Monday, November 07, 2011

fly high

ohh hai. eid adha celebration is trending now but i spent only two days and one night to be home for the eid. my parents are away.  they're now in Mecca performing their hajj and only be back by early december. i miss them both so much. i went back to my hometown with my aunts, uncles and cousin by car. please dont asked how long we spent on the highway. because it's been the most horrible traffic jam i ever had compared to previous festive seasons. the thing is as above, i got nothing but.. you know. i took the picture during my flight. last night. i fly with FireFly as MAS tickets are sold out and since there are not much differences on flying with FireFly or MAS as FireFly is co-shared airline with MAS. Its just with FireFly, KBR bound for SZB I fly with the ATR-72 series fleet and not the Boeing 737.  and yes. the duration to  reach KUL is somewhat differs as usually takes about 45-50mins and as flying with FireFly (SZB) takes about one hour. Whatevv.  Anyways, am now back in KL and yes. Tomorrow gotta get back to the office. Tonnes of works waiting. Drawings and stuffs. so, it's good to be back in KL. cant wait for the movie date. hurm.. what else. okay. am done. bye !


  1. hey. yes. 10mins. kena kira. berkira. time is money.


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