Friday, July 20, 2018

MUET Session 2, 2018

Tomorrow will be the Test Day for another 3 papers; Listening, Reading, Writing.
Have you got everything ready?
Have you prepared enough?

Here, I'd like to share with you some DOs and DONTs for you, especially to my beloved MUET candidates from Pusat Tuisyen Prima. 

1. Get your MUET Exam Slip ready, and bring it on the exam day! 
    (You may click this link to get yours)
2. Bring you IC (and matrix card, if necessary)
3. Stationary; make sure you have enough pens, pencils, correction tape & eraser.
     I personally prefer correction tape than the liquid form cause it's way more convenient.
4. Get enough sleep before Exam Day!!

Some other additional info that I'd like to share would be..
1. Dress appropriately on the exam day. Smart Casual, with covered      shoes. 
    Gentlemen, put on any collared tops.
    Ladies, please put on your best smart casual outfits.
2. Put on a wristwatch. Thou some of you might not be a fan of          wristwatch, this is the  perfect company to your exam day. (Trust me!)
3. Arrive early; minutes before the scheduled time. Especially for the        Listening Test. If you  happen to arrive late for Listening, the tape          won't be played for another time, or rewind just for you or            whatsoever. So, be punctual! or early
     If your Exam Centre happens to be quite further from your      location/house, do plan your journey to avoid any mishap.
4. For Written Test (Listening, Reading, Writing); time gap between       papers is not that long. So, make sure you have enough drinks to        stay hydrated, perhaps some buns/breads to snack on. 
Me & my MUET candidates for Session 2, 2018 batch
I'm so going to miss yall terribly!
I hope you are all set for your test. Keep yourself calm. Don't be panic. take your time to listen everything during the Listening Test, and try to jot down whatever necessary. On the second round of Listening, stay calm. Check again your jotted notes and questions. Answer all questions BUT don't forget to READ EVERYTHING right after you finish answering. 
Make sure all grammar rules are intact.

And I also would love to take this opportunity to call out all MUET candidates Session 3 2018 to join our MUET Crash Course.
You will be exposed with tips, technic/skills and tricks to score your MUET papers.

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