Friday, January 08, 2010

salsya and m!

it's been months i havent meet salsya.
miss her like so so much
quite few times plan to see each other,but always been canceled
due to important matters that came up
but this time,we get to see each other
so happy
lot of stuffs to talk about
lots of things happened
chit-chattering chipmunks all singing along~

we always smile coz that's what we love to do

makanmakan at Popeye's


e bought cute flipflops here
salsya belanja
she did told me that she actually wanted to belanja makan but,i wwas paying for that day.
so i said,"naaah,next time la kau belanje alright"
cant wait to celebrate salsya and zul's bday at once
....then,i'll post an entry about that
wait for it alright

x x x x


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