Monday, July 11, 2011

My Monalisa.

There was this person. Trying to kill,murder me with stories and tales. Spreading words and rumors. Things that I never did. People might start to throw weird eyes and look,and of course bad thoughts over me. As I can no longer bare of it, I reach up for my friend. A friend that so far had never turn her back on me. Always got my back. Gave me the best advice. I could not ask anything more than this. Thank you for supporting me thru this 'thick' situation. The number that I speed-dialed right at the moment definitely the best choice and I knew it that you're the perfect person to reach. I knew that I would want to talk to anyone else but you. You saved me from the biggest mistake I would make. You rescued me from being constantly stabbed by this Monalisa. You gave me the miracle gel so that my scar will heal,vanish than purposely cut and bleed. You helped me to fight this tears from touching my cheeks. Making me stronger. Helped me embracing the positive energy within despite the negativity. Thank you. Thank you so very much Farah Sharmiza Johari. As am letting go KL, I will never let go off you. Girlfriends stick to each other! Love you.

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