having a BLUE Monday today~

Sunday, March 15, 2009


help me!!
i'm looking for my onichi
huk~ :'(

wer's she~??
i wonder where's she right now
what she's doing
is she alright
she's talking to who
with whom she is now

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Evanescence - Hello
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i cant take this anymore
i need her in front of me
cnt bare my tears anymore
pls hit me if u think u cud help

i really need this
where's onichi
onichi,hit me as soon as possible if u read this

Saturday, March 14, 2009


what a lazy person i am
woke up late
didnt manage myself precisely
bad time management etc.

i went to my studio today since
i missed my class
cos of the rain hehe :)
so,at about 3pm...
after had my lunch of nasi kukus ayam dara :P
so i prepared myself
prepare my scootie mootie as well
off we go to studio

as i reached my studio,
without any hesitation i asked shafika
about her SPM result
and she said that she didnt perform well
and the result is not excel as others
but i wont mind that
i congratulate her on her result
for me,it's a huge matter
for a student to try their best
and shouldnt push too hard
as the result has come out...
...then,that's it
we should be proud of ourself and
feel grateful for what we had achieved
p/s: da dpt IPTA nnt gtaw akak ek hehe :D

today aint so busy
but sales for today do greater compared to
other days back
*except for during school holidays hehe

i dunt know why...but i do feel different today
a bit tired,maybe because of too much sleep
...or,i dont know
i feel so very helpless today
it's like having insufficient energy to
energize my body to cheerfulness
..but i still cud smile
it's just together wit a pinch of bitter

shafika did told me that she want to treat
me makan today haha :))
at first i tot that she's joking
but she's serious about it
she told me that she really meant it coz
the other day,she did blnje everybody
with pizza,but i didnt come to the studio at that time

so then,afta work
we went to JJ Wangsa Maju
and she treat me dinner hehe
really glad to eat wit shafika
together with kak ika and bro Sha

had some chit chats then off we went home
but before that,
i did send shafika home before
i went to see zul.

few minutes later,zul arrives
had some drinks and grab somethin to eat
i went home
still be,very tired
so exhausted

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Friday, March 13, 2009

i'm sorry "TODAY"

i'm very sorry
so very sorry

i woke up late
which i should woke up early
since my class start at 8am

a sorry
that i left my campus behind
i didnt show up to class
i absent for today
i do have a reason

a reason that i couldnt resist
it was raining
raining heavily
starting 7.30am till now
it havent stop
i dont know why

for u,TODAY
i beg an apology
that i neglect u TODAY
forgive me TODAY
i hope u forgive me TODAY

the rain wont stop
thou i had finished with this entry
im afraid there will be
water...maybe a lil flood
but i dont know

coz i havent went outside yet
or even flip the WIDE window's curtain
all that i heard is just
tears of the sky
raindrops dripping

i wonder what had happen
to the entire space that
put the sky to tears...

and for me...
im in the comforter
having my lappy on my lap
typing this entry


Thursday, March 12, 2009

bright and early tune haha :))

Britney Spears
If You Seek Amy

Now playing on Windows Media Player: Britney Spears - If You Seek Amy
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oh baby baby
have you seen amy tonight?
is she in the bathroom
is she smokin? up outside
oh baby baby
does she take a piece of lime
for the drink that imma buy her
do you know just what she likes
oh oh
tell me have you seen her
because i?m so
i can?t get her off of my brain
i just want to go to the party she gon? go
can somebody take me home
haha hehe haha ho
love me hate me
say what you want about me
but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy
love me hate me
but can?t you see what i see
all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy
(f**k me, f**k me)
amy told me that she?s gonna meet me up
i don?t know where or when and now they?re closing up the club
i?ve seen her once or twice before she knows my face
but it?s hard to see with all the people standing in the way
oh oh
tell me have you seen her
?cause i?m so
i can?t get her off of my brain
i just want to go to the party she?s gonna go
can somebody take me home
haha hehe haha ho
love me hate me
say what you want about me
but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy
love me hate me
but can?t you see what i see
all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy
say what you want about me
but can?t you see what i see
say what you want about me
so tell me if you?ve seen her (let me know what she was wearing and what she
was like)
cause i?ve been waiting here forever (let me know what she ws going out of
oh baby baby
if you seek amy tonight
oh baby baby
we?ll do whatever you like
oh baby baby baby
oh baby baby baby
love me hate me
say what you want about me
but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy
love me hate me
but can?t you seek what i see
all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy
love me hate me
say what you want about me (yeah)
love me hate me
but can?t you see what i see
all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy
oh (love me hate me)
say what you want about me
but can?t you see what i see (love me hate me)
oh say what you want about me
all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


