Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beck, want sum candy?

Go get you own candy. I only got candy cane, which i dont think you'll like.

cmon,ask me. XD


Is it your birthday?? All I know is today will be our Medal-giving Ceremony at the Center. Hihi.

cmon,ask me. XD

Oprah or Martha Stewart?

Definitely Martha Stewart!

cmon,ask me. XD

Smelly ; Best foot forward.

You guys.
Happy morning.
Just a short update.
Happened last night.
Smelly called. Am still at Kumon..
Many many stock takes, reports to do and submit.
Buat keje in the office from 10am till night. Aihh.
He asked me whether okay or not if he wanna pick me up right from the center. And as i replied, need not to. Since my TnG card havent top up yet, i bought the return ticket from Sentul. So, it might go to waste if i didnt use it. *padahal dalam hati nak usha abg KTM bhaha, and ticket bukan mahal pon* Plus, if he picked me up, I gotta take scootie la, need to get back to the station la. It's better if we just meet up right after I get home. Then I said, no need. Just wait me at my Condo parking then I'll see him there. In a few, I heard of his bazoomer exhaust. That 'goroom goroom', I took a peek from the center, I saw him and his Gen2. My god. Ape hal?? He just parked his car downstairs, waiting for me to finish. Around 10-15mins after, I went down. Flashed into the car and said, "What's up" though at that time he was on the phone with Jack Ranga, his colleague. As he finished  bergayut, he start to talk hahaha. "Ala dear, I datang amik you salah ke. I takut nanti you flirt ngan brader brader KTM yang hensem hensem tu. So, if I said I wanna pick you up, you paham paham je la ehh". Hahahaha. Gelak besar I last night. My gawsh smelly. What has got into you. Chillax. I said, "I tak kemana la. You nih.", while grinning evilly. Cheewah. So, I he drove me home and.... No! We stopped at Sentul station' first, picked up scootie mootie, he escorted me to my condo.... i parked scootie then we went out, grab something to eat. Then bla bla bla bla etc.

*hwugs and kishes* to everybody!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

specially posted for sarah and emmi.

here we go.
my pancake recipe.
very simple and super easy, yet fluffy
you will love it.

these are what you need.

2 tbsp of butter/margarine
4 tbsp of sugar
1 egg
3/4 - 1 cup of flour
1 cup of milk
1/2 tsp of vanilla essence
a pinch of cinnamon (optional)

cream the butter and sugar. then break in the egg.
right after that, spoon the flour one at a time into the butter-sugar-egg mixture.
and slowly pour the milk and vanilla essence, also the cinnamon powder.
mix until the batter is well-combined.
pour/spoon/scoop the batter onto the frying pan and let it cook for 2-3min right
before you flip your pancake.
As they are all ready, stack on the serving plate.
Ready to serve with maple syrup (my favourite), choc syrup or maybe home-made blackberry syrup.
If yall wanna know how to make home-made blackberry or any berry syrup, tell me soon.
And I'll post it for you okayy.
Hope you two are happy with the recipe.
Anything, let me know.
Happy cooking :).

*hwugs and kishes*

Saturday, December 25, 2010

kenapa lobang hidung gorila besar?? JAWAB JAWAB JAWAB

Cant really tell. Nanti akak email si Gorilla tu and FS this Q ngaha!

cmon,ask me. XD

if corn oil made from corn,vegetable oil from vegetable and baby oil made form what??

Definitely not made from baby. That's all I know ha-ha.

cmon,ask me. XD

Monday, December 13, 2010

back to basic

hello. hello. hello. current coordinates. my sister's house in cheras. been ages tak balik. today i got here. and since i have nothing to do, so this happened.

Good night memories. I'll kill you. Why la Chelc. Tell me why.

