Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Smelly ; Best foot forward.

You guys.
Happy morning.
Just a short update.
Happened last night.
Smelly called. Am still at Kumon..
Many many stock takes, reports to do and submit.
Buat keje in the office from 10am till night. Aihh.
He asked me whether okay or not if he wanna pick me up right from the center. And as i replied, need not to. Since my TnG card havent top up yet, i bought the return ticket from Sentul. So, it might go to waste if i didnt use it. *padahal dalam hati nak usha abg KTM bhaha, and ticket bukan mahal pon* Plus, if he picked me up, I gotta take scootie la, need to get back to the station la. It's better if we just meet up right after I get home. Then I said, no need. Just wait me at my Condo parking then I'll see him there. In a few, I heard of his bazoomer exhaust. That 'goroom goroom', I took a peek from the center, I saw him and his Gen2. My god. Ape hal?? He just parked his car downstairs, waiting for me to finish. Around 10-15mins after, I went down. Flashed into the car and said, "What's up" though at that time he was on the phone with Jack Ranga, his colleague. As he finished  bergayut, he start to talk hahaha. "Ala dear, I datang amik you salah ke. I takut nanti you flirt ngan brader brader KTM yang hensem hensem tu. So, if I said I wanna pick you up, you paham paham je la ehh". Hahahaha. Gelak besar I last night. My gawsh smelly. What has got into you. Chillax. I said, "I tak kemana la. You nih.", while grinning evilly. Cheewah. So, I he drove me home and.... No! We stopped at Sentul station' first, picked up scootie mootie, he escorted me to my condo.... i parked scootie then we went out, grab something to eat. Then bla bla bla bla etc.

*hwugs and kishes* to everybody!


  1. owh. i missed the time when u were at sentul

  2. I miss my condo back in Sentul too. Aishh


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