Monday, July 06, 2009

a moment worth remember;june28,2009



Good day fellow readers. Especially my followers. Nothing much doing today.

I met my best friend. Such a while haven’t seen each other. About couple of months I supposed. Lots of things we talked about. Well, since lots of things have been going around then. Minum minum at a maple, Restoran Siti Zubaidah, located in Danau Kota.


 Hey .I know you’ll be reading this ha-ha since you’re a frequent reader and kind of a blogger too...or maybe not


Thanks for buying me drinks today. Great to have you back. I meant, seeing you. ‘cause it’s really weird for not seeing you sometimes. Felt like I’m losing quarter of me ghee :D. Moreover, since haven’t heard much about you, from you yourself. And since there so much of a few about you I heard from couples of friend of mine and also from a friend of a friend of a friend and of a friend of mine blah blah blah and it goes on and on and on.

Duuuh~ it’s like people don’t have spine of their own


So, not much to tell. I stayed home and haven’t been out ‘till kuengg called. So, rains quite heavy and thank god I’m not soaking wet. Thinking of seeing zul today but… guess not.

so bored



here some bla bla bla for u...

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