Monday, September 27, 2010

Wally molly.

Lately asyik kurang sihat je.
Nak kate sakit, don't want-la.
Cam sounds teruk plk klau cakap 'sakit'.
Within 3days, kena pegi clinics and masuk medical center.
Thank Allah, Kg Baru Medical Center pny svce bagus.
So many medications prescribed by my doctor.
Terlalu byk ubat nak kena telan.
Ubat kalau cenonet sumenye, xpe.
The thing is they're all huge and leceh nak swallow.
But what to do. Maybe this is one of the dugaan for me destined by Allah. I'll just hang on alil bit more. Very hoping I'll get well soon.
Thou just sinus, but doc said will take 5-10days for me to be full-recovered.
And plus, for my contaminated-exceeding-white blood cells tu, doc said will take 10-16days to be fully-recover. Ubat tanak byk kan. And he also added if my lelah strucks again, I need to be admitted to the ward immediately.
Sgt sedih dengar condition diri sendiri. But as I mentioned earlier, akan saya lalui dgn tabah.
InsyaAllah I'll b just fine and ☺kay. Thanks to my special someone, dear Zul, Mom, Onichi and Sha, Salsya, Manap for the special porridge and supports. Love y'all too much.

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