Sunday, January 01, 2012

Last Entry of 2011.

Dear 2011,

you are like among those magnificent years that give me such 365days of exhilarating ride. And yes. I enjoy each and every bit of it. I never felt sorry for what happened and will always remain as the memory that I shall not forget. With the beginning of 2011, in January, I joined Kumon. February, I started to understand how to handle my student with my very own parenting skill that I, myself had never knew. As March approached, I learnt to be better and Skudai' memory won't ever vanish. Being recommended to hold the whole grip of English section was the most honorable role offered. And April, yes. I missed you. Then along came May. I began to plan so many things and I did lots of swimming during June and of course, twas my birthmonth. In July, I started to do things that I wanna do. I followed my heart that brought me to quit Kumon. Few afterwards, I joined GNT and flew to Penang for project handling there. Mid of August, I joined ALCIM till today. And certainly, at the beginning of August, things started to get screwed. Till the whole month of September. October was fun. And during November, twas getting better. Lesson learnt. I realized that 'Yes, this is it'. And I enjoyed my December like nobody's business. And yes. 2011, you were the greatest things and now you're just a memory to let go of. Too hard. But, I'm moving on. Pray for me. So that 2012 will be kind and much more love to spread. It takes all my strength not to dig you up anymore.

2011 (˘⌣˘)ε˘`)

Happy New Year 2012.

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