Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post for Daya, my housemate.

As always. It's been ages I've not updating my bloggie.
So sorry bloggie.
Urghhh. So many things to be done, so little timma.
There's this girl, suke sgt bebel kat I.
Ahhahahah. ☺kay ☺kay.
Am here, not to talk bad abt this girl ☺kay.
She's like a sister to me.
Am talking here abt Daya.
One of my housemate.
Ever since I moved in here, she's the new person in my life as I've been friend withSha and Mamay since like......forever!
Hari ni I've been bebel-ed by Daya for not updating my bloggie. She ask me to do so pronto!
And, that's how am getting myself in her, right now.
Ngade kan.
Nothing much to update about.
But, ............ There are some to tell.
Later on la I tell you.
Tapi ape pon, I love my girls mucho!
Till then ☺kay.
*hwugs and kishes*

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