Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mu kecek gapo ngn haq...dok paham..=.=

Hahuh. Korang ni mmg kan. Sume nak kecek Klate skg. Ngade abiss. kau eid, jgn nk join korum lak. tanak dah ajar korang korang kecek Klate. Kau dah la lame menyepi. tweet senyap je. ape kes?

cmon,ask me. XD

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beck, mu jange nok nawok plop ya. bila nk angkut BB Bold Onyx?

Bakpo aku nok nawok nyoh. aku doh la tadop duit lonih. mu tu ha, jange nok create new gossip headline. lepah ore baco FS ni gak, pakak tanyo lah. hiss. ni hok nok maroh ni. btw, bb bold onyx akan diangkut in 2-3months time. /pray for me lah.
*ha-ha,xpaham la tuh*

cmon,ask me. XD

Friday, July 23, 2010


sihat :)

cmon,ask me. XD

followed. sis fuzz disini my new acc

okay fuzz dear *laflaf*

cmon,ask me. XD

getting engaged!

just a short update.congrats kak yong. finally getting engaged. all of ur were so happy. above shots are diversifies by lotsa peoples. had a great time that saturday. good food, good families, good people. so blessed. seeing ira,zati,faisal and also haq. john dearie also *the most important*. all shots, credit to Abehaq, Ira, Fasha, Zati, Faisal and myself! ngee XD XD XD.

Monday, July 19, 2010

last CNY

ive been meaning to post this entry months ago. but, ya know. am so nyanyuk and lembap sometimes. dant wanna talk much on this entry. all i can say is, we went back to KL from KB by train. *choochoo* Cant remember what Ekpress they called it, but am pretty sure we were on those open coaches thingy. with those beds and the pillows etc. departured from Pasir Mas on 1835 and arriving at KL Central at about 1200 noon on the next day. cant really rmmber lor the exact time we arrived. so just the four of us, onichi, abg tofic, syakirah and me! ngee  XD XD. till then, mmmuachs!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

USHER baby!

had a great July 7 this year. me went to usher concert with my best friend. gawsh. it was phenomenal. the performance. opening by Mizz Nina. the dancers. Usher himself. cant stop smiling ya know. thou missed to go to KL Live for Showdown 2010 "Show Me What You Got" night, but am  super happy to be at Bukit Jalil. it's Usher baby. not everyday you got a day like this. reminiscing those old and brand new songs. ahh. i was like physically happy and almost losing my voice afterwards.ya know.  with all the shoutings and sing-a-long and screaming crazy out loud etc etc. whoa! just love it.

p/s: there are few pics from Ira's. thanks for those, babe. and for those who follows my twitter, ya know i updated almost everything there right. so y'all must have found out that am craaaaaazy for this. i even tweeted few pics during th show.crazy baby. crazy. am so happy that i could die. thank you y'all.

Friday, July 16, 2010

salam, beck suka mari kelantan?

salam :)
definitely do.
i, myself am a Kelantanese.

cmon,ask me. XD

Fasha dah ade blog!

Fasha shasha got her very own blogpage already.
Way to go girl *laflaf*
Here's the link
Do visit yah!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Up and away.

Good day y'all. It's Thursday.
Can't update much.
Got no internet here in Setapak.
Am staying at Genting Court Condo now for about the moment.
So many things to update.
But so lil tima.
This joyful July means a lot to me.
Usher's concert. Showdown final.
Sales and sales and sales.
More and more surprises.
Below is the view from GCC.
It's been cloudy all day.
So bored. Nothing to do.
I promise. I'll update you, dear blog very soon.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

my philly.

Look at her. Looks kinda glum. Am worried. I woke up early this morning as onichi said philly vomitted here and there. So I got up, clean all those mess. Thinking. Is there's something wrong with philly. Am looking forward to bring herr to see Dr Mell for check ups soon. In fact, it's been quite a while we haven't seen our beloved vet. Anyway, am in KL now. Arrived last night at abt 9.45p.m. So glad to be back here in KL. Am missing everything. Can't wait to get back on track on everything. Ngee XD XD. And sales. Gawsh. Got lotsa sales on these days. Can't wait also to put my hands on 'em. Hahaha. La Senza's, Hush Puppies', MNG's, Topshop, ZARA etc etc. And not to be forgotten WAREHOUSE Sales!! Mommy's home baby! Let's rock! *my heart's jumping+happydancing*

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

ohh emmi.

