Tuesday, July 28, 2009

well,we do just wanna hv fun~!

aheh,hey y'all~!!
miss blogging so so so muuachs
sorry guys and girls for not putting and posting latest
entries here
hehe been quite supersuper extraextra busybusy these two three days

>>pretty sad actually coz i cnt be in kelantan to join my girls a 'lil' gathering at tRex's house
>>lepak with salsya for couple of hours at Mahallah Halimatus Saadiah,IIUM
>>miss salsya alot thou...
>>went to few places during the weekends to do some SHOPPING, [ngeee~ :D]
>>got brand new GUESS handbag,La Senza's LOLA&COCO Nightshirts
>>also i was thinking to give nasrin's bday present that i've been puting up on hold for such quite a moment since her birthday...
>>...and it will happen this saturday,(insyaallah~).
>>miss tRex,iena and razan so so much.
>>something came up between me and my best-Est friend ever.
>>i did cried for a whole night
>>got new CAPECOD's apparels
>>cnt wait to buy brand new jeans...fwaaah~
>>SERVICE-d my scootie dear mootie already.
  • brand new pairs of tires
  • brake including landing brakes
  • cable setting
  • gear oil
  • license renewal
  • black seat cover.... p/s:no more white
  • seat bracket ...fixed already.YEAH!
i was pretty messed up these twothree days and i am now try to catch each and every pieces of me now. dhla boros etc. byk shopshopshop plak tu. time and self management sume minusminus.bknnye plusplus nk jd baik.haih~but u guys dnt worry.i still miss u all and.


  1. byk mende nye khay
    kau shopping tiap2 ari kan
    aku dh lm sgt xshopshop ni
    tp,aku tau sgt...kau lg byk duit dr aku,khay haha


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