Monday, February 28, 2011

After A While.

Yeahh. Last time we all hang out, three of us, was when our Sha got engaged, back in Muar. Even that one I didn't consider that as hang out since we stayed at Sha's house for 2days and 1night. Hurm lemme think. Ohh. The other time was still at the same BK we are as today, BK KLCC during eve of Maal Hijrah. Haaaaa, such a relief to get along, catching up on each other.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Mermaid Tale or Mermaid Tail??

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's all for you.

Yes dear. Nothing in this world that I do aint for you. You know how deep I care about you. How much I put my love on you. But then, dont you ever dare to compare of how big is my love to you among people surrounding me. You should know me. You should know me better. For almost 5 years weve been together. And yes. Dont you ever compare me with the other girls that you ever knew, seen. Because if you do, you just put me into a condition. I mean situation where I can never accept, I believe, as it is a disgrace towards me. Am sorry. I just dont really know how to put it nicely. But that is exactly how I feel if you do so.

And as for today, thank you for everything. I had a great time even the movie was too crappy for us. But yeah, sometimes silly movies could burst out our tautness into joy. And I kinda like it. Hope you enjoy the treat. And yeah, mine was better right dear. So next time I wanna give you a surprise, I should know better. Though I cant have the you for the whole day. I know youre in a rush.
So okay.
Am gonna continue with my Grammy Awards.
Send my best to Nadia.
Love you as always.
Nothing compares to the way I feel when I'm with you, because every time you smile, I smile too ♥ (:

Shaun The Sheep

Yeah. Am now watching this on Disney Channel. Yall should watch it sometimes. This has been my fav programme since am a HUGE fan of Disney's. So, now watching. Dont really know what to do, so I just sit here posting an entry. On my lap there's papaya cutlets that i prepared hours ago. Actually I decided to blend a smoothie right before bed but as I found out that... aih, not yet sleepy so, I take the papaya cutlets and makan.
Ohh what yall are up to now. I believe yall are snoozing like a slowpoke now. Bhaha. So not sure what am I actually mumbling here, so I guess I should stop.
So, bye!

p/s:  finished with my papaya. now gonna cont watching my Shaun.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I said, "No!"

No. I wont let you control my fate. Will never let you. While im holding the weight of the world on my conscience.
No. I wont just sit here and wait while you weighing your options. Your making a fool of me.
No.You didn't dare to try and say you don't care. And solemnly swear not to follow me there.
No. It aint like me to beg on my knees or, "Please, oh baby please...". That's not how am doing things.
Yes, you should know.
No, am not upset, no am not angry. I know love is love and love sometimes, it doesn't pays me. Most of the time love pains me.
No. I'm never without you, I'll always be with you. You'll never forget me, am keeping you with me
No. I wont let you take me to the end of my row, to the end of my world, to the end of my life. Or keep burning and torching my soul.
No, am not your puppet. And positively NO, I wont let you go off of me.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

More entry to be posted.

Ohh. Hey all. Yes. Me here. Safely landed on KBR from KUL two days ago. Too lazy to post about what's happening as I reached KBR. Soon la ehh. Hihi. Dont worry. I'll keep yall updated in a few. As am about to tell you is, I just finished making kek batik couple of minutes ago. And surprise, surprise... I've been practicing wearing the kain batik on my very own. Ha-ha. So new to me as Mom always told me that she can never imagine seeing me in a proper kain batik, put on in a proper way, nicely fold as it should be (not such sewed as paired with baju Kurung okayy). So, as I put on my batik sarong... then I decide to make a kek batik. I was quite bored just now and that derived me to bake or make something. I'll say a treat. Plusminus after 15mins, I finished with my kek batik and I sat down, had a glass of refreshing soy milk... then I realized that #bhaha, I was wearing my batik sarong while making my kek batik. As Smelly text-ed, "Hehe...buat kek batik, pakai kain batik. Ohh so sexy."

Friday, February 04, 2011

Rock the beat.

They said money change a situation. He said it increases the complication. While she said don't stab, I ain't the one. He said that UZI weigh a mother fucking ton. And I'm just a student of the game that they taught me. Rock in every stage in every place that they brought me. I'm awfully underrated. But came here to correct it. And so it ain't mistakin' imma state it for the record.

I am the opposite of wack
Opposite of weak
Opposite of slack
Synonym of heat
Synonym of crack
Closest to a peak
Far from a punk

Now, I'll just let what will all the people say.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My weekend.

Ohh yes. My weekend. My version. Offdays on Sundays and Mondays, as I've told before. And as for this week, I got Silverfish Society 15th Engagement on Sunday, but of course I had tonnes of fun with my Kumon comrades and my students and the movie was the best part. A movie based on a book written by Road Dahl. Still, I got more days to stay off from work. Ngee. Instead of the usual Sunday and Monday, I got one day extra. It's the Federal Territory Day. Public Holiday yall. Some more CNY is approaching, and of course am  going for quite a long break as the month of February begins. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday = no work. Reviving my inner strength, get as much rest as I could during the break and also our house' spring cleaning will be in the list during the break. And one more important thing, am flying back to KBR this Thursday. Ohh, cant wait to see everyone. Missing home like so bad lately.

See. Above punye doodle. Raining doodle. Lately, it's been rain, rain all day. Non-stop raining. Flooding here and there. Gosh. Am so worried of all the places all over the country. CNY is just around and how are they gonna celebrate their prosperous new year in this humid weather. Hurm. But for me, I cant say much. Every single thing happened, is fate. Written to be happened. Bak kata orang, 'hujan ini suatu rahmat'.
But sometimes, I do sing the "Rain, rain go away" song. It's one of Mom's favorite childhood  nursery rhymes. Trust me. It's just for fun. I wont mind the rain. I love the rain. Thou if it's raining, it's hard for me to go to work.... but, naaah.
I should sleep now.

*hwugs and kishes*

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