Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My weekend.

Ohh yes. My weekend. My version. Offdays on Sundays and Mondays, as I've told before. And as for this week, I got Silverfish Society 15th Engagement on Sunday, but of course I had tonnes of fun with my Kumon comrades and my students and the movie was the best part. A movie based on a book written by Road Dahl. Still, I got more days to stay off from work. Ngee. Instead of the usual Sunday and Monday, I got one day extra. It's the Federal Territory Day. Public Holiday yall. Some more CNY is approaching, and of course am  going for quite a long break as the month of February begins. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday = no work. Reviving my inner strength, get as much rest as I could during the break and also our house' spring cleaning will be in the list during the break. And one more important thing, am flying back to KBR this Thursday. Ohh, cant wait to see everyone. Missing home like so bad lately.

See. Above punye doodle. Raining doodle. Lately, it's been rain, rain all day. Non-stop raining. Flooding here and there. Gosh. Am so worried of all the places all over the country. CNY is just around and how are they gonna celebrate their prosperous new year in this humid weather. Hurm. But for me, I cant say much. Every single thing happened, is fate. Written to be happened. Bak kata orang, 'hujan ini suatu rahmat'.
But sometimes, I do sing the "Rain, rain go away" song. It's one of Mom's favorite childhood  nursery rhymes. Trust me. It's just for fun. I wont mind the rain. I love the rain. Thou if it's raining, it's hard for me to go to work.... but, naaah.
I should sleep now.

*hwugs and kishes*

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