Saturday, October 13, 2012

Felicito !

Hi. What a glorious victory experienced last night by Kelantan team, The Red Warriors in the Semi Final clash against Selangor team, the red Giants. Now we're thru to the Finals to meet ATM, I bet another amazing gameplay to show by TRW to put the #Misi3 to become a reality. Even so, sadly to say that Ghaddar and Farhan are not gonna be joining the team to fight in the Finals. Hmmm..
Well. For starters this cold morning, rains poured heavily and I believe most of you are still settling in your comfy blanket and comforters in bed or maybe snuggling on the couch watching TV while having coffees and toasts, embracing this lazy-cold-good-feeling.
........ Okay. Am out of idea.
Am gonna stop now.


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