Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I used to be afraid of giving up
the road was just too tough for me this time
Out here on my own, my path was so alone
I can do nothing but try to be positive
Whisper to myself to keep me calm
You can let it pass you
Just take a hold and grasp it
Now's the time to take a chance
With the strength of thousand men
You can climb to your feet again.
So please...
Dry those tears from your eyes
And everything will be alright
You know the rainbow's just in sight
Dust your wings off as you pass
If your heart feels overwhelmed
Just know you never by yourself
Put your hands, both hands together,
Close to your body, hold your head up high
And you'll you.
Better you. Stronger you.

Faith is where my heart is
I'll let energy replace my doubts
Won't my trials get the best of me
I'm marching towards my destiny.

You can try to hurt me, doubt me and desert me.
I'll feel the will of a kings
With my mind I'll plant a seed
And you know a tree will grow and take me in
To safety' arms I will descend.

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