Friday, October 22, 2010

the call

i just hung up a call from my beloved Mom
Ohh gawsh I missed her so much.
when i miss Mom, tears falling over my cheeks
and i feel good about that
i dont know why.
still, i dont know whether am heading back this end of Oct or not
for my cousin's engagement.
if i cant get my day-off, i supposed i wont be in kelantan for that.
tapi nanti tak best la.
speaking of missing Mom.
when i miss my mom, i tend to do few things
things that mom love to do
though those arent my fav's but for mom, i buat
like, erm....
whenever i miss mom, i eat.
i eat her favourite food or snacks tha she loved.
they are apam balik, fresh timun betik in coconut milk with sugar,
kaya waffle.
i also drink.
i had her favourite drinks.
like winter melon tea which is the best.
mom loves winter melon tea so bad that am willing to have it just because i missed her and it reminds me so much of her.
i also gonna crave for len chee kang.
mom suke sangat len chee kang, sampai there's this one time mom buat homemade len chee kang so that all of us boleh enjoy the len chee kang as musch as we could.
im so not a big fan of sweet desserts and kaya, but when it comes to Mom...
i jadi macam crazy about it.
and as today i missed Mom, kat kiosk Halimah tadi I grabbed a winter melon tea and i told salsya that i miss Mom so bad tonight.
And as Mom called, I rase huge relief to hear her voice and i told her about me missing her and my habits when am having those phase and she had this tiny laugh and whispered, "it's okay kakak.u mmg like this.dulu klau everytime u rindu i je u called and weep like a baby sambil cakap ngan i."
gawsh Mom, i mmg rindu u sgt2.
May Allah always filled your day with happiness, joy and His blessed on you Mom.
I love you,Mom.

*hwugs and kishes*


  1. biasela khay.
    klau dah tgh rindu Mom kan.
    Camni la jdinye.
    kamu,sila focus final exam yah!


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