Thursday, October 01, 2009

PD,Corus Paradise and Us

here we are
on Raya the 6th and 7th
arrived at the Port Dickson
...with absolut nothing
no clothes,no bathing suit,no sweats or even tights,no flip flops

syakirah on being wether a duYONG or duGONG
snap by zul

see,no bathing suits

i really need to get my very own sand-castle-making toolbox

twas 0710 hrs

snap by syakirah

zul was too embarrassed to give out his peace sign
appa da dude!

in our hotel room before we had our dinner

time to relax

look at us haha~!! ^.^


  1. ala kejap jek pon
    tp aha,bercuti gak tu hihi
    cik khay g pangkor x nnt?


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