Friday, December 03, 2010

moving out.

as mentioned above, yes. am moving out. again. am now moving out to sentul. as am working in jalan ipoh so, i found out that i gotta find a place that's closer to my workplace. and from now on am no longer staying at Genting Court Condo, Setapak but am now living at Sentul Utama Condominium in Sentul. as yesterday my other half and i angkut barang and all,  something happened. its not really something but this one thing happened.

done with my stuffs. my other half went down to ground floor right before me, as my house kan all girls. so he dont wanna waited for me upstairs, he said he'll be downstairs for me in the car. then i went down to meet him kat bawah. i keluar je elevator, i saw hes kinda bersembang dengan guard block i. i keluar ke lobby je i heard guard tu said, "ohh ni ke tunangnye. oo ok ok.", while looking at me and smiled. shockingly macam nak mati, i answered,"wait what? ni la sape...?" and the guard replied, "takde ape. saje je bersembang tadi" then as my other half passed me the car keys, he said, "you masuk kete start engine first, jap lagi kite gerak". muke-terkejut-tak-leh-blah tadi tak habis lagi. all i know is our friend, zaid is getting engaged. why ever on Mother earth will aku yang dipanggil 'tunang' nye. gawsh. tak beragak langsung. tapi, whatevv. yes. korang nak cakap ape, cakap la. for me, im not a type of person yang macam gila nak bertunang or get married etc. maybe some of you might think, ala dah bf ckp cmtu suke je la. nape nak deny and so on. its just if its not, then its not la. i dont blame my other half about this, its just. idk. kinda mengada plak my other half tu ytd.

merapu enough.
i think i should stop now.
i nak kemas ade lagi sket barang ni.
nak get settled etc.
yall take care alright.
have a good Friday.
Youre gonna love the weekend as much as I do.

*hwugs and kishe*

bilo mu nok bawok kepok lekor maghi KL nieee? pnak kawe tunggu.

Demo tunggu wak gapo. Mugo kawe ado di KL keyh. Apo la. Nati smula smula la ore balik Klate, buleh la kalu mu nok kiring gak.

cmon,ask me. XD

kak beck,ni fs baru luna ya. :)_

Okayy luna. will add you into my list in a few.

cmon,ask me. XD

mne lagi best paprik ke patpet??

Paprik for me as I really have no idea patpet tu ape. Najwa, am so jakun okeh.

cmon,ask me. XD

suke korek hidung or bontot? HAHA


cmon,ask me. XD

berapa banyak Bf/Gf yang anda pernah ada! haha..jawab dgn jujur! ;P

The one and only, my current boyfriend. Am so blessed that he's my first and insyaAllah will be the one.

cmon,ask me. XD

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

that's you!

huh. there you go.
looking all perfect, such perfectionist.
but youre nothing that i wanna be.
being perfect is super boring.
listen.we used to care about you.
ohh how we love you.
without the mask of yours, where will you hide.
mask of hypocrisy.
cant find yourself lost in your lie.
i know the truth now.
i know who u are.
and i dont love you anymore.
never was and never will be.
ure not real and you cant see me.

Monday, November 29, 2010


"Fly like a butterfly,
sting like a bee"

I miss you.. Not like the I miss you, but "I'll-be-okay" kinda miss you, it's more like the "i-cant-live-without-you" kinda miss you. ohh. in all of sudden, I feel like I miss everybody. Okay. This one is the I'll-be-okay kinda miss you which as mentioned above.
Today supposed to be my Sunday-to-Monday-sleeping day, but it just ended as I woke up today's morning at 0730hrs. Aih.
Can I go back to sleep?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

this is life.

"when life leaves us blind
love keeps us kind
remember youre loved
and you always will be
this melody will bring you right back home"

because of our relationship status in facebook, we almost put the relationship of our love journey to an end. a jeopardy. #bhaha. just kidding yall. am not that serious about it. none of us were. he changed his status to "it's complicated" and as easy as that, i simply switched mine to "single". well as he said, "its facebook anyway. virtual world. doesnt matter. as he posted his status, 'u'll be mine bcoz my heart and eyes are wit u..never end, never give up'. u will always be mine, insyaAllah". gawsh. he left me speechless and i just stopped right there. afterwards, we headed to Satay Sri Melaka located in AU3 for dinner.
*tade gaduhgaduh ke hape pun. dia nyanyi lagu jamal abdillah kuatkuat ade la. memekak*
anyway, thanks yall for the supports, tweets, text, call and even there are some who bumped into me asked questions about it. yall the best. i just love being surrounded by good people and concern. didnt meant to fool around with our relationship statuses etc. and am sorry about it. as yall know that our fourth anniversary is approaching in couple of days, we both cant wait for it. too many plans been discussed. but i dont think were gonna celebrate it right on time. might be a bit late since we both been busy. a pre-celeb first perhaps.

aisyah 'beck' went from being "in a relationship" to "single."·  · 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

sticky business.

say what...?!

posted by one of my girlfriends here. shes sarara, http://sarara.fundamental.blogspot.com. darn you sara. my tongue got twisted at that time for as i sprayed dewan as debab. next time, gotta say it. wont spray it. ngaha! 

p/s: as sarara's entry, it is proven that i talk like a bird and talks like nobody can.