I'm doomed. Doomed. I forgot an important date. It's july the third. A blogger friend of mine' birthday!. Emmi natasha. Her birthday. Am posting this entry using my beary beck blackberry cause am so not home now. Darn. I ddnt wish her, not even on fb or formspring. Adeh. She might disappointed in me for not wishing her on her special day. Fun fact abt this blogger, she did posted an entry on me. Funny right. But yet, very sweet. Have never had someone posted an entry on me before. *there was, once. But that' s on photo editing* . --so, here it is.
Emmi natasha, Happy Belated 22nd Birthday. Really sorry for being late. But I supposed, I can make it up by posting this entry. XP Hihihi. Very hoping that emmi had a joyful moment during your birthday. May Allah always showering you and your loved ones with His blessing. Will be praying for emmi's happiness and success, and together a wonderful lovely relationship with your bf, Aiman. It's good to have such nice friend like you. Long live emmi. X). *hwugs & kishes* mmmuachs~

and here. am dedicating this one good song for you emmi. you should listen. it made my day and am sure you'll love it too.
*Now Playing on my iTunes, Dance Forever by The AllStar Weekend*
best. enjoy emmi!

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muka tak mandi.

me. just me.
pagi tadi. saje ngade ngade.
on my bed.
havent had my bath yet.
still in my pajamas.
ngee XD XD XD
but then, i rushed to the shower.
got an appointment with my dentist, Dr. Zain.

pls ignore my wall. blue and got starry night stars and moon and the swirly sun.
-.-'' macam bilik budak budak.

somersaults baby.

told yah. my god. so blessed. my  o my. 4-nil babe! worth a somersault. haha. maradona might take cocaine tonight. dont cry yah. argentins out there. you slept like the three lions while at the battle field ya know. some said, us germany can enjoy this glory till Espanol beat us during the semi soon. spain better win. we're seeing you in the semi. aih. idk. still.cant say much. mom will get mad. but poor messi. such messed up. i believe argentina can do way better than this. word of advice for argentina, dont ever look back in anger alright. try again for the next 4years. ouh wait. f.o.u.r, right. DANG! u just got served! a friend of mine did reminds me that sume team players that involved in the FIFA WC ads dah kalah. LOL. Achtung! but our germany's counter attacks were all pretty fast tonight. these were what contributes to all the goals. argentina, u better check and as stated above. dont look back in anger.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

err.. whoopie. *lamest face ever*

gawsh. am super nervous. germany V. argentina tonight at 2200hrs. ouch. this quarter finals really unease me. hadhoooi. seeing argentina kinda. idk. for me argentina is nothing. other than if messi can do magic and stuff, they might win tonights' match. they indeed a great team and got talented players. really looking forward for my Nationalmannschaft to see Spain in the semi. too bad samba kick off last night ended up a victory for oranje. italy out. brazil out. only one team of me rooting on now. germany.  Let's go Germany! Klose, Podolski, and Mueller. Finish argentina off tonight. anything can be happened tonight. pape pn, england kita dh beat with 4 - 1. *bhaha* kick maradona from this football arena, then we all be happy. ngee. cant say much. cant be cocky much. mom will get mad. just watch the gonna and pray for our victory. aih. let's send another team home.

ha....keke,tq 4 coment..siapa erk

Erk. Kamu sape?

cmon,ask me. XD

Friday, July 02, 2010

well hello July!

supposed to be posted ytd. but i kinda got so so so many things to do. been busy ya know. but i think it's not too late to yell out, Good bye June. sweet sweet June. will always be my favorite month. ngee XD. and welcome aboard July. may you bring along all the joyous and prosperous together with you to enlighten my days ahead. so, been busy ytd in the kitchen ya know. woke up early. drop lil monsters off to school. do the laundry and dishes. at about 11a.m Baba asked me to go to Pendek, Peasir Mas visiting my Chek (grandpapa) there. so, off i went there alone. but I stopped by the kedai, bought some Chek's favorite sweet desserts. so glad to see Chek and nenek also my cousins there. got cencaru bakar as am heading back. thanks cuzzy hajar for that. promised her to send my cuppacakeys to IIUM if i went there to see salsya. *mmuachs*. on my way back, bought lauk for lunch as i already masak nasi before i left for Pendek. reached home, preparing lunch as hanif and iqbal got back from school. then i started to think about pasta and pizza night that i planned days before. *tungtangtungtang* in the kitchen. i made homemade meatballs for pasta night. as meatballs ready and i throw 'em into the fridge, i begin to prepare the ingredients for my steamed choc cake. put in the mixture into the steamer at 4 p.m. for an hour and as the cake ready, got dressed up to pick lil monsters up from Al Munir at 5. them both were so thrilled as i baked the choc cake and asked me to drive faster home caused they wanna grab a slice of it. hihi. *surprise much eyh* sekali makan dah separuh kek nye. am glad to see them happy. for dinner, i changed pasta night to last night. so, cooked spaghetti with beef meatballs for dinner. also, i made deep fried   flour-coated mushrooms as i got fresh mushrooms, ayah gave me earlier in the morning. totally drained right after i finished all those. kinda slept early last night but surprisingly woke up at about 2.10 a.m. have never been this "too rajin" thingy before. but am happy on doing all those for my loved ones. in fact, yah cooking is so not my expertise but i can cook. i just love baking more. that's it. hihi. i snapped some pictures. you guys pls dont drool over my blog yah. ngee XD XD. till next time.

