Friday, December 03, 2010

moving out.

as mentioned above, yes. am moving out. again. am now moving out to sentul. as am working in jalan ipoh so, i found out that i gotta find a place that's closer to my workplace. and from now on am no longer staying at Genting Court Condo, Setapak but am now living at Sentul Utama Condominium in Sentul. as yesterday my other half and i angkut barang and all,  something happened. its not really something but this one thing happened.

done with my stuffs. my other half went down to ground floor right before me, as my house kan all girls. so he dont wanna waited for me upstairs, he said he'll be downstairs for me in the car. then i went down to meet him kat bawah. i keluar je elevator, i saw hes kinda bersembang dengan guard block i. i keluar ke lobby je i heard guard tu said, "ohh ni ke tunangnye. oo ok ok.", while looking at me and smiled. shockingly macam nak mati, i answered,"wait what? ni la sape...?" and the guard replied, "takde ape. saje je bersembang tadi" then as my other half passed me the car keys, he said, "you masuk kete start engine first, jap lagi kite gerak". muke-terkejut-tak-leh-blah tadi tak habis lagi. all i know is our friend, zaid is getting engaged. why ever on Mother earth will aku yang dipanggil 'tunang' nye. gawsh. tak beragak langsung. tapi, whatevv. yes. korang nak cakap ape, cakap la. for me, im not a type of person yang macam gila nak bertunang or get married etc. maybe some of you might think, ala dah bf ckp cmtu suke je la. nape nak deny and so on. its just if its not, then its not la. i dont blame my other half about this, its just. idk. kinda mengada plak my other half tu ytd.

merapu enough.
i think i should stop now.
i nak kemas ade lagi sket barang ni.
nak get settled etc.
yall take care alright.
have a good Friday.
Youre gonna love the weekend as much as I do.

*hwugs and kishe*


  1. OMG! Beck, u dah start keje eh? Why on earth la I dunno bout this? Heee...

  2. alamak you tak tau ke ari. ishh. masalah besar ni. you kena tau.

  3. Xpe Beck, take it in a +ve way ya!

    Means he is soooo serious with u. =)

  4. I'll be nothing but the happiest girl if he did so.
    thanks babe!
    i'll be +ve then hehe.


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