*hwugs and kishes* 

a piece of me.

tagged by hanis. here it is. crumbled pieces about me. nothing much. this is totally random. yall can try it too.

  1. i love animals especially cat.
  2. im a cat person.
  3. i love baking and cooking but i dont really eat.
  4. allergic to chicken and seafood.
  5. talks like nobody cant.
  6. started reading and collecting Sweet Valley High Senior Year since 2001.
  7. vampires and fantasy books enthusiastic.
  8. cant get enough of Starbucks.
  9. prefer to stay in my dark room than light it up.
  10. only play tennis and strategy/command&conquer games. 
  11. love tarepanda since 12.
  12. fell in love with emily since 14.
  13. owns a modenas ceria scooter, emily air-brushed.
  14. my very own first kitty is Philly and shes dead now.
  15. a pure Kelantanese.
  16. prefer MAS way than AirAsia.
  17. blogging for fun.
  18. owns a complete set, thirteen books of A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.
  19. had my first Blackberry given by Mom end of 2008.
  20. my first love ever is my current boyfriend.
  21. Beary Beck is my second Blackberry.
  22. red is my colour pallete.
  23. i am a gemini.
  24. such an easy-going person. *try me*
  25. tweets most of the time, here twitter
idk who to tag. but am very sure i want to hear from iena, http://pwincerskatak.blogspot.com. dollface, youre up!

Monday, November 22, 2010

blog and strawberries.

this photo was taken when i was updating my blog, posting this entry raya the third, couple of days ago. those devilish-red strawberries were bought at the 88 Fun Garden when mi familia and i were on our way to Ipoh. merah itu bukan saga. tapi merah itu strawberry yang masam. #bhaha.

special entry for sarah

here. this one for sarah. i kept telling her about a blog that sells very cheap contact lenses. geo lens. so sarah here's the link. you can just click ELLYSHA. the lenses here are super cheap. for me. and theyre also very comfortable to wear. so far, beck pakai lenses ni okay je. but one thing that i dont like is their lens cases. each lenses sold comes with a lens case *as usual la kan*. tapi cases tu kinda tak rapat or entah la. kalau simpan lens dalam tu, solution mudah kering. so, i used my bausch & lomb punya cases which is dah memang ada *and you know how much i love bausch & lomb lenses kan*. aih, semacam je kan beck promoting this ellysha's #bhaha. so that's it. and also if yall out there interested to browse, buy or even just view this blogshop, feel free to click. no big deal here.

*hwugs and kishes*

this one is a keeper, yall!

been tagged by emmi. gawsh macam meriah gile pulak tagging activity ni since ariana tegged i. wahh. ngaha! but surprisingly fun. dah lame sangat tak buat taggy thingy ni. plus, could kill my boring time here. #bhaha. 

1. Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
Beary Beck(my BB), lappy... err cam byk je yg penting. *aih*

2. Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan wang sendiri?
baru je siang tadi, beli Strawberry Lollipops.

3. Dimanakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?
never thought of that.ehe.

4. Berapa lama anda rasa hubungan kamu berkekalan?
till the end of time, insyaAllah.

5. Adakah anda di lamun cinta?
yes. madly.

6. Dimanakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
Sate Kajang Hj Samuri, Tmn Melati. Ade kat dlm foursquare saye kalau xcaye.

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
The Sea Monsters: Percy Jackson and The Olympians.

8. Apakah nama penuh kamu?
Siti Aisyah binti Ma Hussin.

9. Kamu lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?
Of course them both.

10. Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin jumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?
The love of my life, late Philly T_T

11. Christina atau Britney?
none af above... THAT's for sure!

12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian anda sendiri?
of course. *sila define mencuci pakaian sendiri*.

