Tuesday, May 19, 2009

yesterday and the day before yesterday

haha well good day everyone
nothing much to talk about here

the day before yesterday...

i made some vanilla french toasts
so yummy nyumm nyumm...
while tasting the pinch of vanilla that melt together with the sweetness of milk and splattered egg...
..... (T.T) i miss my mom's very own homemade french toast
miss u la mom.
can't wait to be home again

when i was lil,mom just love to make french toast every morning
awwww~ reminiscing while craving

this is my very own vanilla french toast haha

.... oke. there.settled
meanwhile this one took place on yesterday 

i went to IIUM,Gombak
headed to Mahallah Halimatus Saadiah
pick up Salsyabilla a.k.a. Salsya
get her out from the tense of studies and anything in between about IIUM
[ hahahahaha :DD ]
we went to Old Town White Coffee at Platinum Walk,Danau Kota
chit and chat and chit and chat
giggling and schmoozing hak3~
then i sent her back to IIUM at about 10.45p.m.

i'm planning to hang out again with her soon
maybe heading towards Masjid Jamek 'coz she would like to show me lots of pretty shawls and tudung 
cant wait.

and not to forget
we did watched P.U.S.H yesterday at The Mid Valley's GSC
really love the action by Dakota Fanning.
i heart u dakota
mmmmuachs :DD

don't thank me

dear friend,
i do not know how to explain about all these
but i do know some things
we care about what people say all the time about us
about u,your friend,your family or anything all around u...
...thou u said that u didn't care,but u actually did
well yes,we just love to hear all the good things about us
but do bare in mind friend,
if u said that the friend who love to say those
good things and praise u 24-7,was your best friend
well u got that wrong,totally
good friend won't always say the greatness of you
they are those who care and stick with you whenever u need 'em
they dare to scold u,stop u to do some stuffs sometimes

dare u to say that i betray and left our friendship etc.
u are the one who didn't realize the pureness and sincerity i put
in our friendship
i try to care u on my best,take u as my to priority
try to not to hurt u
but,u should have know that life is actually not that sweet and wonderful at all
there are bitterness and things that lacking
i try to make u happy as i could
but i guess u just don't realize that and u seems didn't care at all

but still,if you need me.
hit me.
i am still be here for u whenever u need me
i do know i am not perfect,but i try to be one
i always keep our friendship held high

hope that we'll last .

Friday, May 15, 2009

keep thinking ... and thinking

see, i got nothing much to do today
so,i made some pancakes to fill my boring-ness

my stack of pancakes

pancakes also feel so alone sometimes... just like me

satellite view of my stack

Monday, May 11, 2009


aaaah,being home is the best
got mom,baba and everyone with me haha
... but not to forget,onichi's preparation

for what?hahahaha

it's for her big day

my onichi's getting married

we've started the preparation since the day
she got engaged

my, oh my

lots of work needs to be done
since i arrived home here,in kelantan..here are my do's


yesterday... went to the furniture plaza to help onichi
and mom to pick onichi's new bedroom set for her 'new' room
then we went to 3 bridal houses to pick the best 'singgahsana' thou our kenduri will be like just simple XD
... not to forget make-up and outfits for the bride and grooms

lots and lots of things need to settle

i even drove mom to the hardware and tiles shop to order new tiles since we do renovate 45% of our house and also enlarge with additional two rooms.

hehehe can't wait

here are some snap snap of what we're having during these 2,3 days

at Small Garden,Kuantan

so reds!

tengku lelyna was here with us as well

the bride a.k.a my ONICHI

me me me

haih~ while at the bridal house,her project manager called
work work work
what to do

what happened to me...?

at Mega Lace,Kota Bharu

Small Garden's

Suzanne's Bridals

p/s: i might post the wedding invitations card soon in this page.... so, wait for it ah hehe

i had received an award

hihihi got an award from teha.


