Monday, October 17, 2011


Life is a journey. A journey that you will never know where it can takes you or to who it will brings you to. As long a you're learning, you'll find all you'll ever need to know. Just don't forsake it because nobody can ever tell you what you can't do nor even can stop you. Dig deep.

Just have faith.

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  1. HYE~ betol gapo hok kak beck oyak tuh, cumo kito keno selalu rujuk manual, or in this context; a map which is our religion, al-quran. and i believe you do, i pray for your journey, enjoy!

  2. Paiiiiih....! Ohh happy sungguh to hear back from you. Yes. Manual kito, Al-Qur'an. Timo kasih Paih for reminding me. And of course I always pray for you and your flying dreams. Fly high but yet, stay grounded. Thank you. A lot, Paih. Loves.


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