Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ohh please.

You see. When it comes to kids, crazy things will happened. Crazy things. Yes, I mean it. Like yesterday, one of my student popped a question to me. He was about to listen to the CD right before starting doing the classwork. He smiled and smiled to me and I was like, "....Danial, cmon. Quickly listen to your CD and start with your classwork.." and in a few he replied, "..Teacher, what animal are you today? Because I'm a monkey. Tell me what are you being." I was so stunned, don't know whether I should laugh or get mad but at the same time speechless. but then I said, "My dear Danial Ong, I'm no animal. I'm just a person, a human being and so as you. Am marking your homework now and can you just start with your classwork, finish up reading everything already because you need to go for Math slot in a few.... And you're not a monkey", with a smile. Then he was like, "Awwww, teacher so you're not an animal. That's boring." And at that time I just continue mark my level HII's worksheets, ignoring him but at the same time I gave him  an eye-sign saying "Be quick, am watching you". #bhaha. Kids. They talks a lot, They just want to have the fun all the time, in every single thing they do. Am so not a kid-baby-person, but lately I seemed to can get along with them. Well, I take that as an improvement in me. But still, spoil brats are still in my crossed-out list. *tongue*

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