so,i'm so very very grateful to her for giving me this award.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

let's do this

omigosh omigosh
can't wait to be home
to see my family and brothers and sisters
i miss 'em so so much

"you can change your hair
you can change your clothes
you can your mind 
'coz that's the way it goes
you can say goodbye, you can say hello
but you're always find the way back home...

you can change your style 
you can change your dream
you can laugh and cry
but everybody knows
you will always find your way back home"

exactly, i'll always find my way back home
here it is
me and my onichi got everything prepared
at about 7 p.m. we begin our journey
but before that,we went to Cat Centre at
Jln Beserah, owned by our beloved Dr. Jawahir,
a very kind-hearted vet to buy Hill's Science Plan Feline Adult Tuna 
as for kakaaang. Lyna will come and get the pack as
we are quite rushing so that we won't arrive too late 

we also stopped by the Mc Donald's Drive-Thru Telok Chempedak to grab
something to eat cause onichi was like  so annoying complaining that
she's so hungry.
ok then,we ordered one large set of McChicken and regular set
of Double Cheese Burger with iced Milo and Coca cola.
then we received one chocolate sundae as McD's appreciation 
to Drive-Thru users hahaha.whatever.i like it.

first 2hours,onichi was driving....until 8.45 p.m. she asked
me to take over the car as she said that her shoulder's hurt so bad
so,we pulled over by the road...and i took over
 we really didn't expected that it's gonna rain last night

in the beginning,the rain did showered quite a few drops
then about 5mins later,it was a huge splash
i can't believe it
onichi was sleeping like a baby...i supposed
cause i saw her was so quiet and calm
and then she did asked me wether i'm ok or not
i said,i'm ok [thou my eyes was quite blurred and i'm actually rabun haha]
but i was actually really am okay
still can see hehe
during the heavy shower, there are lightnings all over the sky
quite scarred sometimes but,
.... i do feel grateful to Allah and the lightnings
cause it could help me to see better as the lightning stroke
so,as i drove along the night... i changed the radio station from Hitz.fm to
TraxxFM. . . and again, i couldn't believe it, TraxxFM aired most of the song
from my favorites haha. thanks TraxxFM...maybe Traxx do knew that
in my onichi's car there's none of her CDs are great with good songs haha

oh gosh,the rain was so heavy and thick
so we stopped at a Petronas gas station in Bandar Permaisuri
as the weather is getting cold and colder, we really need the toilet haha

...and i again, continuing my drive to kelantan
we arrived at about 11.30 p.m. and been welcomed warmly
by my sibling
so very happy to be home
...yet,so tired and felt like i was totally drained

sleep time after that

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

my meal

this one posted for fazmee
haha as he just love to look at my meal i ate.
i just dont know why.
i supposed he just like to eat,maybe

fuzz,i know you're reading this haha

enough about fazmee
here,about today
i do nothing.
haven't start my study on control systems yet
but,i WILL
dnt worry
i woke up at 11a.m. today
i got up, preparing my brunch
i had my banana pancakes today
yum yumm yummy~

and for lunch
which i'm having now while posting this entry
green and red coral salads with beef sausages+chicken fingers
simple one
i use no salad dressing
'coz i've forgot to buy one
my previous french salad dressing is already empty

uh?got chicken?
YEAH,i know, i'm allergic to chicken
but it's ok,i got my pills ready haha
so,reddish rashes... go AWAY~!!
 as for tonite's dinner and supper
i dont know what to cook yet
mybe i'll figure about that sooner
when i'm hungry :D

Sunday, May 03, 2009

this ain't a fairytale

oh gosh.
so very tired today
lots of stuff going on
went everywhere including
The Mid Valley, Vista Angkasa etc.
some shops, some games,
some training, some pizzas,
some chit chats,some love
...and so MUCH fun!!

i need to go to sleep now
taaaa everyone

Saturday, May 02, 2009


hihi morning everyone.
just woke up actually.
no no no. not really '..just'
i woke up at 8 a.m. today
so,i guess i did not "just woke up" la haha
i've had my shower and ciksu told me
that there's my nasi kerabu in the kitchen
thanks,ciksu hehe :)
so,my breakfast today is 
nasi kerabu with nescafe 3 in 1+2 sachets of creamer
best nye.
i'm planning to read all my notes altogether on
data communication today
but,i'm not that sure.
since i'm already at chapter 9 so,
i guess i can do that haha (U.U)v

that's all for this morning.

