Thursday, November 12, 2009

get that dirt off your shoulder

Called salsya just now.asking her to go out with me cos I miss her so so fact,her finals are over hihi so I was thinking to hang out together...maybe see some movies.oh gawsh,bestnye~
Hahaha so salsya said she already promised her ibu that she'll be heading straight home,Tapah, by today or maybe tomorrow.
Alaaaa,spoiled la.
So,I decided to call salsya's ibu which ibu's name happen to be similar to mom's.isn't that lovely haha.HAMIDAH.
So,mrs. Hamidah,watch out hihihi...for my calls.I'll be calling u past office hour asking permission so that salsya could stay for about another 2,3days more :) :D hihi can't wait

...And I think I hv a song written for salsya
Err I'll post it on the next entry.look forward for it okay~ :) <3


  1. Nape?u nk tmn I melepak ke?bia la.salsya suke pe lepak ngn I hehe.

  2. hahaha.. kesian kwn beck. mesti die nk sgt balik umaaaaaaaaa....


    tp beck halang. oh no!


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