Friday, October 22, 2010

here at the garden of knowledge and virtue.

salam to all.
the heavy rain stopped pouring all over this IIUM yard, as I woke up from my short nap and posted this.
am listening to Claude DeBussy's Claire de Lune great masterpiece.
such a calm harmony philharmonic orchestra by this one heck of a Maestro.
have i told you that i had arrived?
here at salsya's in IIUM.
I missed her a lot and it's been quite a while i havent see her.
we missed all the chitchats and laughter we had.
so i gathered all my guts and dropped by here with Scootie for my sleepover.
and also, havent i mentioned that today's my day-off?
gawsh, i forgot almost everything to tell y'all right?
i never know what have gone into me.
but i do hope you understand as i am so not a frequent blogger in the mean time.
i know i should put more time to write and post instead of busying myself doing uninteresting things.
God.seeing salsya today bringing me back to the memories of Philly, crazy stuffs we did together, girlfriends and the excitement of out friendship that we missed.
and we came up with this sick plan.
before salsya gonna start her final exams, am so gonna bring her to Bukit Tinggi for a playdate with the rabbits up there as she told me her rabbits back at Tapah had gone missing etc.
And I truly understand how she felt.
That's how the plan came up.
So cant wait for that day.
Hope Zul dear getting his day-off that day.
If not, we girls je la yang pergi ahuhuhu.
Yall nak ikut gak ke nnt? Inbox your comment la klau nak ikut ahohoho.
I could arrange klau any of you nak ikut jgk.
Hihihi.Gonna get Salsya a big break kejap before her final examinations.
Release tension, you know.

gotta go.
got things to be settled.
*hwugs and kishes*

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