Thursday, July 30, 2009

such fanta-bulous ri-donk-culous feeling ^^

Good day, good day everyone.

I feel so freshen up today. Such feelings that only boost me up when I had a fabulous kick start in the morning


So, something came up yesterday. I went out with Salsya. Accompany her to “buka puasa”, since she’s fasting for the month of Syaaban. I even had both my onichi and bro taufiq with me yesterday coz onichi need to be at the JKR HQ for her ‘lapor diri’. They both stayed at my house the night before, coz they arrived from Kuantan at half past 1 in the middle of the night.

Well, I went out with salsya. I picked her up with my lovely Scootie Mootie at Mahallah Aminah coz she didn’t want me to bother my self to Mahallah Halimah. So, we cruised together as salsya brought her own helmet which she borrowed from a friend of her, to Alpha Angle Wangsa Maju. Salsya’s the one that decided to go there. So, as we arrived, I kindly ask her to accompany me to the salon first as I want to blow dry my hair … and she said YES! Hehe (thanks,Salsya~!) I was so satisfied with my hair coz the blow dry only cost me 15bucks! , and it’s fabulous. We went to F.O.S, guy’s dept., lady’s dept. , those lil stalls that sells baju kurung … easy to say, we wandered all over the Alpha Angle while waiting for the azan Maghrib so that salsya can ‘buka puasa’. Not forgetting PDI and Padini Authentic, SEED etc. I did try on some Levi’s thou, but I didn’t buy it (… yet~!)Ha-ha and I will get my hands on ‘em. Sooner. We got ourselves some good clothes also cute garments yesterday … also some gorgeous inner wears ha-ha ^^. After we finished with our shopping and stuffs, we headed straight to Mr. Teppanyaki to grab something to eat and also to ‘buka puasa’ (salsya)… we eat, drink, chat, laugh and giggle then, we continued with some shopping more, and at about 10.15p.m. we headed back to IIUM… and as I feel so tired so-so-so veryvery super tired, I decided to have a sleepover at salsya’s place. As actually salysa invited me to stay for one night at the first place and I thought that was a fantastic idea. So, I stayed. hi-hi ^^

salsya's room at Blok F,room4.5. never been to any IIUM's hostel before. Well,it's cute.smaller than UTM's eventhou we shared our room for 2,at the very least we got our very own toilet.IIUM's toilet located just like school's,outside the rooms and sharing with other floor members. but,well...different universities,different styles aight? haha. whatever.

we had chats, meet some of her roomates,we watched the Maid Of Honor while slurp-ing Starbuck's Coffee Jelly frapp with extraextra caramel syrup and extra whipped cream that i bought before we went back to IIUM.such moments. so good to be with salsya.her friends's are nice.

maybe, we will have another sleep over again at IIUM he-he

and Salsya,i had a very great ya!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

well,we do just wanna hv fun~!

aheh,hey y'all~!!
miss blogging so so so muuachs
sorry guys and girls for not putting and posting latest
entries here
hehe been quite supersuper extraextra busybusy these two three days

>>pretty sad actually coz i cnt be in kelantan to join my girls a 'lil' gathering at tRex's house
>>lepak with salsya for couple of hours at Mahallah Halimatus Saadiah,IIUM
>>miss salsya alot thou...
>>went to few places during the weekends to do some SHOPPING, [ngeee~ :D]
>>got brand new GUESS handbag,La Senza's LOLA&COCO Nightshirts
>>also i was thinking to give nasrin's bday present that i've been puting up on hold for such quite a moment since her birthday...
>>...and it will happen this saturday,(insyaallah~).
>>miss tRex,iena and razan so so much.
>>something came up between me and my best-Est friend ever.
>>i did cried for a whole night
>>got new CAPECOD's apparels
>>cnt wait to buy brand new jeans...fwaaah~
>>SERVICE-d my scootie dear mootie already.
  • brand new pairs of tires
  • brake including landing brakes
  • cable setting
  • gear oil
  • license renewal
  • black seat cover.... p/s:no more white
  • seat bracket ...fixed already.YEAH!
i was pretty messed up these twothree days and i am now try to catch each and every pieces of me now. dhla boros etc. byk shopshopshop plak tu. time and self management sume minusminus.bknnye plusplus nk jd baik.haih~but u guys dnt worry.i still miss u all and.


gawsh...u girls and guys wont kill me rite?.....for these
dnt worry i'll make these up for all of u
i'll try to post latest entry of all
miss u all so so muuuachs~!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


death...for me is pain
lots of pain
pain as for those whom i love or we love and care
will suffer
.. mourning the death
of their loved one

I'd never given much thought to how I would die...
But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go.

Monday, July 06, 2009

a moment worth remember;june28,2009



Good day fellow readers. Especially my followers. Nothing much doing today.

I met my best friend. Such a while haven’t seen each other. About couple of months I supposed. Lots of things we talked about. Well, since lots of things have been going around then. Minum minum at a maple, Restoran Siti Zubaidah, located in Danau Kota.


 Hey .I know you’ll be reading this ha-ha since you’re a frequent reader and kind of a blogger too...or maybe not


Thanks for buying me drinks today. Great to have you back. I meant, seeing you. ‘cause it’s really weird for not seeing you sometimes. Felt like I’m losing quarter of me ghee :D. Moreover, since haven’t heard much about you, from you yourself. And since there so much of a few about you I heard from couples of friend of mine and also from a friend of a friend of a friend and of a friend of mine blah blah blah and it goes on and on and on.

Duuuh~ it’s like people don’t have spine of their own


So, not much to tell. I stayed home and haven’t been out ‘till kuengg called. So, rains quite heavy and thank god I’m not soaking wet. Thinking of seeing zul today but… guess not.

so bored


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