Monday, January 31, 2011


Always and forever I respected your decision, your opinion, your ideas. Anything that came out from your soft, pink lips, I put into my consideration list. And as for this time... I just cant believe you said that. You want me to be "sederhana". What is that supposed to mean. I know. I know who I am. As Mom always taught, and told me before, she is proud of who I am, happy to see me being me. And how on Earth did you think you can say that. What am I to you? All along. When we first met? What were you thinking? Actually.. wait wait. What you actually thought about me? You said I didnt change a bit since before, but now... Are you saying you want me to change? You want me to be not me? Are you looking for another person? Are you trying to say that you positively think that you're with the wrong person? I.. I.. I.. I dont know what else to say. You left me speechless. And of course, you made me think. When you said that, it's like you underestimating me and seems that you ... how am I going to put this nicely.. you dont know me at all..? I think. Idk. Gosh. Maybe I think too much. Idk. This voice out version of yours one, I'll think about it. Still make my kepala pusing so much that I cant even sleep at night. Am not saying am not 'sederhana' or not being one. I am, but in my own way. And of course, I do believe that people cant guarantee they are 'sederhana' themselves except certified from people surrounding them or others are talking about it, right? Idk. There are so much more of life I should learn about. But as for now, my study case for you of mine.. just turn me upside down. But still, my love for you have never change. It's just a pause button just been pressed deep down in my core.

*hwugs and of course, lots of kishes*

p/s: dont get me wrong. am not mad. am just ... saying.


  1. aiya dear, whats happening eh..
    nape dia kate bgitu after all this time kan..

    tanya dia btol2 and ask him to explain k.
    hope ur r/ship will b good as always.

  2. roughly, that's happened. idk how to and what to say regarding this, khay.
    right? right? after all this time, why now?
    is he trying to tell me that he cant accept me for who I am? and it's sad khay. so day.
    it's a sad sad situation.

    yeah. we'll be seeing each other soon and he owes me a huge explanation. a huge one.

    thanks for your prayer dear.
    thank you very much.
    am hoping the same too.


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