Saturday, December 19, 2009

we love to eat...say no to CHICKEN

wani,zul and i went to Mid Valley yesterday
we bought some more BRAs ha-ha
we loooove BRAs

we also love to eat,indulge ourselves with food ha-ha
e had our lunch at Kenny Roger's Roasters

but i didnt eat the chicken
just the side dishes
the rest wani and zul ate for me kikiki U.U

iced lemon tea for wani and Coke for Zul

this was my iced Chocolicious milk

wani's scrumptious quarter meal wt garlic parsley potato,macNcheese,coleslaw

zul' usual
half black pepper chicken
....just chicken
mine ; pasta salad,mac N cheese it garlic parsley potato lain yg makan ha-ha

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

khay requested to see 'em

kak leeya ordered these guys for 100s

meanwhile,she ordered those below for 16s

these are some snapsnap that i made.
cuppacakeys for kak leeya's wedding

khay actually requested to see these.
so i post these two photos
err the one that i made also with my ONICHI for
my big bro's engagement,i'll post later on alright

p/s:the decos are quite simple actually :)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

my Saturday

so,hi u guys
happy Saturday!
im doing quite nothing today.

absolutely relax.i need rest
'cos last nite i was like 'bertungkus lumus' baking, preparing etc. my cuppycakes
order for kak Leeya who's getting ready for her big day
tomorrow.her wedding.
so,she ordered 100 choc flavoured cupcakes for souvenirs and also
16 specially decorated cupcakes for her hantaran on the pahar

totally tired meh
my onichi and i slept at 5.45 a.m. last night
and today,i woke up at 11 a.m. 'cos onichi woke me up for breakfast
today,since there's Bro Tofic,so he's the one who bought our breakfast today
three of us are having nasi kerabu while Bro Tofic had his nasi lemak

looking forward to see some movies afterwards,waiting for zul
gonna call someone after this
wanna hangout or maybe do some shopshop with syakirah
Onichi and Bro Tofic already left to Jengka
'cos they're gonna hand over the cuppacakeys Kak Leeya ordered from me
...and also they wanted to see their parents'

err i guess that's all for now
i'll update my blog soon
muuuachs~! >.<

our raya haji the 3rd of 2009

it's on our hari raya aidiladha the 3rd
the eleven of us went to a wedding
it's the Big Day for mom's cousin... stepcousin to be exact
hold on...there are 12 of us including Bro Tofic
ngehehehe XD

held at their very own house at Taman Guru,very close to our house
in Kuantan before...which was located at Tmn Sepakat,Kuantan :)
so, here are some pictures taken on that day
we had so much fun
mom's cousin,kak Masriani looked so very happy
we're happy for u too kak Ani.
we wished that your marriage will stays happily till death do both of u part.

Syakirah and i

this is Kak Masriani.isnt she looked gorgeous...?!!
love the black and white beaded designer long kebaya

mom,bari'ah and i
we're so happy to be here
it's been a while our family havent met Mak Cik Mah (mom's aunt)
since we moved out from Kuantan to Kelantan

mom and i
mom's assistant and her staffs used to call me "Che Dah Muda"
like mother,like daughter right XD

syakirah's rawr and mom

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

have i posted theeese?...guess not.ehe XD

these are some of my cats back home in Kelantan
love them to death
they are such cuties and so very adorable
love to manjemanje especially wit baba.

BERRY link

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