13. Tempat yang paling seronok kamu mahu pegi?
i like having fun so... any place will do
14. Pelukan atau ciuman?
can i have both..? :P

15. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag kamu.

  • she's emmi
  • my blogger friend
  • she's sweet, such a dear and sweet as cherrypie
  • she's a student of IIUM
  • i like her and her blog

16. 8 perkara yang amat saya gila

  • Blackberry
  • baking
  • vampire books/novels
  • starbucks!

17. 8 perkataan yang sering di ucapkan
  • eheh
  • ngaha!
  • #bhaha!
  • err...errr
  • yay yay yay yay *happydancing*

18. 8 buah buku yang paling terbaru dibaca.
  • Match Me If You can 
  • Night World Book 2 
  • Night World Book 3 
  • A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Hostile Hospital
  • The Sea Monsters: Percy Jackson and The Olympians.
  • A series of Unfortunate Events: The Carnivorous Carnival
  • cant remember
  • cant recalled

19. 8 lagu yang saya boleh dengar berulang kali.
  • Firework by Katy Perry
  • Step Up by Linkin Park
  • Mirage by Pesawat
  • Dream by Priscilla Ahn
  • Dream by Miley Cyrus
  • The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice
  • When They Come For Me by Linkin Park
  • Like A G6 by Far East Movement

19. 8 perkara yang saya pelajari tahun lalu
  • seeing is believing
  • be more independent
  • never push love
  • to be more patience
  • learn how to bake blueberry cheese tart :)
  • learn to be good with kids 
  • err..
  • er...

20. Mari mengetag 8 orang lain.
  • sarah
  • cufa
  • err & sesapa yang rajin.

7 Fakta Tentang DiriKu...
  • love the Beary Beck
  • had a kitty name Philly, but Philly's dead now
  • my BB pin : 25626DCF
  • a fun person
  • talks like a bird
  • love to make face expressions
  • cant go well with kids and babies 
7 Ciri2 Lelaki/Wanita Idaman

Lelaki Idaman

  • honest
  • down to earth
  • reliable
  • love only me
  • caring
  • soft-spoken
  • kurus and tinggi *errr..errr #bhaha*
*hwugs and kishes*

p/s: pls dont mind all the crappy answers yah!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


nothing can turn me on this festive raya korban than homemade rendang, my seven brand new baju raya, solat raya,  rewang potong and bahagikan daging korban, and of course lemang and also ketupat. am so blessed. i even gave out one of my baju raya to syakirah cos in all of sudden dia berkenan kat my baju. i gave her the one that is third from left as in above photo. i got all seven new baju raya this time. you know. bought too many KAINs, sampai tak terjahit.each and everytime went out for shopping, suke sangat beli kain pasang. at least one.*sigh* this time around baru terjadi baju and boleh pakai. if not, jadi saree la jawabnye. #bhaha. so, above. my very own rendang. first time masak rendang sendiri. as mom balik lambat that raya eid. she arrived home around 8pm yall. *poor mom, ilyvm okay* and shes super ecstatic as i cooked the rendang all by myself. and also above. four of my seven baju raya. two kebaya, one modern kurung and four kurung pahang. as i gave out one kurung pahang to syakirah, so six baju raya now. but shell replace that with a new kain pasang for me. *yay yay yay* one of the photo above, a picture of bari'ah and i right before our raya prayers.

raya the third

mom and baba werent home. they left for somewhere in terengganu. not sure whether its besut or jerteh or idk. all i know is theyre not home. as well as our lilst, syukri. hanif and i planned to give civic and savvy soothing bath. so here we are. carwash, meanwhile we ourselves havent had our morning shower yet. carwash in peejays. ngaha! best woo. main air :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

live from Ipoh.

ohh. have i mentioned about it? i guess not. okay. am posting this entry live from ipoh. at my brother's house. just arrived from kampar. as in kampar, attending my abang sedara's akad nikah ceremony. so now, am gonna take my shower and freshen up myself first. then ill manage my bloggie, posting outstanding entries. bhaha.
gimme 30mins okay.

