Wednesday, December 09, 2009

khay requested to see 'em

kak leeya ordered these guys for 100s

meanwhile,she ordered those below for 16s

these are some snapsnap that i made.
cuppacakeys for kak leeya's wedding

khay actually requested to see these.
so i post these two photos
err the one that i made also with my ONICHI for
my big bro's engagement,i'll post later on alright

p/s:the decos are quite simple actually :)


  1. alaa beck........ comeynyeee cupcakes tuu~!!

    simple kamo kate? kire cntik tau deco tuh.

    hee, bile la nk merasa ek beck.

  2. comey ke.
    adoih hihihi
    thanks khay for the compliments :D

    simple je.
    nak wat swirl tinggi kang,cam berat plak

    bile nk rs...?nnt la.
    err jom ah buat gather2 serting
    nnt beck buat ^^

  3. They r adorable beck huhuh.... tapawe chilies kau pun aku xpulangkan lagi huhuh.... anyway c 2 twr huhuhu

  4. Ou really?hikhik thanks faisal for the compliments.kau mmg ske sgt gve compliments and I certainly love it hihi.

    Ha'a,tupperware chillies ti.xpe2.nnt jgn lupe kasi :).
    Ok,c ya!
    Cnr wait to meet ya


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