Thursday, September 15, 2011


This post is about KFC je okayy. Anyway, as yall know I cant eat chicken. But dearest pny pasal, I pegi KFC dgn beliau last night. In fact it's been awhile we both tak pegi KFC. Asyik Kenny Roger' je kann. I had Chicken Rice set and Zul chose Snack plate w Mirinda Strawberry. I had two pcs of chickens, but I only managed to finish only the rice and half a 1-pc of chicken. The rest, dear Zul yang makan. Adoi. Phaill la makan ayam ni. tak #turnON langsung haha. Anyway, we had a lil talk last night but yea. Thanks dear for having me. Nak kena balik from ofc then straight away pick me up from my house kann. Nak suh you tengokkan scootie, tapi asyik lupe. Am afraid of something happened to the oil tank. Nvmnd la. Sepatutnya last night jugak need to grab an MP3 player. But then, dah lambat. Maybe nanti la. As he sent me home, I terus telan ubat. Sebab takut takleh tido due to gatal gatal allergies kan. Aihh. Story of my life. Anyway. Esok cuti okayy. Buah hati keje sbb nnt nk cuti byk for the sister' wedding, Farah and Fiziey. Takpela. Balik keje at 1730hrs kan, datang trus jumpa saya la. Haha. Okayy, yall enjoy your long weekend okayy. Am out.

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