Sunday, November 29, 2009

Philly:my forbidden love

the name's Philly :)

the night the i caught Philly sleeping right next to my pillow
she's so adorable

steamy Philly hihi

a kitty that i bought
mix Persian,tabby
plusminus 5months old now
will complete her first 3months vaccine this December16
she's a bunker
eat big,sleep big
drinks a lot,poops also a lot
but she has this cutie lil face that is so flash out he innocent-nitty of her
that's what i love most about cat
im also a dog person,but my love is more to cats

muachhhs to Philly!



  1. comel nyo philly!!!!!!!!
    seriusly comel.

  2. come key?
    aku harihari rindu ko dio hukhuk


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