Sunday, September 27, 2009

myRaya=WORST,but still got my duit raya

mom said,
"aww this is so sweet,this year's Raya we really had a lot of cookies.i made 2,and the rest your kakak aisyah did.banyak plak tu."

yes,maybe our Raya gonna be a blast...maybe not.
on the 1st day of Raya we are okay
everyone's wearing just like we all agreed for this year's theme-->BROWN element
no need to be really brown
at the very least,have that a bit of brown element is accepted
next year's family theme...?
havent been decided yet
usually,our makcik and pakcik together with ayah and ma will decide

ok,back 1st day Raya
after Solat Raya,all of us went to the cemetery nearby for ziarah kubur
at first,i was okay but then when adib and i reached at nenek's, ma's stepmother a.k.a mom's stepgrandmother i cant help myself and my tears started
can never imagine that she's already gone,forever
Al-fatihah to her~

so,Raya here Raya there.
went back to baba's side of family at Pasir Mas
eat here,eat there
and even,
had a slight slack this raya
there's been a lil complications at Pasir Mas.

the best part,duit Raya
im a grown up
they say,"alaaa acah,no need much la.u dh some"
thou just "...some" plusminus okay la.
this time Raya i only got rm180++
compared to previous's,absolute dissapointed
but,like they a grown up

my bad raya moments started at 9pm
im starting to get dizzy
my tummy rumbled
feeling nausea
and in all of sudden
i vomit and cant really breath well
i found out that i got food poisoning
diarrhea,vomit etc
this food poisoning been lasting till my 3rd Raya
cant believe this is happening to me
ayahmy only uncle on mom's side a.k.a mom's only brother gave me
the pucuk jambu batu to chew and i didnt work
i took almost every single medication that i think would workout
but,it just didnt
paracetamol 650mg,paracetamol 500mg,pucuk jambu batu,pil chi kit teck aun,
bitter tea=2 glasses by mom,ORS re-hydration salt=2packets

gawsh,i thought i almost died haha
i can do nothing from the dusk of 1st Raya till the afternoon of 3rd Raya
even go no where
im so sick!
on the 3rd Raya after 4p.m.,my tummy felt okay but then the dizzy's back
mom held my forehead and she said i got my cold.
so,again...i took paracetamol 650mg
and at 6p.m. i started to feel okay ^^
alhamdulillah,thank god

that's how my Raya goes this year
i wont mind
maybe there's hikmah behind all these
the next day,my cuzzies had planned to have a girlscuzzies day's out
im so gonna talk about that on the next entry


  1. siannye die sakit time raye. x best tol. huhu..

    so, pasni jgn mkn sebarangan!!

    kontrol balik. hehe..

    samat ri raya beck! =)

  2. tu la khay hukhukhuk

    ok,nekad dh.tamau mkn sembarangan
    akan take control of everything

    selamat ari raye khay~
    maaf z&b
    bile nk wat open house khay?


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