Saturday, October 30, 2010


nanggung tulong tanyo,tulong jawak plok doh.
tahniah ah geng kito.
esok cuti.
sedaknyo kalu kijo kat klate,buleh cuti ari Ahad.
berry berry naiss.
i laik it a lok.
once again, congratulations to us and meme xrugi ah sek dio maghi KL tegok game.
pagi sakni napok ghama hok baghu sapa kuppo kat Tol Gombak, nge bas sgalo.
siap jersey,mafla Red Warriors.
Tahniah skali lagi sek Klate!

cmon,ask me. XD

you ; to have and hold.

new item in my wishlist.
brand new purse.
my ROXY dah berkhidmat selama 1year.
eye-ing for this gorgeous pulak.
isnt she a beaut.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Offers to spread.

Friday, October 22, 2010

the call

i just hung up a call from my beloved Mom
Ohh gawsh I missed her so much.
when i miss Mom, tears falling over my cheeks
and i feel good about that
i dont know why.
still, i dont know whether am heading back this end of Oct or not
for my cousin's engagement.
if i cant get my day-off, i supposed i wont be in kelantan for that.
tapi nanti tak best la.
speaking of missing Mom.
when i miss my mom, i tend to do few things
things that mom love to do
though those arent my fav's but for mom, i buat
like, erm....
whenever i miss mom, i eat.
i eat her favourite food or snacks tha she loved.
they are apam balik, fresh timun betik in coconut milk with sugar,
kaya waffle.
i also drink.
i had her favourite drinks.
like winter melon tea which is the best.
mom loves winter melon tea so bad that am willing to have it just because i missed her and it reminds me so much of her.
i also gonna crave for len chee kang.
mom suke sangat len chee kang, sampai there's this one time mom buat homemade len chee kang so that all of us boleh enjoy the len chee kang as musch as we could.
im so not a big fan of sweet desserts and kaya, but when it comes to Mom...
i jadi macam crazy about it.
and as today i missed Mom, kat kiosk Halimah tadi I grabbed a winter melon tea and i told salsya that i miss Mom so bad tonight.
And as Mom called, I rase huge relief to hear her voice and i told her about me missing her and my habits when am having those phase and she had this tiny laugh and whispered, "it's okay kakak.u mmg like this.dulu klau everytime u rindu i je u called and weep like a baby sambil cakap ngan i."
gawsh Mom, i mmg rindu u sgt2.
May Allah always filled your day with happiness, joy and His blessed on you Mom.
I love you,Mom.

*hwugs and kishes*

here at the garden of knowledge and virtue.

salam to all.
the heavy rain stopped pouring all over this IIUM yard, as I woke up from my short nap and posted this.
am listening to Claude DeBussy's Claire de Lune great masterpiece.
such a calm harmony philharmonic orchestra by this one heck of a Maestro.
have i told you that i had arrived?
here at salsya's in IIUM.
I missed her a lot and it's been quite a while i havent see her.
we missed all the chitchats and laughter we had.
so i gathered all my guts and dropped by here with Scootie for my sleepover.
and also, havent i mentioned that today's my day-off?
gawsh, i forgot almost everything to tell y'all right?
i never know what have gone into me.
but i do hope you understand as i am so not a frequent blogger in the mean time.
i know i should put more time to write and post instead of busying myself doing uninteresting things.
God.seeing salsya today bringing me back to the memories of Philly, crazy stuffs we did together, girlfriends and the excitement of out friendship that we missed.
and we came up with this sick plan.
before salsya gonna start her final exams, am so gonna bring her to Bukit Tinggi for a playdate with the rabbits up there as she told me her rabbits back at Tapah had gone missing etc.
And I truly understand how she felt.
That's how the plan came up.
So cant wait for that day.
Hope Zul dear getting his day-off that day.
If not, we girls je la yang pergi ahuhuhu.
Yall nak ikut gak ke nnt? Inbox your comment la klau nak ikut ahohoho.
I could arrange klau any of you nak ikut jgk.
Hihihi.Gonna get Salsya a big break kejap before her final examinations.
Release tension, you know.

gotta go.
got things to be settled.
*hwugs and kishes*

Thursday, October 21, 2010

in your faces!

State Of The UNION 

     IN                                   OUT
blogging                              working
blackberry TORCH                NOKIA    
cranberries                              apples  



State of the UNION
Tv series


*hwugs and kishes*

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Post for Daya, my housemate.

As always. It's been ages I've not updating my bloggie.
So sorry bloggie.
Urghhh. So many things to be done, so little timma.
There's this girl, suke sgt bebel kat I.
Ahhahahah. ☺kay ☺kay.
Am here, not to talk bad abt this girl ☺kay.
She's like a sister to me.
Am talking here abt Daya.
One of my housemate.
Ever since I moved in here, she's the new person in my life as I've been friend withSha and Mamay since like......forever!
Hari ni I've been bebel-ed by Daya for not updating my bloggie. She ask me to do so pronto!
And, that's how am getting myself in her, right now.
Ngade kan.
Nothing much to update about.
But, ............ There are some to tell.
Later on la I tell you.
Tapi ape pon, I love my girls mucho!
Till then ☺kay.
*hwugs and kishes*

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What does G6 mean in the song like a G6?

What does G6 mean in the song like a G6? 

A G6 is mid-sized car made by the Pontiac brand of GM which is no longer in business, and it's also a Gulfstream jet that costs $58.5 million and flys at speeds of Mach 0.90 or 572 mph.

In additional, G6 also is a name that consists 6 negara maju.
The European Union members.
Meanwhile for the G6 (Group of 6) as listed below.
United States, the United Kingdom, West Germany, Japan, Italy, and France formed in 1975.
This group became what is now known as the G8.

Monday, October 18, 2010

huhu...kaloh parok slangor male ni....keno behe ko klate 3-0 narak ko...kecek jah besa....keta lutut doh nk maghi cni mula2...bkit jalil plok la thun ni sek2 kito... tdo dale snyuman la male ni...huhu...gomo klate gomo.....

tu ah.
sek kito biso blako.
ore kato mace2 ko sek kito.
tp takpo.
kito begheh blako.
ccaro eyh ore dok kato pn.
kaloh jjelir sek slagor.

cmon,ask me. XD

knpe dgn adik akak?

adik akak?
which adik?
akak tgk sume okay je. haf something to tell me or what..?
all i know adik akak sume okay and i dearly love 'em all.

cmon,ask me. XD

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Singgah dah blog ni?

Singgah sokmo dah hihihi.
Tapi sbb Abi FS kan soalan ni, kak Beck nak singgah SEKARANG la. cam ade bende best je.
nanti singgah la sini ( ) plak.
Ahaks! ^^

cmon,ask me. XD

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