.this is one of my lil monsters. see. she's a monster alright. big brown eyes.

x x x x

Award winning.

AWARD*1 [ Award Bestest Blog & Greatest Blog ]

from : Etty Lukeman :)

1: Anda mesti beri pujian pada pemberi award ni.

Uhh ohh perlu ye? Okay. Not much. But she's a good girl, anak cikgu nih. Geng dia best. Dulu panggil Zati Lukeman je. Tapi skang dah panggil Etty Lukeman. Soft spoken person. Tapernah rasanye tengok dia marah or even tinggi suara. Ngee. Muachss to you darl. Thanks a zillion for the award. *Sukesukesuke*

2: Sila beri award kepada 10 blogger yang lain

Chik, Eiji (Egy), Khay, Sarara, Cik Ros, Jue, Ayin, Trex, Emmi, Nadia 
3: Anda mesti memberitahu kepada 10 blogger ini


4: Bagaimana anda boleh digelar blog yang best and great?

Idk. I wish i can tell yah. Ngaha. Gotta ask Etty Lukeman for the answer :).

AWARD*2 [ Award Top Blogger 2010 ]

from : Etty Lukeman too ;)

1. apa nama blog dan knp letak nama itu? 
Me bloggie name o is *wink*. Me put that name cause me laf to wink when me is happy. Me also *wink* if me is happydancing ya know. Plus, *wink*-ing is kinda cute. "Kinda" alright, me not saying it is cute for real. Ngee XD.
2.apa nama URL blog dan dari mana datangnya idea itu?                                                                                                                      Me bloggie URL is Reason..? Me stuffs all got beckpanda attached. So--.                                                        
3. apa method dlm penulisan anda? 
craps, craps and craps as me bloggie's description there, CRAPPY MUCH.

4. pernah terasa nak hapuskan blog? sebab musababnya? 
Nah. But, thinking of changing the URL,Yes. Once. Reason lagi? Ade la. Secreto!
5. pernah ahli keluarga anda baca blog anda? 
Ahah. Besides, me sister is a blogger oso.
6. apa perasaan anda bila org kata blog anda buruk sdgkan org lain kata blog anda cantik?
dun give a demm at all. they can say whateva they like. me likes all.

7. bila blog anda diberanakkan? 

Am on Blogger since July '08. But first entry posted ever was on March 1, 2009. 

8. siapa org pertama yg tahu anda ada blog? 

Sidekick! :* 

9. apa perasaan anda bila ada org berkata ttg blog anda d sekolah? 

tade ape. biase je la. 

10. sepuluh org sterusnya bakal di tag. 

same seperti award d ataz :)

penatla mau tag. sesapela boleh buat. yang mane lalu lalu, blogwalking sume. boleh buat. anda semestinya top blogger 2010. Yeah!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

apa ym?

add email ni

cmon,ask me. XD

pagi semua.

uhh ohh. today woke up kinda late for Subuh. but still 6.30a.m *yaaaaawn*. i didnt cook anything for breakfast today. planning for some pancakes, but naaah. it's already late. as usual, helping my two lil monsters for school, drive 'em and drop them off at the zebra crossing. there is a 'pakcik' to guide 'em to cross the road. *yawn again* pretty sleepy this morning. we had toast for breakfast today. and as usual also, baba will brew our morning coffee and definitely just for syukri, nescafe tarik. special edition. as i returned home, i drop by at ayah's mushroom barn. as ayah there, checking up on his mushrooms to be picked and selected. i got these guys from ayah.

so happy. so, there will crispy flour-coated mushrooms in today's lunch menu. yeay! look at these guys. arent they gorgeous. they're big and fresh. and belows are before ayah picked 'em up. uhh ohh mushy mushrooms. ngaha!

i think am gonna head back to bed. kinda sleepy lor. just for few minutes nap i think. again *yawn*. still, my runny nose havent stop yet. i really hope that it wont lead to demam or whatsoever (WSE). gawsh. i took my prescription alright. but still. urghh. oh how i wish i could make this flu go away. till then y'all, have a wonderful Thursday and a great week ahead. be nice to people and will udpate my blog soon. *hwugs*

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