Friday, May 01, 2009

there's a moment in time ...*sigh*

i got 6 miscalls from zul last night
saying that he barely able
to breath.
i don't know what had happened
because, i was technically
already asleep at that time
it was 3.45 a.m., so very early in the morning
even the bird still having nap at this moment

he said that he did called
but i didn't picked up
he thought that i don't want him anymore
well,actually... YES

so, this morning he came
absolutely UNINVITED force me to go out with him
haiya, whatever. i said that i have never had
such people forcing me that way and
i haven't had my bath yet. but he insisted
so, i asked him to wait for about half and hour
so that i could prepare myself... since i just woke up

so, the story begin
he said that last night while he arrived home
which i don't know at what time
but, i'm very sure late
he read messages from me saying that:

don't look out for me anymore
i'm fed up with you, everything about you and etc.
go find someone else better bla bla bla . . .

he said at that time, was like can't really breath well
he was like gasping for air
so, he decided to go to some clinic nearby
but no clinic opened at that kind of time
so zul drove to HUKM and ask for check ups
the doctor said that: 

u haven't had enough rest lately
in fact, u're working in a fully air-conditioned office
and that puts you exposed to dehydration and tiredness

doc got him sent to an area referring as
"ruang bantuan oksigen
in my own words,
where he had been put oxygen mask
for about some moments
when he done,
he went home.

that's it.
he said nobody know about this
except for

hurm... well, i want him to find someone who's
a better person to take care of him. i am not able to do that.
'cos i'm naughty. love to play around, rude, i'm bad etc.
he used to barely able to breath before this
many times
at that time, i know that this is serious
my mom did asked me to tell zul to tell his family
but,he just

dunno...mom said,i can never let my son be like that
look at your abang, chah. almost every week i called him
i can never let my son be alone, even any of my child
i replied:
i don't know mom, sometimes i just don't understand life

no matter what happen
i will try to help you ... in many ways
maybe we can just be friends
u know how i care about my friends right
so, it's ok for us to be friends

may 1st oredi

month of may is approaching
ooops...no no no.not approaching
it's already may the 1st
silly billy lilly becky me.
well may the 1st is widely known as the
Labour Day here in Malaysia
so, i guess everyone deserves
a day off today
but i believe there are some
job out there that need no rest and day-off
pity pity pity

and one more important thing
may the 1st is happen to be my lil bro, ADIB's
birthday!!! ya ya ya!

well well well
look who we have here
it's ADIB.
just finish his foundation year
which he was actually
a student of Pahang Matriculation College
that situated in Gambang
Congratz bro.kakak believe your pointer
will be the bestest hihihi
accouting is your expertise right

//adib and kakaaang~//

so, to ADIB
happy 19th Birthday to you
kakak will always pray for your success
you know that kakak do love you
no matter what
we'll together for ever
if there's anything that adib need from kakak
adib know what to do right
adib always know kakak best
haha...we are the survivor in online games since years
yeah,that's the spirit!!
haha play online games from mid-day till 7am
...and also until our laptop blacked out haha

//look at us,while we're lil...the one that's not cute was kakak and u're so adorable..//

//look at u and mom...happy grilling haha//

kakak just love us (>.<)
so,adib remember Allah will be with us
and we shall never forget Allah.
dont ever loosen up with our family
we love us,OK!

when kakak reach home,i'll baked u huge cake oke! (n,n)v
...or maybe we'll buy one =P

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