it's already morning
i woke up....i meant just woke up
rise and shine (U,U)
my class start at 2pm today as there's only workshop for today PLC
*luv the subject and ms lecturer is nice,but i hate to study* haha

naaah~ who said so
i love studying what haha :))

my ciksu already gone to her office
so,i'm alone now

i wonder,what i wanna do today
i think i know what to do...
maybe this one could work
  • rearrange all my stuffs in my room
  • woke zul up
  • check my updates
  • straighten my bedsheet
  • prepare my chicken salad
  • [...and of course,eat my salad~]
  • had my fresh morning bath[hehe...]
so many things to do
so lil timma...
mi gawsh
oke oke i think i can arrange it well
i should be fine

fwaaah~ test is comin around
starting next week
2nd test,really tiring
lotsa to study
mom~ i miss u[duuuh~time2 cnni la rindu kt my mom,ntah pape jek]

result SPM will make a HUGE performance tomorrow
haha :))
i wonder those SPM candidates will crackle their teeth and trigger like a switch in a digital lab trainer haha...
chill,u guys...u'll be fine
my experience..? *cmon,been there.. done that*
dont even think to do sumthin stupid if u feels dissapointed with the result
first thing first,tell yer parent
they'll understand

p/s: to syakirah,wani and nadia

all the best to u guys

aduh,mata dh bengkak~

hosho...this entry is actually just an iklan...
dunno what to do
i'm right now ym-ing a friend,boddokniorang a.k.a my sectionmate
kinda boring
so,i posted this pic

a photo of me
got mata bengkak oredi
....but not really want to sleep yet


Friday, March 06, 2009

my nadia

1) Go to your photos folder in your computer.
2) Go to the 6th folder of photos.

3) Go to the 6th picture in the folder.
4) Put the picture in your blog and and description of it.
5) Invite six friends to join the challenge.

well,here it goes from me

,i cant believe it.syakirah's picture did appear[i thought mine will be posted,demmit]
but anyhow,i guess it's just oke

syakirah's cute wat hak3 :))
so,this picture is taken somewhere in Melawi,Kelantan
it's a place called Surada Beach Resort[....if i'm not mistaken hik3~]
during this time my siblings went to the swimming pool
....except for Baba beloved who went back for bussiness matters

there's only me,syakirah and onichi stay in the chalet
mom...dunno where had gone to

so here it is
a picture
beautiful photo,i supposed
which located in the 6th folder of the photo folder in my lappy
and the 6th picture from all
totally random
very 'un-sangka-rable'..[unexpected]

to syakirah:kakak dedicate this photo just for u,mi dearie
kakak will always love u...mmmmuachs

Sunday, March 01, 2009

::: let me put something in here :::

well,hurmmm this is like the 'first and foremost'...i think i've told everyone to not to view my page...hurmm...what a shame[for me]
as in opposite,i check out my profile...duuuh~ been viewed by others...ish ish ish
since me and my group already had our website done and already
got an 'A+' [which i lied haha :DD but the result is ok,not bad] for the subject [Transmission System DDP3532,huge appreciation to Mdm. Siti Zura A.Jalil...u rock~!]
for those who wants to reach our website about
Radio Frequency IDentification a.k.a RFID [which we put as RFID Freak hak3~] and related topics to our project and applications u can just click 'here'

..and for those who wants to reach my blogpage u can visit 'here'
that blogpage is not really ready yet[...aheh (U_U!!!)] since i do only have so-very-lil-time
((so many things to do,so lil timma...*haih*))
well,i'm really looking forward to see u guys putting a visit
have a great beautiful Sunday,
'coz u might not know what u'll face tomorrow
[ perhaps a BLUE Monday hahaha :)) ]

BERRY link

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