Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Gawsh. I was like super crazy this week. I bought three shoes at once. Dont know how, dont know why. Not just shoes. One luggage, one mini skirt, pink blouse, and Nicole Jeans. And I did bought body butter from Kiehl's. So lovely, light and soft. loving it.

you see. what i've done. new shoes. three shoes in a month. i was like so mental lately that make me to buy this gorgees. arent they such sweethearts? ohh ohh ohh. so cant handle this kind of mental. even zul cant control during time like this. #bhaha. ohh I cat write craps no more. am so sleepy .need to sleep. can i continue tomorrow or tomorrow?


  1. kan kan kan.
    Beck suke jugak tau.
    rase tak tahan.
    mmg xblh tgk prety shoes.
    blh jadi sawan :P


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