Friday, July 02, 2010

well hello July!

supposed to be posted ytd. but i kinda got so so so many things to do. been busy ya know. but i think it's not too late to yell out, Good bye June. sweet sweet June. will always be my favorite month. ngee XD. and welcome aboard July. may you bring along all the joyous and prosperous together with you to enlighten my days ahead. so, been busy ytd in the kitchen ya know. woke up early. drop lil monsters off to school. do the laundry and dishes. at about 11a.m Baba asked me to go to Pendek, Peasir Mas visiting my Chek (grandpapa) there. so, off i went there alone. but I stopped by the kedai, bought some Chek's favorite sweet desserts. so glad to see Chek and nenek also my cousins there. got cencaru bakar as am heading back. thanks cuzzy hajar for that. promised her to send my cuppacakeys to IIUM if i went there to see salsya. *mmuachs*. on my way back, bought lauk for lunch as i already masak nasi before i left for Pendek. reached home, preparing lunch as hanif and iqbal got back from school. then i started to think about pasta and pizza night that i planned days before. *tungtangtungtang* in the kitchen. i made homemade meatballs for pasta night. as meatballs ready and i throw 'em into the fridge, i begin to prepare the ingredients for my steamed choc cake. put in the mixture into the steamer at 4 p.m. for an hour and as the cake ready, got dressed up to pick lil monsters up from Al Munir at 5. them both were so thrilled as i baked the choc cake and asked me to drive faster home caused they wanna grab a slice of it. hihi. *surprise much eyh* sekali makan dah separuh kek nye. am glad to see them happy. for dinner, i changed pasta night to last night. so, cooked spaghetti with beef meatballs for dinner. also, i made deep fried   flour-coated mushrooms as i got fresh mushrooms, ayah gave me earlier in the morning. totally drained right after i finished all those. kinda slept early last night but surprisingly woke up at about 2.10 a.m. have never been this "too rajin" thingy before. but am happy on doing all those for my loved ones. in fact, yah cooking is so not my expertise but i can cook. i just love baking more. that's it. hihi. i snapped some pictures. you guys pls dont drool over my blog yah. ngee XD XD. till next time.

.this is one of my lil monsters. see. she's a monster alright. big brown eyes.

x x x x


  1. sedap nye kek coklet!!
    btw, thanks follow me. :)

  2. hehe.
    ala kek coklat biase je.
    no biggie.
    makesure update blog selalu tau.
    hihi :)


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