Wednesday, September 14, 2011

IKEA and gastric

Okay. MC. Got gastric. And Zul also offday. He said, wanna pick me up and go somewhere somewhere. So we went to the Clinic first at Alam Damai. After that straightaway to IKEA we bought a good present for Farah, his sister as she's getting married in two weeks! Woah. Hihihi. So happy for her. My bf lagi la. Bebel2 cakap dia busy macam dia je nak kahwin. Puhhlis. Common la. Nanti sendiri kawen, tau la rasenye. Siap told me, "I dah bagtau Kakak awal awal. Kak, kalau aku kahwin nanti kau kena busy busy gak tolong. Aku amik cuti 5hari ni sebab kau punya majlis tau." Funny brother and sister. Cute je. Well, I'll pray for Farah nanti on her wedding day, everything will go smoothly insyaAllah.Ohh back to our IKEA. Macam2 I nak beli kat IKEA. But my other half, Zul, buat summary for each present yang I pick. Itu tak kena, ini tak kena till we found one heck of a present yang we both agree it's gonna be awesome for Farah and her future hubby, Hafizi :). Afterwards, had meatballs at IKEA Cafe, then jenjalan sket. Then dah kuar IKEA, we headed to Dr Mell's house in TTDI. Pegi jumpa her as she's back from UK and kitorang pegi tengok her lil kitties. There are 4 of 'em and we both were so excited. Zul blh terkejut ngn pure English slang Mell's mother. Haha. Ape la. We had fun at Dr Mell's and we both agreed to adopt (perhaps) one of 'em. Zul decided to have the white kitty. Male.Very manja one.Arini tak snap pictures pon as HTC kena hantar for repair. Aihh.After TTDI, we headed back to Cheras, lepak JJ Cheras Selatan plak.On the way back to Cheras  tu, he sung me songs. Beria. Karaoke in the car la katakan. Macam macam songs been sung, some of 'em are Don't Cry, I cant live by Mariah Carey, Please Dont Go by Mike Posner (our most fav), lagu ape tah ...sekebun cinta by Ziana Zain tu, and few more. Cant rmmber all. Ye la kan, traffic awful tu yang boleh bukak karaoke jap. LOL. At JJ,  bought another wedding gift for my friend, Zul had a massage for RM1 on the massage chair, nak tgk movie then cancel and we had a drink at Starbucks. As per usual, his fav signature iced choc and i had iced caramel soy latte.Had a great time today. Hilang sakit sakit haha. Thank you love for having me.

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