Sunday, November 29, 2009

Philly:my forbidden love

the name's Philly :)

the night the i caught Philly sleeping right next to my pillow
she's so adorable

steamy Philly hihi

a kitty that i bought
mix Persian,tabby
plusminus 5months old now
will complete her first 3months vaccine this December16
she's a bunker
eat big,sleep big
drinks a lot,poops also a lot
but she has this cutie lil face that is so flash out he innocent-nitty of her
that's what i love most about cat
im also a dog person,but my love is more to cats

muachhhs to Philly!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

as for the person :P

we're anything but ordinary
I think we're almost legendary

So here something I wrote,

If you're a crunk,crunk
Then you're a junk,junk
Who is always drunk,drunk
Sleeping on my bunk,bunk
Must be hard being a punk,punk
Thrashing on my trunk,trunk

P/s:this is not the one that I mention before that I want to dedicate to Salsya.this is just something tha came up on my mind :) hihhihi

get that dirt off your shoulder

Called salsya just now.asking her to go out with me cos I miss her so so fact,her finals are over hihi so I was thinking to hang out together...maybe see some movies.oh gawsh,bestnye~
Hahaha so salsya said she already promised her ibu that she'll be heading straight home,Tapah, by today or maybe tomorrow.
Alaaaa,spoiled la.
So,I decided to call salsya's ibu which ibu's name happen to be similar to mom's.isn't that lovely haha.HAMIDAH.
So,mrs. Hamidah,watch out hihihi...for my calls.I'll be calling u past office hour asking permission so that salsya could stay for about another 2,3days more :) :D hihi can't wait

...And I think I hv a song written for salsya
Err I'll post it on the next entry.look forward for it okay~ :) <3

Sunday, November 08, 2009

this one for SHAKHIRUL :) ^^

yesterday shakhirul did hit me on the YMassenger
asking about how to make a very simple salad that need no hassle
well KEROL,here are the ingredients and method
long story short,it's the recipe

i post this entry special for him
this is for Shakhirul and here how it goes:

sausages / chicken breast(cut into pieces,fried)
leafy salads
hard-boiled egg
lemon slices for garnish
black pepper

put everything in a big bowl just like image above,and you're done
dnt forget to squeeze the lemon

Thursday, November 05, 2009

me right now ;quite stressed

i'm stressed

need a kitty,cat


work work

all that i see is so strange,twirling around that turn me into a freak that speak strangely and hear strange stuffs.

BERRY link

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