Beck...nak gula2?

no. you cant have any candy. you had too much of candy already. go ask someone else to get you candy. candy is not good for you and it can cause you cavity. *serves you right*

cmon,ask me. XD

Friday, November 19, 2010

wedding and marriage.

haa. im not sure whether the school holiday has started or not. but all i know is here comes all the wedding invitations. there are cards, facebook rsvp, phone calls and even emails been sent to me. and as attached  above are my invites for the week. not sure that am able to attend all invitations, but am sure i will be going. and also in the running, our fourth anniversary. hihihi. *giggling* not sure what to have on this special celebration but i have a plan. this is an anniversary. so the reason am stressing this out because its an anniversary and we celebrate it annually. we dont do week-sary or monthersary or whatsoever its been called cos thats lame *for us la* am sorry yall. no offense. to know whether which wedding am going, you can follow my tweets. since... you know. i tweet most of my time :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


some things are better left unsaid.
some strings are better left undone.
some hearts are better left unbroken.
some lives are better left untouched.
some lies are better off believed.
some words are better left unspoken.
some Levi's are way better live unbuttoned.

such cutie.

shes so cute. shes so tiny and shes Tesla. from Warldorf, Maryland. shes an American. American longhair. for some reason, she prefers to sleep on hard surfaces, instead of soft things -- hence the rattan box shes lying on. shes on of the winner of lazy pets 2010 photo contest organized bt martha stewart omnimedia. she super cute and i feel like i wanna hug and squeeze her to death. i heart you tesla!

raya haji twenty-ten.

assalamualaikum yall. so its raya haji. selamat hari raya haji to all. especially dearest family, friends, loyal followers and of course to all bloggers and blog readers out there. i wann thank you all for spending your time, reading, commenting and viewing my blog. *ayat cam agak poyo* i know, i know. i sounded kinda 'unreal' but the thank you was real okay. and my wishes are the warmest. i know todays the second day of raya haji. most bloggers or people post out their wishes on the eid of raya or on the first day of raya. wll, lemme tell you. i was so busy as a bee this time of raya. cos am the only kakak who came back for this raya haji. onichi and her husband got works to do. abang and his wife also got works to do. and am the only person yang dapat cuti. demm. its okay. i wont mind anyway. i love celebrating my raya here, back at my hometown. no place in this world could make my raya more happening than my kampung. so, happy eid yall. lets make this year' sacrifice as the biggest and our best sacrifice for the sake of goodness in our life. remember, not all sacrifices that weve made are for good. think about it. photo above is a courtesy of afiq as i  dnt have the guts to look at it. just now i even saw my gmama, Ma cut the tongue out of if for cooking. gawsh. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

let's get married!

hee. ive been tagged by aryana.hish. saje suke je dia ni. but, ill do it anyway. cos it its pretty interesting and plus its been a while tak buat tag stuffs ni. so belows are my answer list. i know some might sound pretty lame for you but, as always.. like i care. cheerios!

I'm 22 years old ermm 5months and 7days. 

of course but i dont really think am available. #bhaha

seriously idk, but i think maybe in 2-3years time from now. *erkk...!* 

to be frank, err yeah. ive had this Q before. from my mom. and it's a y[e]s ladies and gents. falala~

my hands are tight, my lips are sealed. mom and baba's taking over and they're gonna take care of it.

awww this is it. Kuengg of course, as my MOH cum bestman. my bridesmaid goes to *drumroll pls* fasha, salsya and iena. #wohoo 

ive been eye-ing beach wedding for quite sometime. but i guess traditional wedding is always a crowd pleaser so...ehe

our honeymoon..? the most popular question of the subject. let's go to New Orleans and have a taste of their famous beignets at Cafe Du Monde. #perfect!   

ohh a lot. family of both *of course*, my friends, mom+baba's friends, etc around 800guests maybe. indecisive. but still, no exception for you!

this is a good one. i have no ex, or even exes. so far, this special someone is my only love, so.. 

am thinking of tier. not layer. two or three tiers will do. i have my baker already. *happyface*

my wedding solemnization ceremony! yes. the sooner, always the best. *tehee*

Dream by Priscilla Ahn, The Bloody Beetroots feat Steve Aoki pn layann

fine dining best sket ;)

ish. i dont drink. bandung ice-cream soda buleh?? ;P

right after the solemnization can ah

household items. i want a zanussi stove. #bhaha

well, three for quitters. we wanna have four.

