Monday, November 14, 2011

Co-writer, where are you ?!

It's November. I wish nothing but a better sweet November memories to capture, each and every year. Preparing myself for my most awaited month of the year, December. My December. And the new year of 2012 to approach. Hihihi . These two, three months had been rough on me. Crucial I must say. I don't think I should list 'em out as they are not worth remembering.
November rain. It's pouring here in KL. Almost everyday. I love rain. The humid and wet yet moist feeling. Yes. Cold. And of course it's freezing cold here in the office nowadays. I sneeze and sneeze and cuddling is essential at this point/time. *tongue*. But I rarely wrap myself up with any of my jackets, blazer or even my Pashmina. Ha-ha. Loving the rain doesn't mean am not missing the warmth of sunlight. Enough with the daydreaming, Beck.
These two, three days I've tried to start back with my reading and I bought new books. But then, instead of being productive, I went for movies, coffees, sleepovers and ввм all the way (cos that's how I roll, yaw !)
Also, not been baking much but I'm pretty sure I will do some catch ups with my bakings very, very soon. Idk what happened, but excitement (of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I never know of what) is sparking in me.
Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, still. I got more vouchers to Cherating. Last time was only one and now I got all three vouchers. Don't know when to use, with whom to go, how to go there and aaaaargh. It's a pain in the arse to decide yet I don't wanna go there just by myself. The vouchers just sit there LITERALLY in my planner, collecting dust. And yep. Speaking of dust, I should clean my room soon. Don't wanna say much on that. (˘.˘'!|)
And again. About the weather. It's been a pain. Again. It's getting colder day by day and I don't see the sun anymore :'( Dark at 5 - 6pm is just depressing. I actually eat my dinner at 5pm ... Erm idk. I rarely do dinner sometimes because the night feels so god damn long.
As yall can tell I'm pretty much bored and complaining, whining about my everyday life is always nice.
*can I say that*
Well, that's it for now I guess. And yes. I probably gonna have a co-blogger or you can call as co-writer here in
*w i n k* but still, I see no sign of him. Ha-ha. So-- pls don't wait. He'll appear soon. I think. Idk. Bye !

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