Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Still remember the cute post that embrace the cute-ness of a baby on Halloween ? 
You can click here nothing is cuter than this
Well since that one is soooo last year, lemme post another one for this year.
It is super cute and hell yeah, nothing is cuter than this one too.

And as quoted by Anya Marina, one of my favourite singer: 

" Sorry, bud. If you drink too much and pass out at the Halloween party, 
you end up on the Internet ". 

Just like what Katy Perry sung about in her TGIF song right. Bhaha. So American. 

Ain't the baby is the cutest?
Makes me say "awwwww~"

Happy Halloween 2011 !
*#nowplaying Thriller by MJ*

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