we might. but for personal references only. ;P

hah. fun starts here. right at this point. this is compulsory. girls, i wanna hear from you. yes you. dont turn against me on this one. yea, you right there. 
cik Ros! *jgn nk mengelak*
khay! *kena buat*
iena! *nak tau awk pny*
emmi! *jgn tak buat*
cufa! *duduk,buat*
sara! *no exception*
hanis! *tade tade, buat*
farah! *kena buat jugak*
jue! *harusss*
...and anyone interested feel free to do so :)

bhahaha. kan dah kena sume. i dont care. ill be checking on you girls' pages soon. *such total brute right*. and my twitter. http://www.twitter.com/beckpanda so.. hehe XD

*hwugs and kishes*

Monday, November 15, 2010

n kenapa aq kapchaiii...???..jatuh standard..T-T..haha

demmit. kantoi lak. beck supposed to ask the question using anon. tapi lupe nak mark kat check box. ala, saje je actually. jangan terasa. sorry sorry. nak raya ni kan haha. meh nak tolong angkat balik standard kau Eid. okay dah? ;P

cmon,ask me. XD

beratmuuuu Beckkkk.i manada buat macam tuuuuuu! kan? see, manadaaa!

ape ape je la Haq, ma mang. anyway your the best pedophile ive ever known hahaha. you and Eid same same pedophile. dont you ever touch my kids nanti.

cmon,ask me. XD


well hello. new entry coming right up. as stated above. common title. yes,i know. but wait. not me okay. as ive mentioned in a post before, *did i...?* finally my onichi's pregnant and am so gonna be an aunty soon. this is REAL aunt okay. not some sort of anak sepupu, anak buah, anak membe membe in all of sudden or whatsoever eh. cos if so, i'll take as the 'aunt' title is so overrated. anyways. my onichi's been pregnant for almost 3months++ by now. and i got the chance to meet her as i reached KB a day before yesterday cos she flew to KL already yesterday morning by AirAsia. you know what. she was so weak. morning sickness is no longer happened in the morning. she vomit most of the time. till she lost her very own voice. she cant talk much. she's even been admitted to the ward few weeks ago, total dehydrated. i cant stand looking at her like that. but i cant help much. there are ointments and stuffs that keep her company. am afraid that she's not strong enough to bare it. i know she'll be okay but...aih. the funny part is, she always hungry. but few moment afterwards, she'll puke what she ate right back out. on the mengidam part, listless. too much to list here. i even went out shopping for her cravings. but i wont mind on that. plus she's not craving for silly junkies or anything. common preggie women's crave. mangoes etc. is pregnancy will make us that miserable? getting thru it... is it that hard. man. im scared already. i can never tell how am i gonna get thru this when the time comes. well, onichi hope youll get well soon. and pls keep on hang in there. am so gonna tell this story to your baby once he/she come into this world. i got friends that been pregnant before, but they were nothing like you. no such morning sickness that can no longer called as morning sickness. its an all-day-sickness for me.i know youre tired to see go to the hospital, medical centers and even too tired to take the meds and see the doctor. but, just hang in there. you'll be just fine.

*hwugs and kishes*

ehhh why you tot that anon bastard is me? T____T

it wasnt you? really? if so, the apology on me. am paying dude. but i am very sure that the anon bastard is you. see. your 'ehhh' got three Hs and according to TEH anon bastard's question there were also 'pulokkkk', 'bnarrr', 'Beckkkk' and 'skekkkk'. you kan suke multiple-kan those alphabets at the end of the words youre stressing out the deep meaning. there. easy-peasy, easy-squeezy.

cmon,ask me. XD


you see the title above. yeah. in Bahasa. so am gonna mumble in Bahasa for this post okay.

