Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is madness.

Mayday! Mayday!

Breaking news.
Shocking one.
This is an emergency-cy-cy-cy-cy-cy.
This is not a SPAM.
The whole family had been 'fooled'
Ha-ha. By our very own Mom.
Oh No!
Figured out by The Most Intelligent and Rare Pokemon,yet very entrepreneurial person, our very own brother,Adib nyahahahaa!
This is how it happened.
We're having fried rice for breakfast. Today. And as Adib went to the stove to take something something there, he found a used small red packet of Fried rice seasoning written Seri Aji's Home Style Fried Bihun. Can you believe that? And all of us were like jaw-dropping at once, and stuffy stuff. Such a show-stopping moment as we're throwing food down our throat. Bari'ah was like, "Hah...?!!" and we ended up laughing our asses off at the dining table. And in a few Mom passed by the dining table heading out and with her arrogant-do-I-look-like-I-care face, "Why? Tok sedak koh?...Duuh" and swift away. Bhaha. We continued giggling.  Haisho. It's actually not really a surprise for us. We all know that Mom is such a busy-I-want-to-do-everything-in-one-time superwoman. And we also knew that she's not a fancy cook to cook traditional dishes like all the mothers out there. But ya know. It's been a while we haven't seen her making breakfast using a mix 'n fry seasoning especially in cooking fried rice and yet.... Home Style...?? Fried Bihun seasoning to cook fried rice some more..? Cmon Mom haha. But hey. Still. That's why we love our one and only Mom. She's never be afraid to be different in every way. And anyway the fried rice today was delish and we're happy to taste such fried rice using fried bihun' seasoning. Also, it's good to start our morning with such delight with everyone. 

and as of you guys,

have you had your breakfast..?

breakfast in the morning is good you know. a good trigger. perk up your morning with a cup of coffee too.


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