Monday, January 21, 2013

And who are you again...?

You barely knew me. Came out of nowhere. I'm sorry but I don't know you. Who are you to talk with such manners with me? Who are you to tell me what should I do? And of course who are you to point and tell me who I am and what I am. You're nothing more than a friend to me. Wait. Actually you're just someone that I know. Ha-ha. Wanna help me bringing the best out of me ? Pffft. Please. Get to know me first, then you'll figure out what to do next. Please. If I heard the idea of you trying to tell or do stuff over my beloved or fellas, I'll make sure I, myself will smack your face with my own fist.

And ohh. No. You're never the first thing that I ever think of in the morning. I'm sorry. And of course my Monday is still doing just fine and I do know, better things await for me up ahead.

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