baiklah. mase tu awak tengah keje. awak nampak saya, awak senyum. saya senyum la sebab saya memang suke senyum. saya tak leh tido. saya ingat nak baca Nightworld kat tepi pintu masuk tu. pastu saya nampak awak. awak tegur saya dan awak ajak saya lepak ngan awak. awak cakap, "kat dalam tu sejuk. jom la duduk kat luar ni". saya segan. tapi memandangkan kat dalam tu sejuk macam peti ais dan mengalahkan sejuk dalam kapal terbang, saya lepak kat luar ngan awak. ni kali kedua kita jumpa dan awak pun tau yang awak pernah jumpa saya. kita sembang punya sembang, tiba tiba awak ade kerja nak buat. saya suruh awak pegi buat kerja awak dulu. sebab saya pun nak habiskan baca Nightworld. erm sebab badan lenguh, saya pergi baring. setiap kali awak lalu dekat katil saya awak jenguk, tanya saya okay atau tak. dan masih lagi saya tak boleh tido. ade la dalam 5-6 kali awak jenguk saya masa tu. pastu ade skali awak tengok saya tak tido lagi, awak ajak saya ikut awak. mulenye saya cam malas nak berjalan. tapi saya ikut je awak. awak bawak saya sembang kat tempat lagi satu. dekat control unit. macam macam awak tanya pasal saya. tapi satu pun saya tak sempat nak tanya awak. sampai satu masa, awak dah kena pergi. saya punya jauh lagi. awak dah pergi, saya pun blah sebab nak berusaha untuk tido sambil dengar Linkin Park - Waiting For The End. awak lari masuk balik, awak mintak nombor telefon saya pastu nama saya. tak sangka sepanjang kita bersembang, tade sape pun antara kita yang terfikir nak tanya nama masing  masing. sebelum awak pergi, awak cakap, "hehe terima kasih. takpe. kita kawan dulu. kalau awak rasa awak tak sependapat dengan saya, awak tak payah reply okay. assalamualaikum". saya sangatlah tak sangka akan jumpa awak lagi skali. tu la. insyaAllah, mungkin kita akan bertemu lagi. tapi kelaka rasanya.

p/s: yes, i know. i know. since its entitled 'merepek' so pls dont mind of all the sentences,words and also the arrangements. all i know, they suck.thats it. i know the storyline is ridiculous but, whatevv. okay.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

jange nok nawok Beck.kawe dgr loni Beck nok bertune pulokkkk.biar bnarrr Beckkkk.royak skekkk. -anon bastard

errr Haq. this is so you. Or maybe Eid. easy to recognize here. with your overrated-so-lame-Kelantanese-slang. duuh. me? i never lied. me? nok bertune? cmon. i told yall already. am not getting engaged or whatsoever for the moment. am not that ready enough for the commitment. i mean... aih. hey hey, if im getting engaged or even MARRIED, ill tell you guys. dont worry. plus, i will announce to this entire planet about it. fyi-la. am not getting younger and i believe it's too early for me. as i mentioned before, it's a long way to go. so... now now, ive answered your question. now get off of my page you, you anon bastard. ape derr.

pernah xrase diri ko cun sangat2 smpi layak jd miss world???hahahahhaha

miss world,Mun? ahhahaha. hell NO. tade la. jadi queen to my future husband, YES. hahaha. LOL. that was a good one.

cmon,ask me. XD

awak ske warne ape?

saye suke sangat kaler red and fuschia. ;)

cmon,ask me. XD

Friday, November 12, 2010

dark chocolato

"Milk Chocolate is the most preferred type of chocolate, however dark chocolate is especially popular among men."

dark chocolate. bought this yesterday on my way back as sarra, tk and iram and i stopped by for makanmakan at food court jj au2. each and everytime i see chocolate, reminds me this one person. my special someone. such a huge fan of chocolate. especially dark chocs. me? naaah. am not a  relly big fan. but who dont like chocolate right. so thats why i bought this cute guy, BERYL's Dark Chocolate 54% cacao. its for my special someone. saje sukesuke kasi, no special occasion okeh. cus he love choc more than i do and few days back he gave me two CAMIORs. pssst.. i heard that hes gonna drop by at the central KL today to meet manap and i right before i left for KB. uuuuu. am super excited.

