Friday, January 08, 2010

see-ing SANTAU and cousin-to-cousin minichat

look at them both.sweetsweet ka ha 

and here we are!

peace u guys!!
what took them so long to prepare our meal.haisho.

me and my mango shake.bubble

belanja my cousin,kak long and my baby sister(as usual),syakirah to see SANTAU cause it's been quite sometime kak long complaining that there's no one person wanted to see SANTAU with he.then i was like,duuuuuh.SANTAU.sape nk tgk.acah ni dh la chicken.
then,i decided to take her to see SANTAU.
after office hour,met along at TGV right away.
tickets already bought the day before.
along bought 3popcorns and two soft drinks for jajans ha-ha


finished with SANTAU,we went to Nando's for dinner
chicken.urghhh.had to.but i didnt eat 'em.
just had my smoothies,ate some perky platters.
them??big fan of chicken.

x x x x 


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