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mom called.

i was sleeping. having my productive sleep. snoozing like a baby as mom called. at first ive missed the call and few moments later, she gave me another call and i picked up. asking me about how is  my day going on these two,three days and i said it was okay. and am doing just fine bla bla bla etc. and she asked me about my homecoming. so i said yes. am taking my break and gonna be home until RAYA. heee. so cant wait to be home. she was like, "so, ill wait you at the airport then, okay" and i was like... whuttt..? no mom. am not flying back this time. am going back by train. so just ask baba to pick me up at pasir mas on the next day at around 0903hrs. the train will be leaving at 2030hrs tomorrow night so.. she thought id fly? gawsh. i tot ive told her before. i guess she forgot abt that already. so yes peeps. am going back tomorrow and manap will send me over to KL Sentral tomorrow. and in the morning id plan to see salsya before i went back. shes still hanging on with her exam mood. i think todays her last paper kot. not so sure. but am so going to see her coz i missed her a lot thou last weekend ive spend my week there. gawsh. am gonna be home. i told mom right before she hung up that i wanna shop for more tudung and she said okay. missed home and the family so much. :'D

more to come hihi
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

again and again.

ohh last night we went to have satay for dinner again. actually we have no exact idea where to dine. and then ended up makan satay here. i think we kinda getting bored with our usual eateries. yeah. nak kena discover tempat baru nih. you guys got the suggestions..? later on inbox me alright ;]

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

this is unusual.

And so it is
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time
And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky

Did I say that I loathe you?
Did I say that I want to
Leave it all behind?

whaaaaaat a great Monday i had today. my special someone off-day today and we hangout together. lagipun i memang off every sundays and mondays. gawsh. thou we didnt see each other for like...4-5days i guess. but dont know why. it feels like we havent see each other like forevah. ape derr. i know. i know. im lame. say it. like i care. okay. so since he got up pretty...no-no not just pretty..but so very late today, so he picked me up late. good god. at what time he got home last night. tak subuh ke. urghh. that annoys me, very. each and everytime he hang out with his friends, selalu je balik lambat. sangat lambat plak tuh. thank god hes cute. hes too cute for meh. *perghh aku pon nak termuntah ngan ayat nih* if he wasnt that darn cute, ill be super angry and mad at him by the time he arrived. 
so off we go to KTM Sentul. We're collecting the ticket that we booked for my balik kampung this RAYA. punya la sengal. they cant trace our id number given. dang it. tanak lama plak kan tercengang kat kaunter tu. they called Central to retrace. new booking bla bla bla.
and finally, i got mine. thank goodness. if i cant be home in kelantan this Raya, ill sue KTM. bhaha. as we headed out form the station, i realized that ive never balik kampung by train from KL. surprise, surprise. all this while we bought tickets for syakirah, our friends, other friends and seriously. i myself tak pernah. hurm. so this is new for me. i think.
and off we went to jusco wangsa maju. our favorite jusco since we met.ecece.
thou most outlets in the jusco were under renovation, still be our favourite jusco.
maybe coz mase awal awal bercinta dulu suke lepak sini kot. maklumla time study kan. malas nak gi jauh jauh. too many memories. sweet memories, most of it.
as we arrived, terjah mcd. craving for sundaes. not really in the mood for oreo mcflurry. so i got vanilla and zul got chocolato. afterwards, shopping for groceries at the supermarkets section while indulging ourselves with our sundae. lotsa and lotsa stuffs i bought. i even got two CAMIORs from my special someone. aww look at yuh. being this sweet sweet sweet-y pie. thank you much hunn. ohh we also redeemed our jusco vouchers as our points collected dah banyak sangat. so we use some of it to redeem few vouchers. worth it you know.
settled with jusco and foodstuffs, we went for jalan jalan here and there.
since it's been quite a month we both tak makan burger Ipin, so tadi pekena. as he said, and i quoted, "never been better. awesome as always". ye ah. our favorite street burger tu. gawsh. even the owner of burger Ipin kenal we both. penah this one time, brader burger tu cakap, "korang still bersama eyh. bagus nye. dah bape tahun aku tgk korang ni". it felt really good at that time. dari zul keje Diner' sampai now, keje Digi. Burger Ipin favorite kitorang.
i ordered extra lettuce beef burger and zul got double patties oblong beef burger. thats crazy. i know. oblong and double patties. gawsh. done with our burger and he send me home.

whoa. this entry a bit long than usual eyh.
ape pon, i really had a great time today.
we both pretty busy with our work and stuffs.
we really should have more of this...often.
(psst...am looking forward for a vacay etc. cambest. nak plan ngan sha,mamay etc lah. but kena tunggu next gaji i supposed ha-ha)

okay. i really need to stop.
gonna do my laundry.
bye yall.

*hwugs and kishes*

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